35.132 the official number of Italian victims of covid19.

It was a very hot day and still is now 9.50 p.m. the temperature at the moment it's 32 degree and without a fan or air conditioning life it's hard. Italian climate it's particularly humid and the so called 'good season' start from the end of April till September it depends which part of Italy of course you from, Turin my hometown used to be a motorcity urban center now there's the desert left, it's on the north west of the map we have ever white mountains surrounding part of the town that on a hand it makes difficult the air to flow so in summertime as said before humidity and hot weather are assured on the other hand in winter time it's like having a good portion of the town into a freezer, cool isn'it? well someone coming from the north of Europe might believe that Italians can stand hot weather because they have always being used to it that's false, I can't stand the hot temperature while I'm more at ease with winter temperature. Italians living close to the coast have a better climate mitigated by the sea, those living in the south used to live with a warm climate can't stand the north always wrongly associated with grayness, raining and cold, usually when around September summertime in the north it's over you can see people still enjoying the sea sometimes till all the month of October and it happened also till Xmans time. From Turin to get to France there are two options, driving alongside the coast for 257 Km normally driving on the highway consider three hours by car and you reach Mentone 'The Pearl of France' or of The Blue Coast otherwise a more rapid and therefore more expansive alternative its via the Frejus tunnel almost 13 km long, your journey to get to Modane France its 98,8 Km by car one hour and 50 minutes, in normal condition in terms of traffic and weather conditions of course. The last little town before Mentone it's Ventimiglia where used to be located the borderline police station check in before the Schengen treaty has canceled officially all those check in controls of the EU area, this because one of the E.U. most important principles its about the free movement of people and goods. At the top of France there is Calais and Dunkirk historically known as it was the place where the defeated British army concentrate before leaving occupied France under Nazi air bombers during the second world war. Calais had a lot of to do with the Brexit process, if you google it typing 'the jungle' you will understand what I'm talking about, thousands of welfare migrants stopped there to create a sort of free camping with no toilets or showers it was the base from where welfare migrants used to organize chaotic assaults on the truckers getting through that highway 'the highway of the English',by stopping them throwing stones and other stuff in the meantime trying to open the back and hide inside sometimes without the driver even realizing it. The British gov.representatives had enough of the Jungle, France took its time but in the end that illegal settlement was eradicated by excavators, the Jungle was a no-go area for the French law enforcement so everything there was illegal, like a little 'Gomorra' there were drug dealers. outlaw on the run, prostitution etc.etc. and of course the risk of the presence of radical islamist terrorist groups wasn't just a fantasy or a baseless concern, The Jungle was the perfect demonstration of an occupation of a portion of the French territory, military occupied indeed due to a real invasion of illegals people who in the majority of the cases didn't had the status of war refugee. What happen when in a little town the native people became a minority? well The Jungle is the answer that little town, close to Calais, still remain just geographically France territory but in fact isn't France anymore, if law enforcement is not allowed to get in, because the good 'open borders' left winger sympathizer decided that it might upset the mood of those people of whom he doesn't know absolutely nothing or also because it might appear to be a 'racist' thing to do.
According with such no sense policies well then you have a military occupation of a portion of your country, the Jungle it was defended by its 'citizens' that often engaged in fighting against the coppers, just to remember the Jungle was formed during Francois Hollande presidency. The Jungle in numbers used to be the greatest hot spot of migrants of France with 6.000 adults and 1.500 minors, with mosques shacks, tents, improvised schools and small shops all in total illegality, U.K. institutions itself invested millions of euros to build solid walls to secure the port, the final eviction took place on the month of November 2016 and played an important role in the result of the referendum that leaded U.K. to leave the E.U. Ventimiglia Italy is the last little town before entering to France E.U.state member if you go there you have another example like the Jungle, even if there are some hot spot the situation got worse especially because the Italian government it doesn't want to resolve it, the Pro E.U. President Monsieur Macron law enforcement doesn't allow any of these people to get through, the majority of whom are fluent French speakers and not because have won a student loan at the Sorbonne, sometimes the honest police of France in night time enter the Italian territory and unload some migrants and there is not even the certainty that he was arrived from Ventimiglia ! sensational was the case in which French policemen raided in to the Italian territory of the city of Bardonecchia arms in hand to arrest a migrant in a sort of hot spot.

In the eastern border things take place in a completely different style, Germans law enforcement sedate those migrants that push back to us, the Minister of Interior by the words of the Capitan Rackete of an NGO during a talk show in the German television of stated the Minister told her to force the Italian block and to unload all those migrants that he doesn't allow from entering to Germany or that kindly sent sedate back. At the present time the ongoing invasion to the Italian coast never stopped, despite the lock down, despite 35.152 victims of covid many of these migrants are covid positive, many of them once landed escape from the assigned hot spot, in the town of Trento in a former military barracks converted into an hot spot for migrants there are 129 covid positive migrants, the career working there are reporting they simply don't want even to wear a mask as to take of those restrictions imposed to all Italians, who give a shit of those 35.152 victims, while EU on its words often declared the will of redistribution of all migrants the last deal took place in Malta, other good people there..., a no written deal so you know what it means then. The state of emergency postponed, it is probable a second wave of infections more aggressive it's another of the probabilities we have to consider according with the fact this god damn virus tends to mutate and even if there is no vaccine and medical treatment has improved it's certain some other elder will have to be added on the bodycount of covid victims. ItalExit doesn't mean we stop to be what we are Italians and European too it means to stop with this madness crap false union where everybody take care of its own garden regardless of the others , a crap union where there's not a real brotherhood among us, this EU never worked in particular for Italy didn't bring anything good so time as come to put a stone on this chapter once and forever.