EU Declared War to all Italians Patriots ( What it's behind the door of Salvini Trial )

35,152 deaths from Covid19 were not enough, today's 'Sardinian Union' an important Newspaper of Sardynia unlike the overwhelming majority of national newspapers which are all concentrated on the 'The Capitan'Trial' (which is a very serious matter) puts the official arrival of the COVID in Sulcis (35,152 people died) specifying that the migrant route that 'do it yourself' is in fact the transmission channel itself, 6 Algerians, a country at war of course ....., resulted covid positive and many more are arrived before and even now, from Tunisia they head to Sicily while from Algeria to Sardinia, of course still Lybia is the central port of departure NGOs support it's absolutely guaranteed.

In the Treviso area an entire abandoned barrack now used as a reception center has 129 covid positive hosts and many others who live in the same place will soon be infected, according to news that the media it's reporting these genes do not take any precaution as much Italian does, remember the 10% advance of the Recovery Fund? that its cash on hand now it arrives immediately and which is a bit like the EU request of confirm that those cash will be used as EU will, so to unlock the rest that 10% will be used to equip the ships for the quarantine, with a dpcm Conte again it's going to bypass the Parliament which is ripped off, Conte gave his 'word' in Aachen/Acquisgrana, so while Salvini is being prosecuted, the yellow-fuchsia majority seems to have found an agreement to abolish security decrees and extend permits or restore those in use during PD Leu Left wing governments and that other EU country by the way doesn't recognizes. The moves of the government, which its like Bureau of Directions of the Italian colony, are very clear, stop all instances of local popular revolt, reduce us to hunger, put all of us with our backs to the wall, in short, then it will be the MSM and the reality of the facts to impose the EMS today that they have found the agreement to send Salvini to trial means exactly this means now we work according to the wishes of the various Bonino, Boldrini, Fiano, all the traitor servants 'minority members' of a government to which the 5StarsMovement scumbags have practically put the keys in hand.

They want to destroy us to bend any political attempt to aversion to the EU and its plans, including the transformation of Italy into a big health center for the reception of the sick migrants, they will sell everything out

In every city, the Reception Centers must be besieged from local people that must shown the disapproval of the forced invasion 'americanization' of our society. The frontal attack against the alleged alarmist 'Bufalari' or rather the so called Fake News ( notice that soon after Trump election this expression has started to be used by all Western MSM ) it's another initiative of the ConteBis gov. for example this page as many other fcb or twitter pages can be closed, remember Casapound, ByoBlu, RadioRadio etc.etc.

Physically local people should go to the places where they land to protest, this should be done instead of calling the law enforcement who no longer serve the Sovereign People and here the Opposition should give it an alarm clock the paper sheets complaining form are useful as fuck, otherwise they are accomplices of this dictatorship and are just waiting for their turn to command the Italian fake government board. Siege yes peacefully but firmly it is important to protests at the headquarters of National Newspapers and TV too because it is clear as the Sun EuroRats propaganda will be intensified or, Sardines ( a fake movement of leftards pro EU) in a Big Style, Embrace a Migrant campaign,a Film On Heroine Karola Rachete it's done soon on all screens plus some progress spot with Mimmo Lucano Sacrificial victim and other similar bullshit, the bombing will be huge. We must take the initiative any initiative to Shout Now Just Conte goes away, StopInvasion of FakRFGS, Mattarella President of the Republic always asleep should go to exile in Brussels or Strasbourg. The Opposition no longer can afford to Sleep, Paragone of ItalExit speech in the Senate was fine except the part about Integration policies? What the fuck you want to integrate already before we were in shit now thanks to Covid and everything happened it's even worse, what the fuck do you want to integrate?!? this passage of Paragone speech to the Senate made me nuts, what the fuck it's possible that Paragone comes out with something like that? on the one hand it describes the current situation so there's no point on talking about 'Integration Policy Speech' is a blatant ass grapple, they are destroying us and in the meantime with the Salvini trial the political message I repeat once again is clear Nobody Dares to Question the EU Project in progress. THERE IS NO Democracy anymore, we are under dictatorship are you not convinced? go to the beach on vacation don't break the balls build sand castles while the invaders are coming thanks to the Open Arms, Alan Kurdi all NGO of the planet all Soros financially supported