The Mansion

It's almost night, deep on the hills, and for quite a distance you could hear the sound of the car of Manuel, which alongside his friend Luca and his cousin Nicholas, was driving on an old dirt path, just big enough to be used by a vehicle. Well, not easily at least, as demonstrated from the frustation of our driver. Immanuel addressed his friends, with his usual sarcastic and monotone voice Lucas, which in the meanwhile was trying to get reception -without success- responded, quite snarkly Nicholas, interrupting Lucas with an angry stare Immanuel, with an exhausted sight, slightly shook his head while responding Nicholas got back on his seat, crossing his arms with an irritated expression, and changed the subject

The abandoned mansion, a two-story villa from 18th century, was located deep in the forest, and was abandoned apparently since the 1920s. Immanuel's father received the building as part of a donation to the charity he controlled, and asked his son, who worked with him, to check on the building. It wasn Immanuel's idea then, to organize a sort of camping trip with his two friend to the location. In the best situation they could have slept in the hall of the building, and in the worst, they also had a tent for the occasion.

The group traveled for another 5 minutes, until they had to leave the car, and walk another 10 up the hill, finally reaching the heavy and rusted gates of the Mansion, closed with an old and heavy lock. The property was actually quite bigger than the building, covering almost all the small hill it was built upon. Immanuel opened the lock with the key gave to him, and opened the gate, looking upon the building, which, even after not being took care for almost a century, wasn't in such a bad shape at all, almost has it didn't aged that much.