ALBANY ‘Republika e Shqipërisë ‘ the land of the Hawks in the Balkan Peninsula

Giorgio Scariota nicknamed Scanderbeg

Scanderberg Statue in Rome

‘Athlete of Christ’ ‘Fearless Defender of the Western Civilization’ some of the names given to the figure of Giorgio Scariota alias Scanderbeg.

I want to start this post from the final moment in the life of the one who will later become the national hero of all the Albanian people, On his deathbed, Scanderbeg ordered, among all the people gathered next to him, a child to go outside to pick up many pieces of wood and to make a bunch of them. Upon his return, Scanderbeg challenged those present to break this deck, but none of them succeeded. So it was that the prince then told the young man to undo the deck and break them one at a time, He concluded by saying: “With this gesture, I, I wanted to show you that if you all stay together no one can ever break you, but by sharing even a single child. Will lead you to death “. Having said this, the Athlete of Christ the man the Lord sent to the world for a clear holy purpose expired. The importance to be united, to form a solid group to share common beliefs to preserve values and traditions that’s make of a people diverse from another one, Mussolini himself who said ‘The strength is in the number’ would be present at the inauguration of a big statue, in Albania square in Rome, in honor of Scanderbeg the 4th July 1940 of the artist sculptor Romano Romanelli, The Great Leader, closed in solid armor, with a winged helmet on his head and an unsheathed sword, is depicted on a sturdy horse advancing at a pace. The whole emanates power and contained strength. On the base is an inscription placed in 1968 by the Municipality of Rome, to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of Castriota. There are several cities in Italy with monuments in his honor, In Florence, all tourist that go in the Uffizi Gallery would have the chance to admire an historic painting (1552 – 1568) of Giorgio Castriota alias Scanderbeg , the work of the artist Cristofano dell'Altissimo, the list it’s quite long indeed as Scanderbeg used to visit Italy several times, The Venetian Doge will inscribe his name on the books of the nobles of the city of Venice, Vivaldi the famous composer will write an opera dedicated to him, Skanderbeg, by Sergej Iosifovič Jutkevič (1954), premiered at the 1954 Cannes Film Festival and won the title of Best Director and a thousands of books written in different languages by the way you can find monuments, painting etc. also in Paris, London, Ginevra, in U.S.A. at Rochester Hill Michigan, Skopje and of course in Pristina the capital of the Kosova as the Albanian people call it using the female article. The National Hero of Albania which it’s a small and poor country land of emigration since the past till its contemporary history and especially soon after the end of the communist regime of Henver Hoxha ( 1944 – 1985 ) I recall a massive escape of Albanian towards the Italian cost, after being all jailed in a mad world the supreme leader built and have buried all of them. it’s an historical figure of worldwide importance for the Westerners, any Albanian can walk the ground of this world aware that his land gave the birth to such a great man and even if they are forced to emigrate all around the world they always will have the chance to catch up somewhere with the face and the gaze of Scanderbeg in a statue or painting and look up to anyone from the high to remind that even if Albania it’s a small Nation it gave to the Western civilization a great contribute of which any Westerner not only European owes a lot. We are living In a mad time the globalized world tend to destroy the idea itself of Nation of traditional family the motherland in Italian it’s said “Madrepatria’ In one word composed by Mother and Father that’s what a Nation is, is the land of the Fathers and Mothers, of Grandpa and Grandma a legacy which determines our sense of belonging to our land, the land of our people conquered with blood of those ones who came before us and have faced the challenges of the their time and the more we look back and more we can understand about the world around us, about all those big statues that in every European town are above all watching at us often with our depth indifference and ignorance. The ultraliberalism economic model wants to destroy traditional Western values by exacerbating social tensions to inciting intellectual minorities with the claim that some of their principles must be universally accepted by all, little by little the imposed intellectual model created a sort of dictatorship of what we call here in Italy ‘The Single Thought’ anything or anyone who has a different opinion it’s banned, denigrated on the ‘virtual’ public square, appointed with the scarlet letter on his forehead. The deep work of destroying our world it targets the very foundation of our civilization, the BLM gathering in the streets of America tearing down statues and symbols of the past reminds to the advent of the Communism totalitarian regime in Russia where at the beginning churches and others materialistic symbols first were targeted and soon after the target would have be priests, religious people, opponent or just those who didn’t appear to be proudly convinced communist. In National Socialist Germany the Jews were targeted in reason of their ability with manage the finances and the bank system Hitler will consider negatively the Jews interference on Germany defeat of the first world war in a second moment the German politics will work on a deep propaganda about the superiority of the German race above all the others this in order to convince the entire Nation of how true and justified was the hate towards a specific ethnic group, in U.S.S.R. there was a class war which it was considered morally less deplorable anyway I don’t want to go too far with this, on Nazi Germany there are a huge of films, books etc.etc. And it’s commonly associated with the Devil itself especially by the so called antifascist who doesn’t believe in the existence of God, Allah whatever. Albania has always been in the heart of Italy for many reasons and historical events that date back to the time of Scanderbeg and continued beyond until the beginning of the twentieth century and then abruptly stopped with the end of the Second World War and the advent of the communist totalitarian regime of HoxHa that has isolated Albany from the rest of the world and has obscured every trace of any religion, in Albany there used to coexist both the Christian Orthodox Church and the Islam, Albanian never made a problem of it as before the religious faith for any Albanian the Nation comes first. During the Ottoman occupation of Albany in the XIV and XV century at that time to oppose the invasion there were several Albanians aristocrats, the most strenuous and ostentatious among all was Giovanni Castriota father of five sons that would have all been captured by the Turks and taken prisoners to the sultan court of Murad II , Giorgio was one of them, grown up and educated by the Turks who have seen in him a skilled man, Giorgio used to speak Albanian, Arab and Latin and was in particular an able soldier and but absolutely a fine military strategist till the point of becoming appointed as general of a battalion at the age of 17 years old only. He gained the sultan's esteem and trust to such an extent that he gave him the name of Iskender beg or rather Alexander the Great, the Albanian later on will translate his name in Scanderbeg. Scanderbeg will fight for the Sultan but later on he will abandon the Ottomans and with 300 loyal Albanians soldiers will join the rest of the Albanian people to fight against the Turks and taking revenge for its family, Scanderbeg fought like a lion to kick off the Turks from Albanian land and to stop the Ottoman expansionism in Western Europe too. The list of incredible successes of battles it’s long and that’s the reason why there are so many statues outside Albany to remind us of the passage on this earth of the ‘Athlete of Christ’, It will be Pope Callisto III to appoint the name of ‘Athlete of Christ’ and ‘Defender of the Faith’ a crusader leader the worse nightmare of the Sultan and of all the Ottoman soldiers. In any Western school they should introduce the study of the most representative figures of the Western world separated by the history lessons, this it would be a starting point to create the base of a future commons background that can evolve politically and generate the fundaments of a real political union of the Native people of Europe in opposition of the actual model based on the ‘Rule of the Financial Markets’ if you mention his name to any young man or woman the majority would have not any idea of what you are talking about. Albany it’s close to Italy however the differences were and in part still are considerable , despite the time in the early years of the Twentieth century Albany it’s yet a civilization suspended between East and West, at the beginning of the 21st century appeared made up of indominated people, men attached to their rifles ready to use it, a legacy of the ancient invasions that characterized the People also known to be called Schipiteri, with bazars and classic monuments surrounded by a wild nature mixed with the colors of ancestral customs and the sounds of an ancient language. With a thousand-year history under the influence of a thousand cultures and different religions historically a borderland between the Eastern and Western, during the Roman Empire it was characterized by the presence of a so-called Byzantine Christianity then after the ‘400 A.C. after that Scanderberg (died in 1498 of malaria ) who managed to block the Turks attempted invasion for 25 years towards the Adriatic sea Albany would pass under the Ottoman control and half of the population will embrace Islam.

Unlike other Nations where the religious identification of a people towards a single unique religion was, and still is despite all, a common aspect, in Albania different religions have coexisted peacefully, a unique case, this due to the fact that the Albanian people considered the Nation as something 'Previous of Religion' a spirituality and sacredness of the concept itself of the Nation that goes beyond religion but does not diminish it at all its importance, to be an Albanian it’s already a form of religion the link a man has with his land its deeply spiritual, it’s a feeling the most of us tends to ignore but in the inner deep subconscious of any man there’s that link that it’s over any political ideologies and the Albanians understood it clearly. In the After-Scanderberg time Albany will enter in its darkest times as for four centuries it will be a province of the Ottoman Empire. Thousands of Albanians will emigrate to Italy in the Southern regions from the Marche till the rest of South Italy, in the region of Puglia there is the so called ‘Piana degli Albanesi’ and there are little towns where people speak Albanian too who have maintained uses and traditions intact, the so called ‘Arberesh’ affirmed their presence in the Italian peninsula since so long however many Italians of today still believe that they came here with the end of the communist totalitarian regime of Hoxa. In 1912 the Balkans wars will manage to kick off the Ottomans, Serbians Greeks and Montenegrins will change the geographic map and will occupy too some of the lands lived by the Albanians, against the new invasion the 28th of November 1912 a group of Albanians will declare the Independence from the Ottoman empire, the new State will be recognized internationally and it’s borderline would be defined by the London conference of 1913 however once again the diplomats didn’t consider that a considerable portions of lands lived by Albanian remained separated by the new State, divided between Montenegro, Serbia with the Kosovo and Greece will include the Ciameria, indeed the new Albany include only half of the Albanian population and half of its territory too. Italy in particular will oppose the projects of partitions and expansionism of Serbians and Greeks taking officially the cause of the Albanian people and helping them to maintain, even if reduced, the territorial integrity also because didn’t wanted an expansion of the Slavic population on the Adriatic sea. At the London conference Italy will insist particularly that Albany must not be under the Ottoman control and neither of the Habsburg therefore it was not properly an independent Nation at all in fact later on a foreigner prince would be assigned to the Albanian, that was still the time were in Europe there were several Monarchic States, except France and other form of National states, however yet it’s the aristocracy of the main European Royal Families that played a key role on international geopolitics, it thus becomes an autonomous and sovereign principality under the aegis of the control of foreign powers. The diatribe between the Royal families would invest in a long debate but in the end the crown of the Albanian Kingdom will be assigned to the Prussian Prince William of Wied, a grandson of Queen Elizabeth of Romania however the Prince will never managed to adapt himself as the King of these lands and after 6 months only he will go away and will never return to Albany neither for a visit. In the meantime the first world war erupted and on its territory Albanians will see the passage of seven different armies and because of its position in the heart of the conflict will lost a 10% of its population, Italy during the war will establish several navy bases in Valona, Durazzo and others part of the country and would like to stay even more after the end of the war according with the era of imperialism the Kingdom of Italy it’s therefore willing to extend its territorial possessions. Italy occupation of Valona it’s dated back since 1914 rejected the Greeks who were trying to advance on the Southern Albany and in 1916 will stop the Austro-Hungarian troops, during the armistice of ‘Villa Giusti on the 3rd November 1918’ almost all of Albany it’s occupied by Italians except of some little areas occupied by French ,Serbians and Greeks. Albanians independence didn’t had a long life indeed, the Albanians reacted fighting back against all the foreigners proclaiming Tirana as capital however 60.000 Albanian didn’t managed to free Valona, in the meantime in Europe it arrived the period of the so called ‘Red Biennial’ and Giolitti Italian Prime Minister strongly influenced by the social tensions will order the Italian military presence of Valona to dismiss and return to Italy, a big part of Italians is deluded and quite angry of the government decision especially Nationalist and the new born Fascist Movement are those that will consider it a defeat on the contrary Socialists will be of opposite feelings and their pressure on the Giolitti government as in the whole nation which included ordinary episodes of violence, social tensions, clashes with law enforcement and occupation of fabrics as of the agricultural fields all of this it will be determinant of the Giolitti decision. Mussolini himself didn’t take it very well and didn’t miss the chance to express his point of view on the journal ‘Il Popolo d’Italia’ ( The People of Italy ) openly critical with the Italian government Mussolini it’s talking about a suffered shame. In 1921 the Paris conference will confirm the previous borderlines which is the Albany as we know it today since then Albanian people would be able to elect their own government and to decide for the policies to be adopted, Albany would be part of the ‘Society of the Nations’ former United Nation Organization however despite independence without foreigner interferences the country didn’t had a considerable development and appeared to be very backward, with a stagnant economic model of the agricultural type , consequently the quality of life was backward too , there was no kind of any progress compared to other Western European nations it remained as it was still in the middle ages, there were no infrastructures, Tirana itself looked like a sort of village lived mainly by Muslim, therefore there were a lot of farmers and some kind of bourgeoisie linked to the old principalities of the country, a peasant world in which time had stopped, a sort of little Oriental bazar close at hand with the uses and customs of the Ottoman Empire where women worked in the countryside and men went hunting, a timid process of a democratic and secular reforming was soon interrupted by the political-military coup led by Ahmet Zogu, which gave birth to the Albanian Kingdom, self-appointed king with the name of Zog I. In the period 1924-1939, Zog I. will keep intense bilateral economic relations developed between the Kingdom of 'Italy and Albania. King Zog I, who was a Muslim, used to be quite ambiguous according with the Italians diplomats this because simply he wasn’t a Westerner and with the Islamic attitude he used to be false and less reliable didn’t had the sense of business at all and even according with the fact he grew up with the Ottoman empire used to be a military officer then moved with the Austro-Hungarian one in conclusion he was a man with an old mentality who strongly believed that with a combined weeding with a member of the Italian Royal Family of Savoy, a catholic Princess, he could have increased his international prestige and of Albany too, the Savoy wasn’t interested at this project and refused to let him join the family so the King of Albany will sent delegations of its court all around the world with a mission, to find a princess for Albany and a wife to King Zorg for its dynasty to get started. During the first world war he changed his mind several times fighting alongside with different armies, will go to live for a while in Vienna and returned in Albany will do a rapid political career, self-proclaiming himself as Premier however will lost the next elections and will be forced to escape in the close Yugoslavia, returns in 1924 with a thousand of Slavic soldiers and with a coup d’état overthrow the legitimate government a year later will nomine Albany as a Republic and will manage to be appointed as President , the Republican moment however it’s just a momentary step as once again Zorg changed the institutional asset by turning the Nation into a Monarchy abolishing the universal suffrage and changing its Islamic name, King Zorg will appoint himself as King of the Albanians so not only of those living within the national borderlines but also of all the rest 50 % remained living outside the National borderlines, in the official ceremony of its crowing will swear on both the Holy Bible and the Coran in respect of the two main religions of the Nations, it creates an embryo of a ‘Rule of Law State’ but remains a middle ground between the Eastern and the Western way of doing things, Ataturk of course disliked his behave. Zorg needed financial support and will sign two treaty of friendship with Italy getting substantial loans by the Italian government as Mussolini wanted to keep a strong presence in Albany, therefore Albany slowly would became more dependent by Italy, if on a hand it’s always asking for financial support to Italy on the other Its acting stupidly getting alliances with countries that are in open competition both political and economic with Italy, when it’s the time to reconfirm an international treaty with Italy Zorg hesitates but the deployment of the Italian royal navy will help to change his mind. Italy will get various concessions and will invest a lot of money to modernize the country, will form the National Army and in particular will give the input to build modern infrastructures, schools, hospitals, aqueducts form a little village of small houses Tirana will be transformed at all and become a modern city redesigned with class and style by the Italian architects who were able to mix the modern Italian style with the oriental one. Among all of the Minister of the Italian government Galeazzo Ciano Minister of Foreign affairs and son in law of Benito Mussolini is the one particularly interested to Albany till the point of not even excluding the elimination of the ambiguous and bungler King, but Ciano will abandon the idea to don’t irritate Mussolini ,in the attempt to get married with a Savoy Ciano saw a chance to keep the King solidly linked under the control of Italy and for Zog was also the way to get a sort of insurance of not being destitute by the Italians despite all Ciano best attempts he will not accomplish the mission as Zorg will get married with Geraldine an Hungarian princess, ironically Ciano will be invited as a witness of the couple. Hitler will give to the couple the most expansive wedding gift which was a big red Mercedes car, for Ciano it would be an obsession as he wanted to reduce the German interference, Ciano never liked Hitler and did all in its power to convince Mussolini to take action with the military occupation and annexation of the country under the Italian crown he played a lot especially on the ‘Valona case’ still a bare nerve for Mussolini and Mussolini who wasn’t naïve understood the fervent ambitions of his son in law who saw in the whole Albanian affair the creation of a Ciano own international success, Ciano self-considered as the founder of the modern Albany differently by Mussolini was naïve person indeed because it’s obsession for the Albany was a wicked point and the foreigner intelligence British one on top surely quite active in that area didn’t missed this detail, Ciano greed and desire of power contribute a lot on the Italian failed invasion of Greece by passing the information, directly or indirectly, of a military attack to the Greek government. Ciano was an egoist man and blinded by the willing of power and the enemy intelligence was aware of his political ambitions as well the Germans ones too, Hitler wouldn’t have hesitated for a while to eliminate also physically someone as Ciano, who indeed at the final stages of the second world war will be condemned to death in the Verona Trial as a traitor. Ciano who married the first daughter of Mussolini Edda the one that even it was more similar to his father as character, was an aristocrat person therefore well introduced in the Italian aristocracy as well with the Royals and the Vatican State so it’s highly probable that apart some naïve indirect cooperation his being thirsty of power and prestige might have lead him on betraying the Duce, his father in law the Grandpa of his children that it is known was a man of humble popular origins in the illusion of being appointed in the future as the Prime Minister of the Italy. The figure of a Minister of Foreign affairs it’s quite delicate indeed and you can’t put a man who is clearly wicked and unable to occupy that armchair, first of all it is important that must be fluent with English both spoken and written, must be smart and a son of a bitch at the same time like a real shark ready to swallow his prey all characteristics that the actual Italian Ministry doesn’t have on the contrary its attached to power only so attached that with no shame betrayed all his political principles and the results of his shameful work it’s under our noses, I bet the 9 Italians on 10 would like to kick him in the ass right now, but it’s perfectly in line with the level of a good part of Italian politicians that promise something and then do the exact opposite, Matteo Renzi on top is the undisputed leader of this new generation of young greedy politicians empty head with no vision of anything all focused on themselves on their public image bred as pop stars by the mainstream media. According with historians point of view, who are individuals with their own legitimate political ideas, Mussolini it’s described as sort of child jealous of Hitler success with the occupation and annexation of Austria plus all the rest suddenly decided to occupy a country that was already at the Italian disposition, a country that Italy legally have helped financially to develop into a modern one, Mussolini needed to reinforce the military presence in Albany and during such a delicate period which was the war time he can’t rely on a man like King Zorg Mussolini was perfectly aware that even a dog would have been more loyal and intelligent than such a puppet King who later on will escape from Albany to Greece, a country controlled by the British, on his red Mercedes in a golden exile as he took all the Nations richness leaving Albanian with a fist full of flies. 7th April 1939 OMT operation starts, the occupation of Albany, on the 8th April Tirana it’s already occupied, Ciano will appoint himself as the leader of the enterprise and will insist so much that the Duce will later accept all of the Ciano ideas of how the Albany should have been organized or rather Albany became part of the Italian Kingdom annexed under the Crown of Vittorio Emanuele II, the Albanians wasn’t really happy to swear to the crown of a little man as Vittorio Emanuele II was indeed and during the crowing ceremony in Tirana didn’t hide their disapproval. Italy will do everything to improve the quality of life of the Albanian population, by completing the modernization process of the Nation, creating a national army that would be incorporated with the Italian one, giving an Albanian government under the supervision of Francesco Iacoboni. The Italian King would have visited just one time and risked also a terroristic attack, even if the occupation didn’t covered a long time incredibly Italy in such a short time have managed to create a modern state in all its aspects differently by others colonial empires where infrastructures were just functional on the stealing of all the resources of the conquest land, see Congo for example, the people used to be treated as submitted and often kept divided by the colonialist inhabitants in some cases as in South Africa the Boers where kept in concentration camp ad abused in all manners, it was from that experience that Hitler took the inspiration for the Nazi concentration camp while the modern South Africa will develop into the institutional asset known as Aparthied. On top of all the great things Italy have done for Albany Fascism managed to reunite all the Albanian territories and to create that Unitarian State that Albanians hardly attempted to achieve The fate of the war will change everything and the ungrateful Albanians, in this not so different by their King, will take the side of the British who bought them easily unscrupulously financing the formations of communist gangs throughout Europe regardless that many of them were composed of several real criminals who didn’t hesitated to kill other political opponents among others partisan groups, with the end of the war Albany would be destroyed and lost all those Albanian territories that used to be separated by the London conference furthermore the Nation entered into another darke age of its modern history worse than the occupation of the Ottoman empire, Albany will became a Communist radical regime under the strict control of single dictator a deeply convinced Stalinist, Enver Hoxa that slowly will isolate completely Albany from the rest of the world and for 45 years will rule the country undisturbed, repressed all political opponents, abolished the two religious cults imposed the cult of his persona and moreover to establish his absolute Stalinist thought he has imposed atheism in the Albanian constitution, a unique case among all the communist regimes , Albany initially knew a industrialization period thanks to the funds of U.S.S.R. but after Stalin death Hoxa will cut bridges with Moscow blaming the new course initiated by Nikita Krusciov the political leader who liquidated the Stalinist legacy and of course Belgrade too, for a while managed to survive thanks to Mao China interested on having an ally close to Continental Europe but will lost even the Asian support, in 45 years Hoxa worsen the quality of life of the Albanian, if Albania had modern infrastructures as modern towns that’s was because of the legacy of Fascism, Fascism in few years have done miracles and the Albanians people decided to betray the country that offered hospitality to his people emigrated since the Ottoman invasion, the country who took their side on the international meetings preserving the integrity of their Nation, the country that have invested funds and energies to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants and moreover managed to complete the Unity of all the lands lived by Albanian people, got alliance with the British and the Greeks, Greece was a state totally controlled by the British crown and didn’t had any interest on giving back part of those territories lived by Albanian people and by the way offered help to the British before the starting of the war allowing them to attack Italian ships in several occasion and that’s the reason why Italy at last had no choice but to engage a conflict with Greece, who only apparently stay out of the war while, as already was happened years before with the Ethiopian Dictator and fervent slaver Hailé Selassie who offered his help on attacking Italy believing that Italy convinced that Italy would never threaten Ethiopia in any way. The British disliked the idea of an Italian expansion on the Mediterranean sea, the natural sea of Italy and of all its neighbored countries of southern Europe and Northern Africa too, the Italian presence especially in Oriental Africa was an element of disturb for the British interests. Mediterranean people who have betrayed themselves first of all deciding to depend by a Kingdom that didn’t had anything to do with the Mediterranean contest and that only needed to install watchtowers, as Malta, to extend its control over it because of the Suez canal, a United Kingdom totally controlled by the financial elites those elites that promoted the starting of the two world wars regardless of all the human cost of lost life, and exploited the natural resources and richness of the colonized lands concentrating huge profit in few hands leaving the chaos behind anywhere he has put his hands, and the result of it are pretty clear in the world of today. The fact that China, for example, turned into a Communist regime it’s mainly because of the private British business company as the ‘East India Company’ who used to import opium in China till the point of contributing of the decadence of the Chinese population, China tried to do something but the East India Company’ refused to keep going on with the importation and sale of opium in China and provoked a war ( Opium first War 1839 -1842 ) that China couldn’t afford so then tried to negotiate a treaty but the East India Company after managed to get even more or rather not only the possibility to sell all the opium they wanted but they request a commercial base in the city of Honk Kong to do so undisturbed, will followed another war ( Opium second War 1856 – 1860 ) and China will lost again and the situation got even worsen as with the ‘Treaty of Nanjing’ the allowance becomes 21 million Mexican dollars, perpetual cession of Hong Kong to the British crown, the opening of various ports and the possibility for the British and their families to reside in these ports enjoying extraterritoriality furthermore of the opium, which had been the spark of the conflict, the treaty hardly speaks indirectly. In 1844, similar agreements were entered into by the Chinese with the United States and France, granting them the clause of the “” most favored nation. “Without fighting the” opium war “, the French and Americans thus entered the Chinese theater. Today we all see Honk Kong protesters gathering in the streets engaging violent clashes with the Chinese law enforcement, all supported by the Western Democracies, EU, USA and of course U.K. I’ve decided to conclude this post opening a window on the Honk Kong situation as many young people of the West don’t know nothing about this shameful page of history they don’t know that basically Honk Kong was a city used for commercial trade of opium that basically addicted an entire millenarian culture as the Imperial Chinese was (8.000 years B.C.), exploited a Nation, mistreated and even the worse thing he did it has enslaved them with heroin devastating the life of the people. China after the British intervention will never be able to restore itself till 1911 with the ‘Revolt of Xinhai’ the Chinese Empire will fall. After the fall of the empire from 1911 to 1949 China it’s going to live through a long trouble time and in 1921 it’s the year of the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party leaded by Mao Tse Tung, with the end of second world war and the Japanese defeat, the Communist party will take over in China while the Chinese Nationalist will move to Taiwan taking all the richness of the Nation what could have happened in the end? the advent of communism with all the dramatic consequences that happened anywhere the communist took over that’s the result of the British intervention and of their ally, France and USA. I am far to condemn the British people even If the ‘East India Company’ was composed by British subjects, it was like a sort of OGN apparently free from a government control the items of the trade in that case was opium and there’s no need of explanation of how terrible and infamous that business was and still is indeed, it has created great capitals and in the capitalistic model of the western societies made the difference as allowed private elites to gain more political power therefore those political parties we do assume are working for the benefit of the population they are instead at the dependence of these elites who from behind are strongly influencing government political decisions. Mainstream speak about conspiracy theories throwing smoke in the eyes of the public opinion while the existing of a Deep State who is ruling the world it’s not a conspiracy theory rather a sad reality of which we have the right to be aware of and to questioning if their plans are really to be considered for the safeguard of the masses?, where are the Athletes of Christ today? do they exist? The Western World it’s under attack on its fundaments by some of the Westerner people itself believing to engage a fight for more freedom while they are contributing to destroy any form of a National Democratic State who could independently decide which economic model should have to be adopted and with it decide what are the best policies for the benefit of the population and for the rest of others oppressed populations too, on both side of the ocean a fake Union of States members it’s been built on the bases of a capitalistic model where In the end private entities through the time have managed to gain more power and regardless of any democratic process they influence the legislative system frequently in their favor, controlling entire Nations by putting just puppets politician ready to sign any shit keeping their head down like ostriches brought to glory by the mainstream as heroes of our times. I do believe the EU project basically took from all the totalitarianism experiences of the Eastern Communist Europe the inspiration to engage for example fake cultural beneficial battles, yesterday it was the youth generation of Chinese students that used to protest and condemning theirs families agitating a red little book today similarly the mainstream promote the figure of a young disable Swedish little girl who agitating her own book travel all around the world speaking in surrealistic situation with heads of State and even the Pope about the emergency of the Climate Change, which it’s just a way to impose the so called ‘Green New Deal’ regardless of reality as of any other democratic confrontation with real experts on the matter of the process that is beyond the climate change, avoiding any political opponent too on such an important issue that it will transform drastically all the Western economies already compromised by a fake globalization process creating a difference in height with those countries that are really poisoning the earth on which entire industrial process that used to be in the West have been located restarting in a way the Capitalistic process that has it happened in Europe on the early days of the last century during the industrial revolution where the Masters made large profits exploiting workers, even of the children with long shifts, zero union rights, low income and on the other hand deporting a huge of illegal migrants deluded by an inexistent European Dream that’s more likely it is going to be just a terrible nightmare of further exploitation but in particular cause of probable social tension among even more poor workers kept far away from the real problems and from the possibility to intervene to reverse this situation and restore the Popular Sovereignty on democratic process of governing the distribution of resources and richness for all. It’s time to remind about those who have fought to stop the invasion of Europe by an Empire that didn’t belong to the West, and now that the West It’s been poisoned from inside we have to gather united to expel this shit before it would be too late, getting back to the deathbed of Scanderberg let’s keep in mind his last speech which in conclusion says’ if you all stay together no one can ever break you’, here’s the key concept all ordinary people should have learned.