complacency = compiacimento – sicurezza di sé oltre il ragionevole dubbio rispetto ai rischi che si possono incontrare by David Both [...] “What I learned Having written many books and articles in which I discuss the necessity to keep systems updated with the latest versions of operating system and application software, I'm frankly embarrassed by this. However, it has been a good learning experience for me and a reminder that I must not become complacent. I almost didn't write this article! I didn't want to admit to being negligent with one of my own systems. And yet, I felt compelled to write about it in the hope that you learn from my experience.

So, as I have learned from painful experience, it is critical to keep our systems updated. It's one of the most vital steps in the continuing battle to prevent the computers under our care from being infected. The specific details of the infection I experienced are less important than the fact that there are always attacks taking place against our systems. Complacency is one of the attack vectors that crackers can count on to aid their efforts.”

Essere troppo sicuri porta sempre a sottovalutare qualcosa in ambito personale, lavorativo, della vita in genere, al punto che qualcuno se ne può approfitare per trovare la falla, il momento di disattenzione. Nella maggior parte dei casi un buon “backup” non solo informatico è di estremo aiuto, alcune volte si prendo delle bastonate significative.