sometimes i wonder why the hell i let my stalker get their own way. I mean she was stalking me without reason. I do not know why but i really did not want to be around her and it was impossible to feel comfortable with a stalker around.. She was crazy. First it started with going to the same school and trying to act popular [it was her doing it i had no interest whatsoever in being popular] then it became harder to get away as she had been watching me for 7 years she was obsessed with me she even tried dressing like me to confuse my friends. Posted on facebook with the same outfit as me saying everywhere and anywhere.. She was a STALKER. creepy as hell too. She just would not get the hint that i rejected her because we would not get along and that is why i did not want to be her friend. She just kept trying and trying over and over again it was so annoying.. I am not one to feel this way on a daily basis about people but she obviously was not going to stop on her own she even followed me to dances and stood around staring at me. She acts so innocent but really she isn't. She is a backstabber all because she hated my friend and hugged her just to roll her eyes. She did the same when she hugged me. I also remember when she shook my hand in the hallway and i had no interest in her talents and what she had to say because i know what kind of a person she was from the beginning. Snobby and a bully at it's course.. Every guy HAD to want her otherwise she would attack other girls verbally or indirectly behind their backs and start rumors about them because she was missing out on having a boyfriend. NONE of the guys liked her and i wish she was not such a bully about it she blamed me out of all people and got angry whenever i tried to be nice. When i ignored her she tried even harder to make my life a living hell... Turns out she was miserable at school and not me. I finally had to drop out and pretend it never happened to get away safely without her trying to find my house and hide around my neighborhood just to try and take pictures and expose me for stupid reasons. Most of what she said if not all of what she said had been a lie so no one would want to be around me and so that she could prove her dominance on other women by pretending to like the guys that they liked and acting like they were in love with her when all they were was a photo online that did not mean shit in person. She did not hang out with ANY of those guys because she was always alone.. I guess fate told it's way to the gate didn't it bully? No one even liked you. You did not even exist to me until i had to deliberately leave the places you purposely kept going to and all you ever fucking did was make fun of my teeth and the way i dressed. Looked better on me than it EVER would on you. Dumb b*tch would know where the truth was if it were to bang your eyeballs backwards like a cat in heat. You are nothing but pathetic for bullying my former friend for being overweight at least she looks healthy.. You followed us everywhere at recreational centers and would not BACK OFF either until finally we had to escape and find a way out without taking our lives like you had wanted us to. Grow up it is not all about you that is not what the world had in mind. It is about everybody else and how they're feeling don't you know the difference? Bullying is NEVER okay and i will always HATE the way you treated everyone. You were using the guys for information about me and got jealous whenever i would hang out with other people and not YOU. the world is not all about YOU and it never was pretty sure you're not a celebrity you just walk around with your nose in the air at school and think you're the boss of everybody. Pretty fucking sad when you think everybody wants you but they want to avoid you cause all you do is start shit with the girls that are already their friends because you are insecure snooty and VERY annoying. That is why you stalk girls that aren't interested in dating you right? Because it makes you feel superior? you are fucking inferior and i hope you never bother me again. There was something WRONG with you for stalking me and trying to get another to take her own life when she did nothing but want a boyfriend that would treat her well. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THAT. you will find a guy that beats the fuck right out of you. No one will feel sorry for poor ''little princess'' that everyone hated. Ha ha i think that you will deserve every beating you get cause you say your mama beats you and it sounds like you disrespect her a whole lot. That is disgusting and despicable to say about a parent that does nothing but love you and try to give you a good life and you're nothing but spoiled and a moody fucking bitch you are a nuisance and try to make everyone feel less than you and try to blame it on me saying i am a stuck up bitch.. Pretty sure you called me racist too. I hang out with ANYBODY in school and did not care about the color of their skin. Because it does not matter who you are it's what you believe in.