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How to Bypass Omantel Filters and Access Blocked Websites in Oman

With one of the strictest internet censorship policies firmly in place, Oman makes it nearly impossible to access popular websites while using an IP address inside the national borders. In an effort to monitor its citizens while working to shape its society, the government utilizes its state-controlled Omantel telecom ISP. This ensures that citizens and visitors alike are unable to use websites that fall outside of the government’s scope of “acceptable content”. Dissenters of the Omani government have been imprisoned due to their “destructive” opinions, making it critical that anyone visiting the country understands the laws and brings the proper tools to safely surf the internet.

In nations like Oman, the use of Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, is on the rise. Because foreign IP addresses cannot be blocked by the Omantel filters, logging in to one of these services can remove the blockages and risks. In addition to the foreign IP access point, the channel is also encrypted, adding an extra layer of protection for users.

Most reputable VPN providers will have access points that are stationed across the globe, reducing the amount of lag experienced by the user, while still providing the necessary IP location.

Like many Middle Eastern nations, Oman is showing no signs of discontinuing its strict regulation on the internet. The compilation of browsing data is also practiced, making many users uneasy, given the government’s propensity for arrests based on internet activity.

Business travelers have found it incredibly difficult to stay in touch with friends and family while abroad, as many of the popular messenger and VoIP services are prohibited, as well. Any of these travelers can simply log into a VPN service, avoid the blockage, and carry out VoIP conversations in private, without concern of the government’s spying or reactions.

Utilizing a Virtual Private Network is imperative when visiting Middle Eastern countries such as Oman. With strict societal regulations in place, the government telecom services are always on guard, concerned over the subject matter of conversations and the information being shared. These regulations should not be taken lightly.

So, before your next business trip to Oman, be sure that you find a reliable VPN service (as VeePN unblocker) to bring with you. The few moments in takes to log into the network could ensure your online privacy, while preventing any government spying!