University offers advice to student 'sex workers' as living costs continue to rise

by Daniel BirdShowbiz Reporter

University of Leicester has revealed its intentions to offer advice to students who turn their hand to sex work in order to make quick money

Students at the University of Leicester will be dishing out advice to fellow students as a number of them become sex workers alongside their studies.

The redbrick institution has issued a guide to its staffing body named “Student Sex Work Toolkit for Staff in Higher Education”, detailing how best to support those who may turn to escorting, online services and stripping.

While the document details that “sex work” is a broad term and that some of their students may not identify as a sex worker, they opted to use the term in order to break the stigma that surrounds the industry.

Staff have been advised by those who penned the information hand out, alongside sex workers, not to be judgemental before ensuring that any student who engages with the industry is “positively supported”.

The guidance goes on to inform staff that they should “challenge university policy which allows sex workers to be expelled for 'bringing the university into disrepute'”.

However, writers Gaynor Trueman, Saskia Hagelberg and Teela Sanders advise that staff are to refrain from writing any information about student sex workers in files, as well as involving the police.

They go on to write that those supporting the student sex workers shouldn't “assume the student wants to leave the sex industry”.

A recent survey shedding light on the student sex work industry saw 15 per cent of participants say that their students' unions and universities were providing enough support.

It emerged in 2019 that one in 25 students participate in sex work, ranging from selling used underwear, phone-sex and online services such as OnlyFans.

The University of Leicester claims that students often enter the industry in order to cough up the costs of living in order to cover rent, food and their quality of life.

Despite their intentions, the University of Leicester has come under fire on social media after they released their online guide to staff.

“It blew my mind to learn that the University of Leicester has written a guide to sex work. As a career prospect for their students. Why are universities so keen to support prostitution?” said one Twitter user.

While another added: “Totally horrifying, like some grotesque joke.”

“The University of Leicester is 'supportive of students who earn a living through sex work.' Be sure to send your children there,” typed a third.

A University of Leicester spokesperson said: “Protecting our students is an integral part of our duty of care as a University. All students have the right to be kept safe whilst studying and working.

“Our policies have been put in place with student wellbeing at their core. If students are in an unsafe situation, they know they can ask for help and be offered assistance without judgement.

“Our University support and security services are available to every student that needs them. University security can be contacted on 0116 252 2023 and the student support services team on

“Students and staff also can disclose an incident using the University’s Report and Support tool, either anonymously or leave an email address to seek further help from Student Support.”, 20 marzo 2021