“Lawrence of Arabia had an empire behind him that supported him and millions of pounds of gold with which he bought loyalty. Amedeo Guillet didn't have a penny, he didn't have the support of any empire or any political force. “ a note by Vittorio dan Segre Israeli diplomat, writer and journalist of Italian origin. secret agent of the British intelligence during the WW2 Author of “The private war of Lieutenant Guillet: the Italian Resistance in Eritrea during the Second World War,”

There are stories of absolute magnificent but totally invented by the creativity of the man often inspired by real facts then fictionalized with elements of pure fantasy as the novel must be fluid and fluent as a river that the reader crosses driven by the curiosity to reach the end and finally to leave the boat enriched by the feeling of an unique unforgettable experience Ahmed Abdallah Al Redai it's the arab name of Amedeo Guillet, known as Commander Devil, an Italian officer of cavalry.

Back in the days of the A.O.I. Oriental Italian Africa 1936-1941 –'47

April 1941 Oriental Africa

While the British troops are entering victorious in Asmara, capital of the Eritrea Italian colony, the Italian army is forced to retreat it's a moment of chaos while all are escaping there's a young Italian Officer with a hundred men who decided to remain and to fight back the British troops, there's a bounty on his head of a 1.000 pounds it's a rich award promised to those who will capture him Live or Dead doesn't matter as long as the guerilla war would be stopped.

Dismissed the military uniform, the officer camouflages himself among the local populations wearing their traditional clothes, growing a beard, learning Arabic perfectly by joining the local schools for children known as 'Madrassa', therefore he studied on the Koran and learnt also to write perfectly in Arabic, successfully changes identity thanks also to the Mediterranean features of his face, despite being a Piedmontese, an Italian of the North and usually have less Mediterranean features than those of the Southern regions of the 'Stivale' Boot, with a concubine and a hundred of fidel men Amed Abdallah Al Redai engage his guerilla war against the hated enemy. An extraordinary story begins soon it became legendary among the local populations and the enemy too a real 'James Bond' capable of changing thousands of faces a fearsome and reckless chameleon man at the same time that to remain faithful to his code of honor he will have to change identity, country, language and even religion all this to defend Italy.

His adventure begins with the fascist defeat in East Africa lieutenant Amedeo Guillet separated by the army on retirement and isolated by the enemy too, took up a decision or rather to resist and fight back the enemy giving precious time to the Italian army to reposition itself and reinforce the lines of defense in Libya. It's a risky decision, as for the international laws of war the army that surrenders ceases all hostility for this reason his gesture it's a gesture of rebellion that frames him no longer as an official lieutenant of a regular army but as an outlawed terrorist guerrilla man, the signature of the commander's surrender in fact binds the whole army. The case wanted that Amedeo remained in that isolated position but he refused to surrender and handing himself as prisoner of war in the hands of the hated British enemy, there's no time to waste he thought and so aware of the risks of being killed if captured he challenged an entire army with just a hundred of local men, that's a new war that it's own private war. The Negus of Ethiopia Hailè Selassié supported by the British troops entered Asmara and with their help he would like to annex Eritrea, it's on the political ambitions of the Negus that Amedeo Guillet plays his work of persuasion in the recruitment of volunteer soldiers, the ethnic divisions among different people it's in fact a reality despite globalist would like to describe that we all are migrants and that the National State with its borders aren't necessary, they are wrong of course. Amedeo soon it's able to assemble a real army the Eritreans always have been hostile to the Ethiopians and therefore with their British ally, they didn't want to be under the British indirect control, if not under the colors of the Italian Kingdom which they preferred to stay with they would have been independent. Amedeo can account on this national pride of the Eritreans and luckily by having still the Italian abandoned deposit full of ammo and weapons he was then able to form a real army equipped with what the Italian army on retirement has left behind. The Eritreans see in Amedeo the values of bravery, honour, fidelity and real friendship and this is the reason despite of poverty no one of them would have betrayed him for any reason, there are things that have no price and freedom it's one of them but also something worth to fight for because to have your own territory were you can live in peace with your people similar in uses and costumes, traditions and religion too with which to form a Nation, your Nation defined with borders to defend it's a natural consequence and a legitimate aspiration. Today globalism want to trample all this, eradicate every bond that man has built over the centuries with his own territory to which he is spiritually linked, turning all of us in to mere consumers with no links at all, citizen of the world, it doesn't matter where we are we can be moved anywhere and anywhere it can be our place, of course someone can decide to move somewhere else for any reason, work, a partner whatever but the ongoing mass immigration process we are seeing in these times it's another thing, it's a political design financed by very rich elites and their goal it's to destroy any form of National feeling as it's within the Nation borders and it's in the State that a people can affirm his rights democratically against the arrogance of the markets who don't give a damn of people rights but only care of making more profits plundering the riches of the world, by putting different ethnic groups in one unique sack and shaking it then with 'Divide et Impera' policy putting each one of us against the next keeping people distract from the ongoing exploitation of their lands. You can change identity hiding your real one of course but this it's not going to change who you really are, so Amedeo Guillet did indeed and for being a smart intelligent person he earned the nickname of 'The Devil Commander' capable of deceiving the enemy and even making fun of him in front of the entire world. A Natural leader The Devil Commander used to says that he was a Yemeni citizen who remained trapped in Eritrea during the chaos of the events of the war, the total transformation, not only aesthetic but above all interior, fervent Catholic undertakes the study of the Islamic religion, begins to pray five times a day, for him it makes no difference to call God or Allah and of course this in the eyes of the local people means a lot, it means that he really has integrated with them, to integrate can't not be established by a piece of paper as the globalist says, you don't became Italian or English just because you lived some years in a country or because you went to the local schools, the willing to integrate must be sincere and starting from the bottom of your heart rather than that the emptiness of your wallet and to find out the easiest way to fill it, a welfare migrant doesn't give a damn of the Western culture and only wish is to exploit the situation, therefore to exploit the welfare system that any Western country guarantee to the citizens, instead of fighting and working to create those conditions in it's own land all these people invading the West prefers to leave their home and take benefits for which they didn't participated in any way, they only take and doesn't give anything back to the Nation it's hosting them on the opposite they often spit on the charity offered and even pretend that the country must adopt their uses and costumes. Amedeo spent several years under a different identity but in the end the calling of the motherland arrived and he has returned to Mother Italy to his promised wife and relatives. Actions of sabotage, trains that blow up continuously and repeatedly assaults on British stations, the press initially attributes all this to the local gangs but having discovered the truth imposes censorship, it warns of the danger that from a propaganda point of view this story can cause beyond certain to the obvious embarrassment in front of the world because the Commander Devil ridicules the enemy who will never be able to capture him. Differently from the most famous Lawrence of Arabia Amedeo doesn't have the support of a Minister of Economy, when Laurence it's buying the loyalty of the people Amdeo got it spontaneously because he earned that on the battlefield and in everyday life of that experience. Memorable Amedeo as a real 007 used to visit the British headquarters of Asmara to give false information regarding his person diverting the investigation of him getting his bounty money and also of course by studying the enemy from a close point of observation. The British Intelligence opened a file of him, Max Harari the Chief of the British intelligence in Oriental Africa wrote a detailed report on him, the haunt to catch The Devil Commander will keep Chief Arari quite busy during all the military operations in oriental Africa, Arari started to admire Guillet as man of the army see in him a smart and brave soldier. Guillet isn't a fascist buy he is loyal to the Royal Family of Savoia and as a true patriot he joined the war of conquest of Somalia where he made the first experiences of study of Arabic language, on the battlefield he is victorious and he earns medals. On the 5th of May 1936 the Italian troops of Badoglio enter to Addis Adeba few days after Rodolfo Graziani troops occupied Dire Dawa, the war is over Ethiopia became Italian and sign the birth of the Italian empire. From Ethiopia Amedeo then moved to Libya called by Italo Balbo and he is in charge to organize the celebration with Mussolini in visit of Libya with the famous moment in which il Duce raises the sword of Islam to the sky. In the summertime of 1937 he joined the campaign of Spain, Guillet isn't a fascist but didn't wanted that Spain would have fallen on Soviets hands that would have been a danger for Italy itself, considering that Italy didn't declared any military operations in Spain Mussolini sent undercover troops and it is here the first moment in which Guillet start to hide his identity in a war where communists of all Europe fought against all Nationalist patriotic forces, his Spanish cover name is 'Alonso Gracioso' again ain't that difficult for him as for many others Italians to learn Spanish, which its a romance idiom language, he drove the assault of San Pedro de Romeal that will lead to the conquest of Santander General Francisco Franco himself award him with medals, will leave Spain after being wounded and will return to Africa. in 1939 the Vice King of Ethiopia the Duke of Aosta calls Guillet considering his abilities on familiarizing with the locals population and entrusts him with a mission to eradicate a group of bandits, so Guillet leader of an indigenous army engage the battle against these bandits and soon overcome again victorious. His experience in those lands expose him and his figure as of a natural leader and the fashionable of this will procure the young lieutenant even more respect and a lover too. He started to take more private decisions also because didn't agree with all the political choices as the racial laws against jews or the fact that to get a military promotion quickly he should get married, the spirit of rebellion in him it's a distinctive trait of his personality in some of the local enemies at the service of the Negus against he had fought with he does recognize the valour and honour and instead of killing them as ordered decided to enlist them to his own battalion. In several occasion he had to reinvent himself adapting at the situation, during the intervention of the British army he played to be def and while a soldier was calling to stop he continued to walk till a hill then getting on his knees started to pray, meanwhile that a farmer was telling to the British soldier that he is def and can't hear his calling so on the razors edge Guillet once again fool the enemy. The Duke of Aosta who was a smart and intelligent man too always cover up his decisions furthermore the Duke himself had the idea to create an entire regiment of cavalry composed by only indigenous local people, a special unit, rapid agile and autonomous capable of a great impact. In two month The Devil Commander formed this special unit with different ethnic and religious groups named 'Ammara Armed Group on horseback' while at work on training the battalion the situation changed, Italy sign the path of Steel with Germany therefore Italy officially joined the world war two. In 1941 with the advancement of the British troops Guillet keeps on resisting supporting the formation of the Libyan lines of defenses and it's at a certain point that after a long resistance decide to counter attack the enemy that was better equipped with heavy artillery armaments and thanks. Guillet crazy idea to counter attack a motorist mechanized war machine with a battalion of cavalry appears to be a real mission impossible, he decided to attack the enemy at the center of the armed column as it was sure that was the only possible way as of course in that positions the British can't open fire because they would have inevitably hit themselves and it was right for five, six hours arrest the enemy, also known as the charge of Kerouk passed on the history as the only military charge of a cavalry against tanks that in the end incredibly it's comes out victorious. Max Arari, British Intelligence Chief detailed reports shown deep admiration for such a brave and smart officer, he can't be otherwise even if enemies a valiant soldier knows how to recognize the values and the honour of the enemy, Harari like in a chess match always arrived closer to capture him but he failed all times. Guillet adventurous life in Africa goes on, he have seen the death getting closer to take him several time and several time he cheated also the death probably with the help of a good star. With the advance of the enemy Guillet it is forced to leave after 8 month of guerrilla seriously wounded he sadly leaves his legendary troops and his lover too escaping in the desert escorted by just one man a Yemeni with no place to go suggest Guillet that a safe place for him is Yemen a country friend of Italy, so him and his Yemeni soldier reached the cost and once again change identity adapting himself to the new situation. He started to work at the port as man of fatigue first then as dipper/water seller, which it's still today a figure you can met in northern Africa, I've recall have seen them in Morocco a country that I've visited several times. Once he has collected enough money to pay the journey he embarks with a group of smugglers, those filthy bastards after a day of navigation because of their load of weapons fearful of being betrayed themselves decided to throw them in open waters infested by sharks luckily they managed to reach the cost and started to go ahead walking in the desert, after a while near a water well they meet a group of nomadic shepherds and they have got beaten up, at the last extreme of their forces, wounded, sick and tired when everything seems to be over and their last breath before dying they met a man that taken by human pity he helps them and takes both to his house. In the life of every votary Muslim it is as necessary as it is to pray to help others in need, to make action of charity and so it's what that man did with them, the man would like to give him his daughter as wife and for a while Guillet it's even thinking about it but changed his mind Restored and cured properly Guillet restart it's journey reached Massaua finally embark to Yemen. Arrived in Yemen in front of the Mufti recites the prayer of Islamic faith, a new identity now it's mandatory again even because for a long time of hiding from the British haunters he has pretended to be a Yemeni and of course in Yemen he can no longer go on with that play, for as much its arabic was good he clearly didn't had a real Yemeni accent so it didn't take too long for the local law enforcement of the port to understand he was hiding something therefore he has been arrested and put in jail risking the capital penalty. Curiously the Yemenis suspects that he is a British spy while the news of his arrest start to circulate around and reach the British ears it would be because of the Brits themselves, that formally have written a request of extradition of that strange prisoner, to save his life, they felt that it was the man that for too long kept them occupied fooling the British intelligence, the extradition request makes the King of Yemen suspicious he wants to discover who really that man is. Amedeo Guillet then taken in front of High Majesty the King of Yemen tells his incredible story, the King it's amazed and decide to free Guillet asking what is his particular skill and Guillet answer that he knows a bit about horses, so the King gave him a job as horseshoer of the court and also a flat with the salary of a colonel, Guillet new life at Yemen court has begun. After a year Guillet wants to reach Italy, the motherland calling it's so strong, thanks to the old good friends of the port of Massaua he embark secretly on a ship of the British Red Cross for all Italian civilians who need to return in Europe, discovered by the Captain as an intruder Guillet reveals his identity and put his life in that Capitan decision or rather he inform the Captain that there's a bounty on his head and that he would be killed if handed on British hands therefore the Captain decided to save him and Guillet hide in the sanatorium of the ship playing as a mad person until finally arrives in Italy after a 40 days long journey of navigation. Despite all he have been through he wants to return to his Africans friends in Somalia and go on with fighting, he's about to be launched with a parachute when it's arrives the 8th of September and the situation change radically, the Monarchy betrayed the Nation, Italy it's divided in two, Guillet who has never been a fascist but a true patriot and loyal to the monarchy go to the south in front of the King. In the Republican Italy he joined the intelligence and saved the Italian archive of Africa in the Social Republic of Salò, he got married in 1944 and had two sons. In the 50s started a career as diplomatic and worked in all the Africans state he lived his extraordinary life soldier he became ambassador of Italy in some of those former Italian colonies, he has witnessed two coup, in Yemen and Morocco, survived at two airplane incidents, and dedicates himself to promotes the interreligious dialogue between the three big monotheistic religions Later on he will transfer to Northern Ireland in the land of the former enemies that will officially met in a public event in his honour, Max Harari the Chief of the British Intelligence of Oriental Africa and also Vittorio dan de Segre a secret british agent that will be the author of its biography and became then a good friend of him. On November 2nd 2000, the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi awarded Amedeo Guillet the Grand Cross of the Military Order of Italy, the highest Italian military honor, throughout his life He has collected a whole series of medals for military valor and honors The extraordinary life of the Devil Commander finish on the 16th of June 2010 in Rome at the venerable age of 101 years old.

I wanted to spent time to write such a long post about him in memory of a great man as the story of his life it's the story of a model of man that today in particular I think we need to rediscover especially because globalism attempt to bury any form a Patriotic feeling and tends to destroy specific values as Patriotism and Love for the Nation and sacrifice for her.

Beirut Moonlight

WAR ONLY WORLD HYGIENE used to says Marinetti the founder of Futurism the first artistic avant garde movement The concept of WAR it's always here with us, there are different levels of war, at low intensity, commercial war, propagandistic war, the level can increase till a real open armed conflict. Actually we can watch a the globe the presence of fires of war as a signal of smoke in the sky the intensity of that smoke gives the idea of how higher are the risk the situation can suddenly change into a armed conflict, divide et impera policies are still the best way to overthrow a government legitimate democratically elected and the reason beyond are all part of a greater political design in which common National interest of different countries are involved. Lebanon and Honk Kong are the hottest places at the moment but not the only ones. Italy is engaged in 35 military operations around the world 34 for of which are in international of 25 countries, according with the reports of the Ministry of Defense the total amount of personnel employed is of 12,520 units of which 6.920 in the national territory and 5.560 in international operations. The largest Italian contingent abroad is the one engaged in Lebanon, where Italy participates in the UNIFIL mission, acronym of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. In the country there is also the Italian Bilateral Military Mission in Lebanon, known as MIBIL. The total number of Italian personnel in Lebanese territory therefore amounts to 1250 units. Lebanon is the country where for the first time since the end of the second World War the Italian Army officially have been deployed, the civil war left a huge of victims and because of its position it's since the past back to the Roman empire that Beirut has been at the center of violent clashes between West and Middle East. Sabra e Shatila massacre in 1982 its a crime that still it's calling for justice but there's no justice in this world or rather as always I don't think that Justice belong to this world hopefully in the kingdom of heaven it would be so. The recent big explosion of Beirut with more than a hundred victims ( body count its still ongoing ) appear to be an incident, the MSM already balimed indirectly Hezbollah of having abandoned in a site with poor and precarious security conditions which was the port warehouse a huge amount of explosive sensitive material or rather ammonium nitrate used to make fertilizers, so smart these people to collect such a huge of that stuff in a unique squalid site located in an important place which is the Beirut port anyway should I assume these guys are really Idiots anyway let's forget about it, let's the MSM only have clear explanations do you wanna buy it? go on. Lebanon was already in a difficult economic crisis and now it's even worse with poor food supplies and with ordinary revolts that have already provoked the government resignation of Hassan Diab, a real revolution it's of the kind of those we have seen in the recent years in Northern Africa relatives of those victims apart who knows how many of these people are politically opponents of Hezbollah supported by foreign countries? probably a lot of them. It's Chaos now as it was in Lybia after Ghedaffi murder, a divided country, and that's possible it's what some 'dark obscure forces' wanted to achieve. Lebanon as country is born during the France Nazi occupation in 1942 from a demographic point of view there are various ethnic groups, palestinian arabs, christians, Syrians. Many experts have inevitably thought of a new dramatic terrorist attack, linked to the trial underway in The Penal Court of Aja. At the stand there are four defendants in absentia, all members of the Shiite Hezbollah movement, which has always rejected the accusations: Salim Ayash, Habib Merhi, Hussein Oneissi and Assad Sabra. They are accused of “conspiracy for terrorist purposes and intentional murder”. For this reason Hezbollah leaders denied any involvement in the explosion, also excluding that it was an Israeli attack on one of its weapons depots, the fact that Israel has been excluded of being directly involved by an official declaration of Hezbollah is not of secondary importance furthermore having a trial like the one mentioned before it's a good chance to put gas on fire and to create a link like those that has imposed Hezbollah to make such official statement.

A Somalia scenario appear to be the most probable in my opinion as the western aids of food and funds for the reconstruction of the New State, considering at the moment Lebanon in terms of institutions capable of governing the territory doesn't exist anymore, might provoke a chaotic civil war to establish who it's going to manage those aids like happened in Somalia indeed.

The advantages of such a chaotic situation in that specific area of the world it's huge, all of the illegal traffics are possible now, who is controlling who? and especially what it's getting there, guns weapons ammo to support a side of a possible conflict in which Hezbollah national socialist party it's the main target and doesn't have to mention who and why has interest on attacking Hezbollah now. Who is Hezbollah then? Hezbollah means The Party of God born in 1982 as a paramilitary forces became a political party on a second moment and confirm itself as the strongest army of Lebanon also because of the Iranian Islamic Republic support,its leader is Hassan Nasrallah.

Suicidal attacks sign its affirmation in the world especially on the early days in 1983 the most signficant one was the attack international peacekeeping force in west Beirut that killed 241 US marines and 56 French para. Italian army was there and joined the operations as far as possible of rescue of wounded and dead.

Shiite Islam therefore natural allied of the Syrian President Bashar al Assad Hezbollah joined the war in Syria against Daesh, among all the enemies of Hezbollah, Israel and USA apart, it's France ,EU State member, one of the natural enemy of the shiite political armed party, France attitude to the former colonies never changed and still consider those countries area of France mainly interest, Macron visited the country soon indeed as to confirm the role that France its ready to affirm in the country and Hezbollah is an obstacle that must be eradicated. Soon after France there's Germany that put Hezbollah on the list of undesired presence in its territory, declaring illegals all the forms of collecting funds made in the German territory in favour of Hezobllah by the Shiite Mosques. EU or rather Achen/Acquisgrana on Israel and USA pressure declared that Hezbollah it's a terrorist group and banned its satellite television because of the incitement of racial hate especially against Israel. The side effects of what appears to me as a real coup will soon be felt in the EU territory, in particular in France and Germany, it's probable a new humanitarian crisis with consequent increase of migration process but the Shiites have always been refractory to the idea of ​​abandoning their country unlike the Sunnis who are the vast majority of migrants who invade the coasts of southern Europe, Italy in the lead. At this point I am really curious to see what the attitude of the Italian government will be, considering of the large Italian military contingent on site, I am not optimistic and I fear that the Italian government will sleeps as it did while Italian interests were trampled in Libya by the EU French ally, again the Mare Nostrum it's the center of geopolitical upheavals that are inevitably of strategic importance for Italy given that it is our natural neighborhood but the EU membership status it's just a brake a real cheat for all Italians people, Italians real patriots don't buy MSM bullshit and don't trust those fake allies and the crap fake union known as the EU. https://soundcloud.com/taurinorum/beirut-moonlight

The 'Highway of the English' or rather 'Autoroute Des Anglais' it's the highway traveled by hundreds of trucks and cars every day and especially in summertime, from Calais or Dunkirk you can embark to reach Dover U.K. territory, 33 km as the crow flies separate the two countries. I've already wrote about Calais and the birth of the biggest illegal hotspot of France known as 'The Jungle' the name given to that 'spontaneous' hotspot recall in a symbolic manner the idea of absence of authority, a wild territory where everybody has to learn how to survive where there's no sign of any politics to prevent clashes among its inhabitants, in the jungle there's an ostensible kind of anarchy while in fact it's the law of the strongest that rules. It is absolutely unthinkable that the secret services of a Sovereign Country ( EU Member ) are unaware of the processes that govern the birth of certain phenomenon. The Jungle stayed there and its function was of an instrument of political pression but especially for the political propaganda that gave an important contribute for the Brexit referendum result. To infiltrate someone or why not even an entire squad of secret agents in the Jungle it's like putting an hot knife into the butter, it's a cake and it's a practice in which isn't even unthinkable that more than a country might be involved with. What we see on the surface it's what we have to see but it's between the lines and in some cases beyond that we must look, I can light a big fire hoping that the smog provoked will recall the attention of someone but that can be also a strategic step to keep away from more important things any possible interference. National State operate on different levels, supposed to be allied often didn't share the same purpose and when there's no convergence of common interests then it's more like an 'arm wrestling' situation in which both contendent are trying to win. The Jungle prospers During the presidency of François Holland Prime Minister was Manuel Valls ( 2014 – 2016 ) when the enfant prodige of the French elites Macron future leader of 'En Marche' who is a banker first of all, held the post of Minister of the Economy, in U.K. it was David Cameron turn, the Conservative leader in charge made history for managing the Brexit referendum, David Cameron however didn't wanted to leave the E.U. after several meetings and negotiations he worked for the 'Remain' campaign and has lost his battle so the day after resigned from downing street. It is important to have the political spectrum of the whole situation, both country share a colonial empire therefore the 'arm wrestling' it's a practice they always have done face to face, all migrants are fluent speaker of French and English and not because they won a scholarship at the Sorbonne or at the Oxford institute, if the oldest empires don't exists anymore it doesn't mean that the political influence it's been lost with it. Both country decided to eliminate Ghedaffi in particular France, during Sarkozy presidency, who had particular interest on closing Ghedaffi mouth forever.

The military intervention in Lybia was a common interest of both these countries soon after Sharkzoy it's David Cameron the second European leader that insisted to overthrow Ghedaffi powership on the northern african country, Ghedaffi dead follows a long list of National Socialist leaders that didn't had a democratic process at the Aja (Holland) international court see Slobodan Mjlosevic the Serbian leader supported before by all the West, USA ahead, than betrayed.

Illegal migrants have become bargaining chip, source of lucrative earnings but also an excellent instrument of political pressure at the same time, Anghela Merkel obtained a substantial financial funds to block the easter border of Germany paying directly the Turkish 'dictator' Erdogan who recently forced an invasion of a huge of illegal migrants mostly men, fake rfgs, on the Greek borderline, in that occasion we have seen the Greek people compact united fighting back the invasion, military forces and especially local people attacked OGNs, which are at the orders of their respective governments from which they receive indirect financing, the Greeks have shown to the rest of European Patriots that it is possible to stop the arrogance of financial elites who pretend to govern our life. Theresa May took the place at number 10 of Downing street soon after Cameron resign and took care of the 'day after' negotiations with the EU institutions, to secure its border her government invested a huge of money of British taxpayers to built a wall to prevent any attempt by illegal migrants to enter the U.K. land by hiding themselves in the trucks. It is almost sure that among all things, that have determined the willing of the British people to leave the EU, immigration played a key role and so 'The Jungle' of Calais as well, MSM reaction on the Brexit referendum result was quite evident, delusion on a hand but didn't lost hope on the other, the hammering played by the MSM has been huge, the idea of a second referendum was on top of the list, the message was that the British voters have been fooled by Farage first and Cameron's naivety then, the recent elections in U.K. put a stone once and forever on eurocrats mouths. The BBC of course it's full of supposed to be journalist which are left wing political activist mainly that have to defend their status quo and have failed at all, again here we have the demonstration that the Native People of a country have made the difference as in Greece, long time abandoned by the major parties the british working class took its revenge at the first occasion given to say its word and despite all forces in the field were against them they have won, democracy prevailed. Now to think that those 'forces' gave up it's like as said before been captured by some smoke signal in the sky from somewhere else to keep the observer distract from the most important thing the actual invasion attempted by groups of illegal migrants, on the 6th of June 235 migrants arrived in the U.K. territory again on the 8th of August another group of 130 people, differently from the usual in this case the 'fortun boats' were full of women and children.

Between U.K. and France the arms wrestling it's on by the face of their respective Minister of Interior so on a side there's Chris Philip on the other Christophe Castaner, Philip it's accusing France of negligence on controlling the border and that should prevent the departure of these 'fortun boats' promising that all the illegal migrants arrived from France will return back. On 12 July 2020, the French and British Ministries of the Interior signed an agreement to create a police intelligence unit capable of combating human trafficking and reducing irregular crossings of the Channel. The first political effect its to show to the British people that despite UK it's leaving EU it is impossible to stop the invasion furthermore if between EU State members there are shared intel data U.K. now it is out of the 'games' and so must willing or not stand up and go to sit at the table of negotiations which means to invest money anyway for the contrast at the mass immigration plus of course the internal political pressure that the British institutions have to deal with Refugee Action director Stephen Hale, for example says that limited arrivals do not constitute a 'migration crisis' and called on the London government to worry about the coronavirus crisis instead, Boris Johnson amazing majority in the country can be deflated on this field, the more realistic among the British voters are aware that Boris Johnson it's far away from being considered as a real Nationalist leader who will defend their interests, it is likely probable that it's going to be hard for the EU western citizens only to enter U.K. despite as westerner have more in common with them than any of those Islamic people while nothing it's going to change for all those migrants coming from African and Middle East area for whom special channel would be open anyway as before, again while the people are watching that smoke signal it's elsewhere that things are moving on, just adapted to the new reality. Once upon a time there was a brilliant politician in U.K. the youngest M.P. 21 years old of the British Parliament who have tried to free U.K. by those financial elites who have taken the control of the Bank of England and put him in jail during the 2WW despite he didn't committed any crime but just for its political ideas only, Sir Oswald Mosley didn't had the crystal ball but as an acute and smart politician as he was indeed was aware of the illimitate power and resources of the sharks of wall streets and of the City of London too who by exploiting countries and population worked then to create that multiculturalism hailed by the globalist who allow them a better control over the 'democratic' Nations of the West and in particular on the natural resources of the exploited countries of origins of all these migrant, 'Divide et Impera' rules are easy to apply then when you have a multicultural society and again here are the Westerner 'White privileged' people that are paying a salad price.

Columbus as a symbol of 'Racism' and ethnic cleansing must be smashed same things others statues, but how the Kingdom of Italy or even before the various little State of the Italian peninsula have contribute to the slavery business it's not yet clear to me. I don't want to minimize or even ignoring that Racism in the US society it's a serious matter, as an external observer I can't understand what it's going to happen once you have smashed all statues, rightly or wrongly , you are associating to the slavery American past? are you gonna take a step aside by leaving the US territory forever getting back anyone to the country of origin? that might be a solution it would eliminate the possibility of any form of racism indeed. 'White privilege' what is it? how many white homeless are living in the streets of America, have to be considered as White any others that are not clearly African origin citizens? or what? The more I see of what's going on in the US the more I conclude that Multiculturalism simply failed and even those supposed to be free area or rather 'No Go area' sorted to keep off the law enforcement where BLM and Antifa lived their 'revolutionary dream society' have failed, if the purpose was to show a supposed higher morality and true democratic lifestyle honestly you have burnt all chances not to mention assaulting stores lootings etc., first of all if you have political support from an institutional party as it seems happened in all the cases it is correct to state that it's a failure of the Democratic party too and of those electors who shown solidarity with BLM Antifa experimentation of a better world, antifa tends to criticize closed borders to then locked up themselves in specific are patrolling with guns the borders?!? are you nut or what? To witness the killing of a man under an ongoing arrest by the law enforcement it's unacceptable thing, here in Italy we had several critical cases of Italians citizens killed by the law enforcement with even worsen brutality, we had political reactions and who has politicized the battle against the institutions even if in all of these cases there were not substantial political reasons on top anyway Politics work on it or rather tends to use these tragic events to bring water on its mulin and some honest man really works to avoid in the future that such terrible murders might take place again. This country have a long list of political homicide, here the cold war has been fought for real leaving a lot of young men and women dead on the ground it's that what you want now? a civil war? politicians on top levels of both sides have a huge responsabile now and should really take car on what they do and says. Here in this country we don't have a constitutional right who allow us to own a gun and to use it for self defense it doesn't mean Italians doesn't have licence to own a gun or that didn't happened that someone in self defending himself his close relatives or just its belonging didn't used to shoot the thief, sometimes even killing them, but without getting here in Europe just take a look at your closer neighborhood which is Canada do they have a similar statistics of murder rate? I don't think so, I think they do also have licence to own guns but probably it all depends by the political power of the lobbies of arms, in the USA those lobbies ( NRA ) are definitely more powerful in any case the illegal market I suppose it is prosperous therefore canadian criminals have access to a variety of guns and rifles made in USA. On the web data statistics of race and crime in the US are available to anyone just check it out, the trends indicate that a study of the government data from 1980 till 2008 on almost three decades used to consider as 'White' also the Hispanic communities then the sum of those two ethnic groups wrongly indicate that White crime rate was higher than Black, with a better look on those different ethnic groups the trends indicate that Hispanics have higher crime rate than White but lower than Blacks, aware of the political speculation on this data let's conclude that the homicide rate in the USA it's substantial higher as is the prison population The statistics of murders and of dead by violent crimes seems to indicate that among the African American communities emerge that percent of 'black people' are killing themselves more than the opposite or rather White people killing Blacks, in the U.K. too I've watched a documentary about knife crime which it's a serious matter in that country well I've heard terrible stories of a 'wasted youth' and I was very impressed that a black father I presume Jamaican origin claimed that Blacks in Britain had done more damage to their community than far-right parties and movements did in facts, this man didn't lost his son differently from others, his son is still alive but in such a worse conditions that he will need total support for the rest of his life, it really hit me so much suffering but also the courage that that father had on speaking up clearly about that matter without putting on politics as its a fact another black young guy same age of his boy has stubbed his son for a futile reason leaving him disable for life, the stop and search policies of course is not enough to resolve this situation which appear to be typical of U.K. mainly. On my first days in U.K. July 2007 in London I recall a few meters from my place there was a big picture of a young British boy, flowers everywhere and written cards 'We miss you Ben' initially I thought it was a scooter incident, Ben looked so young can't be a car driver, but let's say that as an Italian I'm used to hear of several teenagers died because of an incident while on driving a scooter, none of that, Ben died because of serious casualties of ripetute stubs so he bled to death.
I had no children even though my partner at that time was a single mother of a beautiful baby girl a bit younger than Ben and all the times we used to walk that way a strange silence closed our mouths for a moment of respect of Ben and his family. It's really hard to explain to a child what happened at that corner as an adult you are powerless indeed so it became morally significant to do something tangible the same way death it is. It's wrong to state Black lives matter because it doesn't make any sense to politicize a murder how many officers have died in the USA during their job ? politics shouldn't water on this divisions because it doesn't lead to anything good, if you says that only Black Lives Matter well you have to accept that White or Hispanic whatever could claim the same right, if black lives matter how would you explain that among the Afro American community black people are more likely incline to kill others blacks? Again multiculturalism what is it? if then all ethnic groups tends to live altogether? and it isn't even absurd it's a natural tendencies. The days of slavery are gone, there's no apartheid anymore in South Africa and White people don't have any particular privilege the fact that there are black people who have made career in all fields it's a proof of it's contrary, London has an islamic Major then what's this anti white constant propaganda of the BBC? White european people have all the right to form their political organization and to claim the right to do so without necessarily having to be defined racist. Slavery still exist today see Nigeria exploitation of others Nigerian see the South Eastern Asia, slavery was also applied by Africans on other Africans of different tribal side, the Turks and the arabs too used to enslave European people so stop with this crap that describes the European People as 'the most evil race on earth' because it's bullshit, why a thousands of Fake RFGS wants to live in the Western countries? why islamic people don't move to Saudi Arabia or Qatar or any other rich islamic country? On Indigenous celebration day I wish all the best to the native people of my country and Europe too and let's pointing out that only Africans can free Africa that's the only way to stop mass migration is not the working class of Europe who is stopping them to do so, colonialism its over and on recent years all these countries have had independence plus springtime revolutions recently however it seems they are unable to express a decent ruling class and that is not up to us.

Actually from the dashboard of the national monitoring of the situation there are 12.953 positive increase 29 – reigned with good health 201.947 increase 305 – deceased 35.203 increase 13 – total of the cases 250.13 increase 347 Officially this is still the second phase, Lombardia remain on top of the list of the region with more cases 96.782 total caes (5.546) actual cases (76) increase followed by Piemonte 31.830 (790) (31),Emilia-Romagna: 30.052 (1.712) (44), Veneto: 20.598 (1.228) (63)and Toscana: 10.583 (457) (23) all the rest of Regions of the country are interested with reduced but still considerable numbers. On public transports to wear the mask and keep social distancing it is mandatory especially on trains in particular if you can't keep the social distancing of one meter to others people, people with disability and their career can avoid to wear a mask also children of 6 years old. No doubt that the more affected by the anti covid rules were and still are all those small business no more than two people are allowed to get in, you want a new haircut? you have to call the store owner and book an appointment at that time your body temperature is measured and you have to do a survey where basically you declare that you are well and have not met people with flu symptoms,the asymptomatic are not contemplated and you can't known who is it and who it isn't. At the beginning of this nightmare after the indecisions and errors of the government we have had a three month lock down and only recently we have discovered that the lock down imposed to the whole country wasn't even requested by those experts on which the government trusted and consulted before taking any decision. So on the so called first phase we had more restrictions indeed especially we used to queue at the supermarket, few people allowed to get in, a certificate was mandatory to justify your being off your place, security stuff at the supermarket didn't take any temperature neither asked to fill a statement as in other occasions you still have to do now. Schools are closed now but soon it'd be time for the young to go back on studying, those few who are lucky to enjoy the good season somewhere in holiday are just taking a break from the ordinary life but cannot escape covid rules even in the beach they are monitored by law enforcement, cameras, in some cases army. The football championship it's over now, it was stopped even before the beginning of the lock down then after it restarted but with empty stadiums, live music events same story or even worse. The news from all around the world are not good at all, too many countries are still on state of alert, some cases have been reported of Italian citizens who have spent holidays outside Italy that are returned Covid positive, the Italian press it's reporting of several cases from Croatia which it's close to Italy on the eastern border. Many people had the hope that this virus would have died with summertime temperature but it didn't happen so there are serious concern convid might change and with it it's possible even the medical treatment. What it's emerging according by the mainstream now it's that covid its interesting even young people if before we thought it was only affecting helders people mainly or with an already compromised health, now it's not longer like this, we all are at risk even more than before and there's a valid reason to be concerned. The change of season in Italy it might happen slowly or not but it's a fact that is the most dangerous moment, in normal conditions just being simply cold it's a quite common thing so the flu and now there's mainly one kind of flu around you don't want to get sick. At the present time we don't know yet how to defeat covid but also is not yet clear where this thing it's from? we only know that started in Asia and that China hide it for a while but how many government initially have done the same thing we don't know I presume several also here in the EU area, in conclusion we don't have substantial proofs to blame this or that country for this mass global murdering that it's still killing a huge of people worldwide, it is really important? for the relatives of those victims I guess so, also for economic repairs but let's be honest let's say we are going to find out Who to blame, the point is it is possible that a single country can afford to repair the damages that this bloody virus have done to all these economies? it is impossible of course unless you want to sacrifice that country and with it all its unaware innocent civilians too. Italy would be in a State of Emergency till the 15th of October then it should be the third phase and what's going to change in fact isn't yet clear apart the reopening of schools and some minors sport event the psychological damages are worrying me now, too many people it's scared to get out and to socialize, youngs people too our lifestyle it's radically changed and at the moment we are not allowed to hold public gatherings, so we can't express our opposition to the local institutions neither to the central government. Since the beginning of this nightmare I've started a fcb page in order to organize instant flash mob, I've personally violated the obligation to stay at home, getting outside by car or just walking around my surroundings, I used to do some video clip to collect those moments where I was also documenting the reality around me, I've joined a big national group of protesters that every Saturdays used to catch up in a public square to peacefully demonstrate against our government bad management of the situation it was at our own risk indeed as you can get a substantial administrative penalty of more than 400 euros, during the lockdown and considering the high percent of unemployment in Italy it's a stub in the back. Despite the risk of been caught demonstrating I as many others have challenged the gov dispositions as it was against our constitution, the Gov can't impose that lockdown indeed they used a legislative tool which wasn't even an act, discussed by all parliament, rather something juridically extemporaneous and abstract anyway all those decisions were taken by the gov only bypassing the Italian parliament ( on lockdown too ) while the EU negotiations were underway. A lot of brave Italians have collected that penalty and now appeals to the court are quite numerous anywhere in the country, a government rigid and inflexible with all citizenship allowed the celebrations of the 25th of April a divisional celebration political at all where the left wing supporters go on public square to celebrate the 'Liberation of Italy' from the dictatorship, it's a fact that didn't passed unnoticed of course, during the lockdown till the present day mass migration arrivals never stopped, many of those migrants already within the Italian territory didn't gave a shit of rules and restrictions especially drug dealers that are a stable presence in any Italian city, just prostitution on streets has stopped but migrants with no Id passport were and still are untouchable , the majority of them of course. On September first electoral testing it's going to happen, local elections in many regions are going to be a testing on this government who doesn't have the support of the majority of Italians, the leader of the Opposition Salvini Matteo it's going on trial risking 15 years in jail ( accused of kidnapping of illegal migrants kept aboard the German NGO of Karola Rachete ) while it's probable that he would be politically neutralized as with a conviction he will no longer be able to stand as candidates or hold institutional positions there are open spaces of action for all the radical anti EU political parties it's a major challenge and if we don't overcome those silly divisions that exist among ourselves we will not go anyway, the most important thing it's to place real opposers in any institutional palace at all levels and that's the only way to force the actual opposition to take a radical position about our EU membership status. Note the Data of Covid Dashboard might have changed you can check it out on the official institutional website

The organized crime of Italy it's in absolute the most efficient industry we have, back in the days the control of the heroin market in the USA was in Cosa Nostra hands and the reason of this have to been searched since the end of WW2 when Italian Boss of Cosa Nostra Lucky Luciano substantially has offered his help to the O.S.S. former C.I.A. on how to land secure in Sicily, I've wrote a post about it, there's no need to investigate here as all informations in terms of books, documentaries and historical research made by unquestionable experts are all at the disposition to everyone who wish to know more in deep, all of the material isn't just crap bullshit but it's been proven with data and specific facts. It's just a case I've find out a short documentary about Nigerian Mafia of Castel Volturno in Italy by the Foreign Correspondent ABC News in Depth by Emma Alberici https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rSCndxoZ4U ABC Australia therefore by an Australian Italian origin journalist produced a detailed report questioning also the world wide known author of 'Gomorra' by Roberto Saviano. Roberto Saviano lives under constant protection of undercover agents of the Italian law enforcement Carabinieri since he openly spoke up against the mobsters living that area calling them by name in front of the crowd and asking to free the area during a local event in Casal di Principe city 21.613 inhabitants province of Caserta in the southern region of Campania Italy, historically the are of influence and control of Camorra the organized crime organization of Napoli and surrounding. Saviano lives in N.Y. mainly due to its job he travels a lot however ne has never renounced to speak up about his political position for what about the phenomenon of mass immigration that its interesting the Italian southern ports.
First of all it's absolutely a Saviano right to have its own political ideas and it's normal that not all Italians people agree with him, when a very special person decide to speak up about a specific matter as this one it's obvious he is taking a specific side and by doing so he is in practice doing politics therefore it's on the political field only that I'm expressing my point of view which I know it's quite spreaded over the Italian people too, according with exit polls and political results of all electoral competitions that took place in this country in the last 20 years, it's pretty clear the majority of Italians have enough of the actual ongoing invasion of Fake RFGS. Saviano speaks about the fact that the Nigerians Mafia its working under the permission of the local ones, I'm sure of it couldn't be possible otherwise but Emma Alberici doesn't asked why aware of this sort of joint venture between Italian organized crime and Nigerian one he is still supporting the so called 'Open Borders' policies? why from the top attic of his luxurious N.Y. flat he keeps on pointing his finger describing whoever its politically opposing this process by calling everyone as a racist, fascist whatever? His indirect clashes with the former Minister of the Interior and leader of the Lega, right wing Party, Matteo Salvini are quite famous to the Italian audience. What's the point of fighting the organized crime the way he does if then despite realizing what's behind the mass immigration phenomenon he still keep on defending this suicidal policies that shortly will bring here to a real Racism phenomenon as it is in the USA and in others multicultural societies, mainly all former colonialist empires of the past so U.K. and France. Salvini it's far away from what can been described as a Fascist he is a smart guy and a populist natural leader loved by a lot of Italians people who took a party that was falling down and making of it the biggest one in terms of collected votes of the center right wing coalition. Fascism back in the days when it was ruling Italy had to deal with the organized crime of course, Mussolini aware of how powerful and destabilizing these criminal organizations were didn't waste it's time and gave a free licence to operate to a man that became soon famous as the 'Iron Prefect' Cesare Primo Mori. Born in the city of Pavia on 1871 Mori started his career as policeman then became Prefect till the grade of Superintendent, in 1928 became Senator of Italian Kingdom however Mori had its limit too I mean if on a hand he had a free licence on fighting crimes on the other he wasn't a politician even if had the fascist membership card and this lack made the difference when suddenly had to surrender and leave Sicily. To the journalist who asked if the Mafia was completely defeated he answered
«They have not yet understood that the brigands and the mafia are two different things. We hit the first ones who, undoubtedly, represent the most striking aspect of the Sicilian crime, but not the most dangerous. The real fatal blow to the mafia will be given when we will be allowed to rake not only among prickly pears, but in the ambulatories of prefectures, police headquarters, large manor houses and, why not, some ministry. “ Italy wasn't a Totalitarian State, Mussolini shared the power with the Royal Family of Savoia and the Vatican State, differently of Hitler or Stalin in Italy there has never been a purge of uncomfortable figures, Mussolini leaved a long list of enemies not only political opponent, all those persecuted by Mori escaped outside Italy took their revenge as they had their occasion to do and that occasion came indeed the day when O.S.S. / C.I.A. men went to knock the door of Lucky Luciano the Boss of Cosa Nostra member of the Genovese family, Time magazine inserted his name on a list of 20 among the most influential personalities of the twentieth century I'm growing up educated that even leafs don't fall from the trees in october if Cosa Nostra doesn't allow it so Saviano but still he doesn't want to understand that to stop mass immigration policies it's something that must be done as soon as possible, let's learn from the past to put in practice what worked but in particular to avoiding on repeating the same errors Mori did underestimating the political aspects of the whole thing.

translated from a fcb post of #Italexit #Taurinorum

ByoBlu's analysis ( an Italian independent web tv channel ) about the very serious facts of the 'suspension of democracy', in which initially some Italians 'sang and danced on the balcony' except to calm down after the cold showers and the prolongation of psychological terrorism by the Italian mainstream, which it's conformed to that Western model that just during the Nuremberg trial materializes in its case and then evolves over time up till the present day.

The homemade film material was used by the mainstream for its ignoble propaganda work, still today there are those on TV who praise the 'civil and obedient behavior of the Italians' of those dramatic days but we owe all this to decades of psychological experimentation and sociology that in the Big Brother format has its first affirmation and from there to the present day has been perfected.

We have been raised by a Western capitalist model that has inculcated in our heads the absolute importance of Making Success, Becoming a Champion, aspiring to make the leap beyond the screen, to become active participants in television.

Pasolini spoke of the media without mincing words even if he identified in his analysis institutional fascism and consumerism in short, a model of 'total homologation', in my opinion wrongly but he was still a convinced Marxist therefore ... his analyzes must be considered fruit of a precise ideology, which on closer inspection is a contradiction. In cinematographic terms we describe with the term 'Diegesi' or rather 'the universe of the story' the author of the story is a little bit the God of that imagined world, narrated, scripted, the Television or rather the television environment shown, what we are shown , is a Diegesis in facts and the rules of each narrative model applicable to a fictional tale are equally applicable to reality,to manipulating the reality is neither science fiction nor conspiracy, an intelligent prepared person would reduce the sardine/leftwing globalist critical of the situation to a thousand pieces in a possible open confrontation.

The relationship that is established between the one who speaks from the television or framed in the confines of the frame and the one who receives passively, without the possibility of interaction, emphasized Pasolini is precisely an anti-democratic relationship in fact, (search on youtube Pasolini interviewed by Enzo Biagi in the 60s black and white pictures you can check it out, there are no english subtitles ) The evolution of mass-media communication has reached unthinkable peaks even for an intellectual of Pasolini's caliber, I remember that among other things Pasolini was expelled from the PCI Italian communist party for 'Moral Indignity' because he was a fagot. The process of involving the public in an 'active' function was docile and subtle, we are already thinking only of games, programs with live phone calls, '' the beauty of live broadcasting '' when some crazy anarchist splinter scrapped the plans of that Diegesi built before for purposes of commercial persuasion, forcing us to buy something the purpose has always been the same.

As the technological tool have evolved with them, the television medium has also evolved and consequently that illusion of 'Active Participation' of the viewer / consumer who, little by little, was preparing to cross the boundaries of the television frame to physically entering in facts in the 'Olympus of the Gods', which is precisely the TV studios of 'Mamma Rai or Mediaset' the two main important ones. Big Brother, therefore, but also the film 'Do it yourself' or that operation in which in every western country was involved with, the population has been involved in self-recovery, following a pre-established narrative thread, to assemble a unique film then broadcast on the big screen, let's say to participate in a similar operation is not a bad thing it is clear I am not criticizing at all indeed I recognize that it is also a good initiative, but it gives the idea of ​​how, as educated by this capitalist system (which to us we have been saying 'exported' with the expulsion of the Empire of Evil from 1945 to today) our desire to emerge at all costs,to make success no matter why and for what reason, it is really great

A certain doctrine of the left over the years, throughout the West, has pursued the key of the Struggle Against Power in questioning some educational models, under the illusion of fighting the system with targeted attitudes, for example by not buying certain products, whether they are food needs. primary or simple clothes 'secondary' needs by boycotting mass phenomenon such as snubbing football considered as a retrograde mass sport and therefore 'fascist' (with the term 'fascist' there are automatic mechanisms in our country that are all misleading and absolutely without any logical sense) to watch just a little TV or better to watch only certain films, programs etc.etc. that is to be completely locked up as breeding pigs and obviously in the street fight with the police the top of the 'Fight the Power''Fuck the System' and these slogans. The LockDown and the absolute obedience of the People was total and artfully commanded, neither more nor less, following the methods that the mainstream has always used, which are the same that also determine a good part of those street demonstrations that culminate with the clashes with the police, and also on this we must acknowledge that Pasolini had clearly explained who the proletarians were and who the middle-to-high middle-class silver spooned ones whatever of the situation. The Suspension of Democracy did not end in the lockdown it's a fact still on progress, the reasons why Italy has suffered and continues to suffer what we know respond to a precise political plan, after Brexit and the arrival of Trump, the yellow-green government ( first Conte coalition gov ) really scared the Aachen/Acquisgrana domain, Salvini can be criticized as much as you want, he hit his enemies in the Wallet precisely in his work to combat immigration, we are talking about a volume of business greater than that of drugs let us realize what we are talking aobut. The Eurocrats without losing heart has deployed all the forces and means at their disposal to give a lesson to Italy with the active participation of the Vatican by the way, and therefore at all costs to avoid that Italy could even think of wanting to leave the EU, if Greece leaves it is an account if the third net contributor leaves the EU collapses definitively. Having a poor political class means exactly this, that is to have suckers anxious to reach success unable to realize the political and economic weight of Italy of its strength which will be gradually reduced and once completely stripped made therefore harmless to the point that detached from the EU or not would no longer matter. Are we lost forever? No but it is imperative that it is also and on the level of international relations that we must operate we are not Alone in this War, for now at low intensity, however, Smart and Unconventional Men are needed in every sense that with the democratic and constitutional tools we have. , no a small thing, hit the enemy where the blow will be stronger or rather in the wallet, then there will be pains. (incidentally the cruise ship Azzurra costs 50,000 euros per day)

The Big Brother it's a format of a particular new model of TV shows, what it appear to be as a silly funny show while it is something different than usual telly crap we were used to watch. The entertainment industry hasn't made just a leap of 'quality' rather it was on a hand a sociological experiment focused on a small place with a small group on the other it has been the put on practice of what later on would be applied on a largest scale. First of all getting the willing of participants to be involved with it was the first step/goal to let them accept to live under specific rules to be lived as a ludic experience, there were too many people wishing to be part of it that the authors have made the show of the show, in reality that was an effect expected but not obvious, the long queues of pretending to be a participant gave the idea that the submission of the masses can be accomplished with the consent of the masses themselves, it's terrible but true. The figure of a psychologist who supervises everything and that took private conversation with any single participant just to give the idea of human interaction and of mental health care provided to those little mice at any moment, you play well you win your slide of cheese you fails you might be kicked out one day and as in highlander at last only one will prevail, 'divide et impera' applying on a mall group to install the process on which will emerge one natural leader, the winner of the show. Now MSM applied the same method on a large scale and even if you don't see it it is so Orwell imaginary world it's here. The Big Brother format was spread everywhere in the West and beyond, after it others format arrived, the format for pretending to be a Star of the music business too, it's the MSM who is in control of everything even those 'Idols' we have to imitate too or models we need to identify with. Back in the days the Music Business was a different world rock n roll bands in all their various kinds were a spontaneous reaction against the establishment, we have had in all the West Musicians, Folk Singer, Bands etc. etc. who used to do politics somehow and also to stimulate people intellectually same thing cinema and in particular 'the independent ones. Back in the days the establishment used to exploit this natural process in order to make money but during the years MSM took over and now it's the establishment who is creating everything even those supposed to be 'revolutionary' elements that we feels are real while they are not, it's all a fake. In a post of this blog I've wrote about Andrea Boccelli making a political statement about the anti covid19 restrictions imposed by the actual Italian 'ruling' class, meat puppets on Achen/Acquisgrana hands, would you believe back in the days a Musician like him making a political statement? there aren't spontaneous phenomenon in the world of creativity, those few true and pure real Artist/Creative people struggle to emerge and not because they aren't valid but simply because are uncontrollable and dangerous too therefore are ignored by MSM, in conclusion Bocelli on an hand it has displaced everyone on the other hand it has thrown a big blow to the arrogance of power of the Italian ruling class, thanks Andrea you are not a local artist you are a worldwide big star of music and by clearly speaking up you gave voice to all those people that are always ignored kept away by the MSM, who it seems silly even to pointing out are all controlled by financial institutions who are the real Deep State who all control and all legitimate to exist even included the 'rebels elements' so antifa BLM etc.etc are just the useful idiots who really believe that to fight against power means to go in the street to engage fight with police, a thunderous applause to this bunch of fools it's all deserved indeed. The silent majority doesn't march with these fools and doesn't even buy MSM crap anymore, more and more are the people who are opening their eyes, Brexit, Trump is a proof that the Big Brothers methods aren't working anymore, more are the people aware that we must reject the 'Divide et Impera' policies because we all are afloat in the same filthy water and that it's time to reverse this shitty process, the struggle isn't between White against Black, or Antifa vs Fascist The clash can only be among us all who are below and we are also the majority against those few very rich true exploiters who are above, they keep on watering on those silly fake problems but militant stupids are just a few all the rest dangerous nazifascist racist extremist whatever of course. In Conclusion let's bypass MSM let's keep in touch directly with other ordinary people all over the world, create real alternative literature, music, blogging, social media too and the fact that social media owners boycott Trump too its just a sign of the fact that real power its elsewhere and that Democracy need to be restored, as Westerner we have the duty to do it then it'd be benefits not only for our own world but also for those people of other part of the world too.

Turin February the 24th 2019 in a cold day all the city wakes up with a sad news, a young man Stefano Di Leo 34 years old slaughtered by a single blow in the center of Turin is dead. It is soon clear it's not the case of a robbery, wallet and mobile are still there, Stefano did not die instantly, however even if it was a fast agony he had few short istants just to ask 'Help' trying to stop the car drivers and motorists who found themselves unable to assist him in the last moments of his life that damn cold day of February. One month of investigations with no results when suddenly the killer himself handed over the investigators,it's a Moroccan young man named Said Machaouat 27 years old who at the question of why he killed Stefano, that by the way he didn't known , replied “ I've chose to kill this young man because he looked happy and I couldn't stand his happiness. Said after one month on the run in which had all the time to get in touch with a lawyer which presumably advice him to give that absurd explanation decided to hand himself to the law enforcement, it's clear that his lawyer want his client to be recognized as a psychiatric case in order to get a substantial reduction of the conviction or even the alternative of being closed in a psychiatric hospital. The absurdity with this case aren't a few, Said had a previous conviction because of his violent behave at home with the Italian wife and with their little son too, he used to have problems to integrate due to his bad habits of drinking alcohol and using drugs, he had to be transferred in jail but due to a trivial bureaucratic lack or a handover the order of transmission to the jail never arrived to the authority so he stay free living in the streets like an homeless. A year after a court of justice of Turin it's writing the final act of this bloody absurd murdering, well I hope it would be really the 'final act', the killer has been convicted to 30 years in jail however in Italy there are three degree of justice so Said' lawyer reminded to everyone that the last word hasn't be written yet, penalty discounts and various prizes are provided for those who behave well in jail and it is possible that the initial penalty will be reduced, so it can be he will be free before 30 years while Stefano it will remain underground and of him there will be only a tombstone where his parents will go to cry and bring flowers The racial element of this story it's pretty clear even if nobody dared to speak up clearly, Said could have killed a Moroccan like him or another migrant of the same religious belief but he didn't and this is a fact, his murder was racially motivated he wanted to kill an Italian citizen. I can go on with others examples of extreme cruelty and brutality where similarly the victim it's an Italian citizen, all Italians recall the horror of Macerata where a minor girl first was stoned with heroin then raped and killed, the Nigerians welfare migrants arrived with the help of an NGO fully provided of food and others benefit included a social house where they slaughtered her body chopped in little pieces like a chicken then put in two trolley and thrown away like rubbish in the street, another little baby girl found dead in a central area of Rome in a squalid abandoned building, she was drugged with heorin then raped repeatedly by various welfare immigrants on a dirty rag surrounded by rubbish, urine and feces in both cases the victims were Italians, she could have survived but no one dared to call an ambulance they left her naked in agony till her last breath continuing to sell drugs ignoring her at all. It's a never ending list of episodes like this and when there's a reaction by an Italian the loud chorus of antifa shouting the Fascist are returned let's fight racism etc.etc. it's huge on all mainstream so it happen in Macerata where antifa from others cities reached Macerata after the reaction of an Italian man who learned by news of the horrible death of the child then torn to pieces he decided to avenge her by getting into a car armed with a gun then around the city he fired several shots at various randomly chosen immigrants, finally handing himself over to the police officers while on foot wrapped in the flag he approached a statue of the city, Antifa only appear to shout their usual slogans 'No Racism' 'No Fascism' etc.etc. On the 20th March 2019 a Senegalese man with Italian citizenship hijacked, held hostage and then set fire to a bus with 50 children, two teachers and a janitor in San Donato Milanese luckily no one has died but the MSM and the left wingers Politicians politically exploited this story with the excuse that a 'brave' Moroccan boy managed to call for help, in reality it was an Italian boy who called for help, even initially interviewed by journalists, but the MSM changed facts in order to make the usual propaganda in favour of the invasion of mass immigration. The Senegalese 'Italian passport' held a stable job so perfectly integrated was sentenced to 24 years, declared to the court he wanted to revenge for all the young migrants who have died while crossing the sea to reach Italy.

A gang of young migrants second generation born here responsables of street robberies by using pepper spray cans around Italy as in other European cities have provoked 1672 wounded and three dead during the EU Champion league final match between Juventus and Real Madrid screened in the public square of the city, the victims of their robbery young european citizens of course. It's almost an every summertime event the so called gang of migrants assaulting in group against one, all robberies done with brutal aggressions using knife, batoon and other stuff just to robber mobiles, gold necklaces and other stuff even in these cases the robberies aggravated by the violent aggressions are all racially motivated, migrants of islamic religious belief always against native people western citizens, a group of the same ethnic but in particular of same religious belief born in Italy decided to assault Italians teenagers, the myth of the integration heralded by the left is just imaginary, they left it's looking for future voters and don't give a shit of the Italians, the majority of Italians doesn't vote for them therefore they push for this mass invasion, this dirty compromise to go to the government it's disgusting shame.

Yesterday on national news the mainstream reported about an assault against a young boy from Senegal who entered illegally in Italy a short interview of him, few signs of the aggression on his face but the propaganda message was 'there are too many racist in Italy' ?!? really, national covering of a silly fist fights while of all newspapers of today just one reported about the gang robberies in a clockwork orange style who by the way went on holiday thanks to a State Aid. On a hand the globalist propaganda it's manipulating young students minds with things like the gender theories, as anti bullying policies and how to prevent it by having a less masculine behave indoctrinating the guys at such a level that we have too effeminate males and too masculine females but specially future voters of the left, the result it's that this crap policy its poisoning the west starting from the educational world of schools and University. Not all students are giving up of course there's the family where traditional healthy values still resists so there are young boys resisting and refusing to surrender at this shit, and that's the reason why the globalist want to destroy the traditional family by all means, adoptions to homosexual couples, rainbow families media campaigns to denigrate the family and the figure of the average Italian male, violent possessive killer of women. If schools are under control of the globalist families still resist and culturally fight back, combat gym sports courses are full of young who prefer those pure values that only combat sports as boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, mma. manage to pass on to young people with positive effects on their growing up and education. The youngs are not all stupids mere consumers and the number of whom is asking for a different world its increasing indeed but as adults we had to fight back against these policies and teach our sons, nephews to be brave and less cowards, we can't sit beside without having done our part to fight back globalism side effects. It's on the traditions values of our ancestors as in the newfound spiritual faith that we have to work on as we have lost what we used to be, what our ancestors have done to give us a territory we call motherland, its ground it's being wet by their blood the European canon it's here all around us in those silent statues and in all the beauty of the architecture of our cities in which no one of this migrant have put a single stone and neither their ancestors as they don't belong here and never will be doesn't matter if they learn to speak Italian, the European Canon it's here to remind once we were warriors,legionaries,knights and now? the sooner we understand it the better it will be.

Mirafiori South Turin, once it used to be the distant goal of a massive internal emigration of whole families of Italians who from the south in particular, but not only, reached Turin at such a rate that the city of those times struggled to welcome everyone, in terms of housing and services to be clear, the city was not ready at all.

The old houses of the historic center still had toilets outside on the balcony and often in old poorly heated houses there were many workers from Fiat, the “Not Rented Signs to the Southerners” were born in that context because the owners rented maybe to two people except then find yourself with many more tenants.

Fiat was the watershed between the North and South Mirafiori areas, in the North area the old buildings were however inserted in the urban fabric, the younger south area was expanding just as the Italian emigrants reached the north.

As a child, we are talking then of the very early 80s we lived in an area that the people had called a group of little palaces and big ones with the name 'Il Villaggio/ The Village' the whole of these buildings are disposed in a rectangular area that flanked the Fiat on the side of 'via Biscaretti di Ruffia', and except that street so close to the walls of the factory all the others simply did not exist, when the storm came we went to those streets where gigantic puddles formed and we kids used to play there with the fantasy, the islands, the pirates and the paper boats without realizing it that urban decay was so much.

There wasn't a real Church in the Village, the mass was made by one of those old priests of the past under the garage of some buildings converted into a place of worship, but the mass was attended by all residents and the parish as well, Don Giorgio the local priest was busy for all of us agitated young people who made him despair and yet he never slammed the door on anyone and families in difficulty were not lacking. There were several spontaneous committees of citizens, my father was the president of one of them that bore its name by one of the historic bars in our neighborhood, the Bar 'Cime Bianche/ White Tops a clear reference to the typical white mountains of the city of Turin, he as a good socialist, did politics really from below and made it things for the neighborhood, for all those southerners who arrived in the north, a fixed host in a radio program at the local Radio 'Ambassador one' who was called 'Direct line with the citizen', banging him and all the members of the committee found local sponsors, small shopkeepers from once, the milkman, the greengrocer, the newsagent etc. etc. who lived in the neighborhood and managed to print a small newspaper 'The Citizen's Informer', my father was a person who tried to aggregate people as much as possible but above all he fought for that piece of neighborhood, forgotten by the institutions, also organizing moments of fun and party, treasure hunts, running races, football games etc.etc. the whole neighborhood took part, it was thanks to the work of the spontaneous neighborhood committee that one day the construction of the current parish was finally completed, I remember changing the priest and the new parish priest, less loved by everyone, was welcomed with a big neighborhood party. About the 'Valletta Hospital unit' or the so caalled 'the ghost hospital' another shame, a cathedral in the desert, in what was the most industrialized city in Italy built and then left to rot, political battles with lots of articles on the local press that he wrote about his punch were long, today it is running. Today the Village still exists in the local slang of those of my generation and beyond, in fact the asphalted roads then arrived, a real Church as well, the police station that instead has always been there but today it is no longer there, on the whole territory of the four middle schools we used to have only one remained, the other for decades has been used as a reception center for migrants and still is of course. Where once Fiat buses passed to take workers to the factory today there is the absolute desert, and those walls of Fiat are smeared with shitty graffiti pretending we are in some forgotten corner of N.Y., Fiat that of the summer colonies, of the Christmas presents to the children of employees distributed in Turin exhibitions no longer exists, we have entered the 'European Dream' and little by little for us who have grown up the nightmare of precariousness and unemployment has materialized,no one still it's making Politics from below at least not as it was before, the various supermarkets that have arisen have not hired any of the many unemployed in the neighborhood and yet common sense would have at least had to create a preferential lane precisely for its historic inhabitants, but hell no it didn't go like this, the recommended ones in times of thin then in Italy are the normality you look them in the face and in those shitty faces that you have already understand everything.

Little by little, Fiat was completely dismembered, even the offices of the registered office no longer exist, it barely resists, the FCA is in fact an Italian-American company under Dutch law, the registered office has just moved to that fucking Netherlands tax haven EU member state that has smashed our balls recently with peaks of open contempt towards our country and all of us on several occasions in the words of that piece of shit of Premier Rutte to which Conte has 'snatched' the glorious Recovery Fund , one as they say in Rome, while the tax domicile is in London United Kingdom, however to which government do you think FCA have asked for guarantees for a loan of 6.3 billion euros? to fuck off the Italian induced of little industries and reward the one from beyond the Alps ?!

The immigrants Fake refugees of war who today arrive en masse find everything, for them the food is ready, the state allocates over 1000 euros, more than an Italian pensioner takes with the minimum, for them they have not been spared, assisted in everything for all, the public housing? if they get them, they take precedence since they then bring their wife and children, same thing for what about all those social benefits that our parents could only dream of but that is thanks to their work and taxes, today these individuals can just precisely take advantage of all these benefits without having put a single cent., paradoxically today that there is nothing left, we find ourselves with a massive immigration that burns thousands of money that they should instead be used for the Italian people exhausted even by the covid, but is not going to happen , now let's see what this government of Euro servants dressed how it will behave with these pieces of shit did they still give guarantee a 6.3 billion euros loan? or they will try to defend Italian jobs? and industries?