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The Shipwreck of Our Civilization 'Liliana Segre' Italian Life Senator


Liliana Segre is a survival of the Nazi concentration camp most known in the world: Auschwitz, born in Milan in a Jewish secular family, she declared of having discovered of being a Jews because of the Italian Racial Laws of 1938. After the liberation from Auschwitz will return to Italy and will got married with Alfredo Belli Paci an Italian former military imprisoned in a concentration camp as he refused to join the R.S.I. Italian Republic of Salò, after the war all the fascist of the R.S.I. will form a political party, the M.S.I. Italian Social Movement, during the so called First Republic was the 4th Italian Political party and Alfredo Belli Paci who was a fervent catholic and deeply anticommunist will join in 1979, the decision will provoke tensions between the couple and later on Paci will resign from politics to do not ruin his marriage. Liliana Segre

The Segre Parliamentary Committee

On 19 January 2018, the year in which the 80th anniversary of the fascist racial laws fell, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, based on art. 59 of the Constitution, appointed Liliana Segre senator for life “for having illustrated the homeland with very high merits in the social field”. On the 5th of June 2018 for the first time during the votes of confidence to the new elected coalition Government the Conte 1st composed by the Lega of Salvini and the 5 Stars Movement she will intervene in the parliament with a speech recalling the racial laws and her memory as a deported woman, arousing the applause of the entire Senate. He also declared his firm intention to oppose any discriminatory laws against nomadic peoples and minorities and to refrain from trusting the new government. Just a year later when the Conte 1st government experience was over due to a strong political pressure from Aachen duo Macron, Merkel, the Presidency of Republic plus The Vatican State she will vote in favor of the new government, this time the 5 Stars Movement it’s in coalition with the Democratic Party, with the same Prime Minister she didn’t voted a year before, Conte bis, for which she have been criticized by all the Opposition parties furthermore she intervened with a speech declaring “We're here to talk about love and let's leave hatred to the anonymous keyboards and instead let's beware of friends even if we meet even for a moment.” The anonymous keyboards it’s a clear reference of the field of new mass media communications measures, it wasn’t just a speech of circumstance. As first legislative act Segre proposed the institution of Parliamentary committee for guidance and control on the phenomena of intolerance, racism, anti-Semitism and incitement to hatred and violence, politically supported by all governments parties and others minors parties with 151 votes against 98 of the Opposition, Segre speech clarify “This Commission will be able to play an important role: it is a signal that as a political class we are addressing the country, of morality, but also of democratic attention to phenomena that risk degenerating. However, setting up this Commission is also an opportunity to fill a “gap” – and here I use quotation marks with properties of cause – because it is a question of giving a more complete meaning to the aforementioned European decision “ the special Commission have been strongly supported by the radical left-wing parties and in particular by those ‘former’ communist who always have attempted to create more radical legislative action towards the repression of supposed to be radical extreme political phenomenon, the critics to these attempts have been focused on the fact that it appears to be a repressive instrument on the hands of the government who, at its own judgment, might decide to ban the political opponent violating that freedom of speech and thought granted by the Italian constitution art. 21.

Liliana Segre

Furthermore according to the Observatory for anti-Semitism in Italy, which monitors the political situation of movements considered to be far-right in a CDEC report of Milan, the Senator appears to be the target of heavy threats and insults via the web, the newspaper La Repubblica spoke of “ two hundred hate messages a day ”addressed to Senator Segre; the news was relaunched by other national newspapers, although, subsequently, various newspapers and debunking sites found a contradiction between the data reported, on the wikipedia page it’s been reported of a series of offensive tweets by a teacher of an University of the South, in conclusion because of the ‘Hate Speech’ she have been assigned an escort agents squad for her personal security. On 29 January 2020, at the invitation of EU President David Sassoli, former TV journalist of the Democratic Party a face known by the Italian audience, she spoke to the European Parliament, where she received an ovation from the full assembly.

Liliana Segre

As soon as the first Conte government has been elected it has met several obstacles, from the President of the Republic till all the left-wing political area and of course supported by an intense work of the mainstream media who are totally pro EU oriented. The Left-wing made of her not just a symbol rather an instrument for political actions who the final scope was to institute the political monitoring of the hate speech the globalist got scared by the election of a government formed by two ‘supposed’ to be critical with the EU itself, after the Brexit and the election of Trump the globalist passed on the counter attack crossing the line of constitutional rights, manipulating the 5 Star Movement first of all who is a gatekeeper party, see the specific post on this blog, of course a special committee is a political organism who then can decide which politics are allowed and which not, referring in particular the mass immigration phenomenon who it’s interesting all the southern European area and in particular Italy, it’s a serious episode but also it shows all the tools the globalist have to reduce democracy and freedom basic rights of the Italians people in favor of the EU association who doesn’t enjoy good esteem by the majority of the Italian population Remaining on the field of the Mainstream media of which I am particular sensible I’m writing this post considering that the covid19 State of Emergency it’s actually active and valid till the 15th of October, unique case in all EU State members, the whole management of the situation it’s been managed personally by the Prime Minister violating basic constitutional rights plus the ongoing invasion of Fake Refugees who has increased during this summertime and has created institutional clashes between the Sicilians Authorities and the central government also because of several covid19 positives among the immigrants arrived to Italy, at the moment Italy it’s under electoral campaign, on several Regions people are called to vote, this elections have been stopped because of the national lockdown as were scheduled to be held on April, May and of course the constitutional reform referendum. manifesto elettorale All the problems of Italy have been obscured by the mainstream because of their total attention to a terrible episode of crime news, the homicide of a young Cape Verdean origin young boy happened during a fight in the night between the 5th and the 6th of September since then all the mainstream it’s working constantly on the case initially I wasn’t thinking of spending time writing a post, I don’t watch TV but I am aware of how strong and effective still is so considering the impact it had on the public opinion I’ve decided to write something about it. Initially I thought it would have be useful to post a link of a TV talk show, there are so many by the way but considering that issue of language and of course the detachment of a no Italian person naturally understandable isn’t a secondary things then I’ve choose one from the 1st TV Channel RAI Uno which is s public service here the transcription of a moment of the talk show ‘Italian Stories’

From the TV Talk Show ‘Italian Stories’

of RAI Uno September the 10th 2020 The TV studio it’s hosting two guests, a priest and an another known old face of the Italian TV journalism Alda D’Eusanio who is an expert worker of the field, plus in video conference there’s a third guest which is a young woman whose work It’s divided by the press and the TV columnist The presenter introduce a clip of a march who took place the evening before, dramatic music in the background a lot of people gather in all with white shirts all with a torch, various cartels and the voiceover of two actors who are repeating the words some witness have reported to the investigators of the evening fight in which Willy Duerte have been brutally assassinated Claudia Rossi journalist of ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’ a journal very supportive of the actual Italian government which it’s absolutely the most radical left wing government this country has ever had, Rossi stated on a tv talk show “ there is a fascist culture rooted in our country that has nothing to do with politics but rather concerns violent ideologies .... … (hesitates for a moment) (( what a hell she’s talking about )) Ideologies ..... Without Control, even an aesthetics and above all a total lack of culture an ignorance, this leads to the extreme violence '' we have seen ''( WE Who?! We haven’t seen anything we weren’t there or does she was? ) continues, in the case of Willy ..... What have we seen? hesitation ..... in the case of Willy that you told that he died which is an excruciating thing that cannot be told ...... hesitation again……, here is this door .... this culture rooted in our country means that it’s not only the episode of Willy, but it happens in many events similar to this ( No Way she discovered the silver moon has a dark side too……It’s ages that these episodes unfortunately happen ), happen we have many people that goes to beat people outside the clubs for the sake of beating them and we do not find out anything just because there is silence I was very impressed and very happy when Chiara yesterday Ferragni, an Influencer very often mistreated for her role as of the influencer, did what politicians and journalists should have done immediately by speaking openly about Fascist Culture and what we have to do starting ( Chiara Ferragni as his husband Fedez are the product of the mainstream system ‘influencer’ her, ridicule kind of ‘rapper’ him both Knows Shit about Fascism and it’s a miracle if they can barely speak correctly in Italian….). from the studio the 'journalist' is interrupted by a colleague in who reproaches her to do not politicizing the affair by dusting off serious historical episodes of real communism, pol pot i gulag etc.etc. Mrs Rossi reacted nervously speaking loudly and agitate her harms ( what a reaction……) explaining ‘You are Speaking as one of the girlfriend of the guys involved who has excluded at all any Political sense ( Common sense still exist ), adding that she is not Politicizing the story and pointed out that Fascist Culture and Fascist Politics are separated things?!?( What the Hell she Means God Only Knows ) And I pretend this concept has to be clear, then on studio the other one which is another famous face of Italian TV Alda D’Eusanio replied ‘I’m not a fascist and neither I am defending it but why we should talk about Fascism?’ ( good point ) Rossi Replied ‘ because it is right to do so it is time we have to do it ( in this such a childish answer it is concentrate what's the average of the actual Italian journalism of Italy) D’Esuanio ‘ then why not starting also to say communist?’ Violence doesn’t have a specific political color' Rossi, trying to interrupt’ what are you talking about’ D’Eusanio continued, ‘We have seen violence both fascist and communist that’s the story and has to be tell. The presenter realized that the political tirade was totally out of place as well as the umpteenth shameful attempt by pseudo journalists who are in fact Political Activists in all respects always ready to defend the status quo of one-way 'guardians of democracy' interrupts the connection and goes on with the program by showing further edited footages of ordinary moments in Colleferro after the death of this young boy.

What happened in Colleferro


The Facts

The night of between the 5th and the 6th of September in a square of Colleferro close to Rome, a young boy named Willy Monteiro Duarte has being killed while attempting to stop a fight between an old school friend of him and another guy at last he would have be involved in a spiral of violence that leaved him on the ground seriously injured. Willy initially hesitated but soon change his mind and go directly towards the contenders, all has started because of a comment about a girl, two guys are about to start a fight and because are sitting on the stairs of the club to avoid security intervention decided to move out in a little square which it’s right there in front of the club, among all the people gathered all around someone it seems the other guy fighter called for reinforcement as in the meantime the number of guys getting closer its increasing, apparently all will declare to stop the whole thing , but in that case the other group might have had a different impression anyway and that’s the reason why the phoned for help, in few minutes a big black cars arrived, four guys got off and went straight away where’s the ongoing fight, the witness reported that as soon as they were moving forward they started to beating up everyone on the way around till the moment in which they catch up with Willy who got hit by a violent kick in the stomach and fell down, Willy tried to stand up but was hit again and again till the point he remained still and severe injured on the ground and someone, this is the most infamous moment, jumped over his body killing him then soon the four run away’ the whole thing happened a few meters from a local station of the Carabinieri, Law enforcement, who then will arrest all the four rapidly, unfortunately the streetlights in the area of the fight didn’t worked and the only camera around which it’s of the Carabinieri station alongside the theater of the fight didn’t caught clear images, someone phoned the police while others went knocking the door to ask them to intervene, they did it too late to save Willy life but soon enough to catch up the four presumably to have killed him. Colleferro carabinieri

Two of the arrested are brothers both sharing the passion for M.M.A. and a kind of military lifestyle, there are several pictures and videos of them during their workout in the gym plus a huge o selfies as it is typical of this generation of course. The arrested are Gabriele Bianchi of 26 years old and his minor brother Marco 24 years old, Mario Pincarelli 24 and Francesco Belleggia the one from which the fight has started indeed. ColleferroWilly I’ve decided to start this post with an extract from a midday TV shows those who initially starts in the afternoon once I’d say for the housewife today well having changed drastically the society the audience it’s of a various age and gender, I don’t watch TV since more than 13 years therefore I am aware I’m not missing really that much, I am not a snob person it’s just that I do prefer the freedom I have with the internet to decide what to watch and when and I am aware it’s a condition quite common nowadays according with the fact that even mass medias are changing too, if you have spent time on reading my blog then you also should know I don’t esteem the mainstream media especially when it comes about the whole information channels dedicated or supposed to be so. This little TV dialog between women except the priest who only spoke as a priest you expect would have to do all the rest it’s gives an idea of the low level of the TV debate sorted on this story, considering we are actually in an ongoing electoral campaign the first thing that comes out to my mind it’s the overwhelming media exposition of this terrible story, none can’t escape from the constant bombing of the mainstream, the power of orienting the public opinion or simply capture all on to a single dramatic episode It’s really huge, it’s from a week now that in Italy there’s nothing going on except the investigations on the four arrested, one got the house arresting. When it is not clearly Politicized the way it has been done by Mrs Rossi of Il Fatto Quotidiano, she is not the only one by the way, it’s politicized in terms of this total and constant media covering of a single topic like this that inevitably goes to touch emphatically anyone, magically people ignore all the rest, despite the relatives of the poor Willy expressly requested the TV cameras and journalist to stay away during the funeral, we have seen the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Democratic Party and Governor of Lazio region plus the Minister of Interior Lamorgese recently criticized for the bad management of the mass migration process till the point of having engaged a critical political debate with local governor of Sicily that accused her and the central government of total ignoring of the dramatic conditions of the Sicilians hotspot. Willy Funerale A piece of the actual Government who has decided to put his face on this tragic national drama during an electoral campaign by the way, honestly I don’t think there’s anything else to say about it, it’s pure looting on the skin of a unlucky boy but also an insult to his relatives who previously asked for no cameras and no journalist to attend the funeral, despite the dramatic moment they still had the lucidity to understand that the media circus around was taking into such a shameful level, on the death of their son the left-wing couldn’t resist to the typical looting she always does especially when there is an immigrant or a Black individual involved often regardless of the real unfolding of the facts. Willy Funerale Willy was a black young guy and as In other occasions all journalist went to investigate checking on facebooks profiles of the arrested ones, controlling what they have posted, their pictures, clips and even likes but mainly the whole investigations in the life of the arrested has just one specific scope or rather they are looking for even just a like to a specific politician in order to create a link to throw on the desk of the accusation a specific political side and to put on the front page therefore the perfect Fascist monster to be delivered at all the public opinion. That’s exactly what The Segre Committee it’s been created for and curiously after the deep investigation on the social channels of the four involved it has emerged a different story, they are supporters of the actual government, they shown this support on several occasion, by posting stuff and pressing the typical Like Thumb Up bottom on the articles and post associated to the 5 Stars Movement and the Prime Minister Conte but curiously the Segre Committee haven’t wrote yet a detailed report furthermore during the lockdown one of the four was particularly esteemed by the press for his being a model of active smart businessman a good case to promote those restrictions that now have exhausted the patience of millions of citizens around the world. thumbs up If there’s something that the Segre Committee should investigate now it’s all the huge hate speech comments posted against the alleged assassin of Willy, insults and threat to them, to their family members and also to the instructor of the gym they used to go for the training, their personal instructor who differently from the masses of anonymous keyboards knows these guys expressed his point of view or rather that they are not those monsters the press it’s presenting to the world. Who is writing is a passionate of combat sports in the specific K1 but in particular of Boxing, the noble art, I dislike MMA or other reasons anyway despite I am not a young boy anymore I do regularly one hour of workout all days and of course I am aware of how dangerous a punch or a kick given in a particular part of the body can be, when I do sparring, usually once a week I always keep really easy as I don’t want to hurt anyone, whoever practice any combat discipline, because we are talking about a discipline first of all and the first thing anyone learn is to have respect of the opponent, I do have friends who run classes of children practicing K1, boxe and MMA they all are fathers an serious and reliable people who have granted the faith of the parents of all the children and teenagers who are doing the combat sports, furthermore all instructors pay seriously attention especially on those who are willing to do sparring, making sure they wear all protections and if someone it’s crossing the line the match it’s soon stopped, regarding the belts the Bianchi brothers proudly are showing on their selfies no one of it belong to any serious MMA competition and of course in the eventuality of their involvement in the assassination of Willy no gym would open its door to them, in theirs shoes I’d be more worried of a probable real confrontation with an professional instructor rather than the keyboard Lions vomiting no sense crap on their social media channels social media

M.M.A. in the specific it means mixed martial arts and it doesn’t mean there are no rules, similarly to others combat sports you fight against someone of a similar weight, not punches or kicks under the belt and there’s a referee during the match who is controlling and making sure the rules are respected. There’s on old film of Marco Bellocchio ‘Slam the monster on the front page’ of 1972 with the great Gian Maria Volontè, the film tells of the close link between the political, journalistic and of the law enforcement worlds in a team effort that aims precisely at the orientation of public opinion starting from the events of judicial news. Gian Maria Volontè is the director of an important conservative journal that investigating on a dramatic event of rape and homicide of a young girl associate the crime to a man of left wing orientation this work it’s all projected to discredit the left-wing exactly during an electoral campaign. It’s curious as the film starts with a moment taken by a real public demonstration of the M.S.I. Italian Social Movement in the 70s where there’s a young Ignazio La Russa with long hair, an attorney who have made a brilliant political career, the name of the journal remind to one of the main conservative journal of Italy ‘Il Giornale’ founded by Indro Montanelli one of the most brilliant journalist of Italy founded in 1974, two years after the film anyway. At the end of the story I don’t want to spoiler now but the truth would be discovered but only after the end of the electoral campaign. Sbatti il Mostro in Prima Pagina

Bellocchio who is a good director of left-wing sympathies unveils a proven mechanism that of course can be used from anyone doesn’t matter who, this terrible case it’s an example that fit with this mechanism, suddenly all Italians have forgotten about all the rest, the covid19, the restrictions as social distancing, during the funeral of Willy a lot of people gathered in this because of national resonances given by the overwhelming insistence of the press it’s evidente all of them are wearing a mask but none it’s really respecting those social distances that the government imposed to all Italians.

Liliana Segrè who is a Senator, a Italian jew who have suffered deportation during the second world war it’s right when she talk about the shipwreck of our civilization as in a sense there’s no respect for the victim as of their relatives everything it’s been reduced to a show on which taking political advantages regardless of the private pain of a family that should have be remained private. The Left-wing always exploit these situations, when there’s a tragic event in which a black person or an immigrant it’s involved they soon jumped in, it happened in the death of a Nigerian man in Fermo who later came out even that the story was quite different in any case, in the face of terrible news stories that have affected the lives of young Italians, some particularly bloody committed by 'regular' immigrants as that one happened in Macerata where two Nigerians having drugged and raped a 16-year-old girl then killed and torn apart closed in two trollies and thrown on the edge of a provincial road as if it were garbage. Pamela MastroPietro

The left-wing didn’t show up he decided to go to Macerata after the crazy reaction of a local man o Macerata who the day after decided to go to the town armed with a hand gun and shoots against any Nigerian around in revenge of the terrible crime , not a word for the poor victim not a warm hug to her family neither from the press as didn’t shown when a young guy Stefano di Leo got killed by the cut of his throat inflicted by an Immigrant in Turin two years ago, the list it’s long indeed and that was highly dense of political content, Stefano was slaughtered because Italian but for the closed minds of the radical leftwing it doesn’t make any sense to speak about of Racism, it’s Racism only when the victim is a black person, his killer had no reason to take his life and could have killed any other individual but he voluntary have chosen to kill an Italian as it appears to be ‘Too Happy’ StefanoDiLeo The Italian leftwing its looking for its ‘George Floyd’ of the situation or rather it’s searching for a symbol regardless of all the rest to get political attention pretending to accuse whoever its opposing the mass immigration illegal phenomenon mainly Salvini of the Lega, in a forced Manichaean simplification of reality by the way it’s more or less what the next referendum it’s indirectly about or rather to reduce the political representativeness of the Italian people assuming the Americanization of the Italian society of a bio polar political system, the element of mass immigration is not excluded as to complete the design you have to impose a multicultural society at all costs later on it would make sense probably to openly speak about probable Racism. The desire of having a form of BLM movement in Italy It’s huge as the globalist are aware that’s a good way to create and water social tensions at any useful time as an electoral campaign in fact is. Little by little If we don’t stop this madness it would get worse as is starting to show itself somehow even here, a few days ago during the electoral tour of Salvini who is 100% a populist politician as he goes to meet the people, In Tuscany, during the actual ecampaign for the 2020 regional elections, Matteo Salvini was attacked in Pontassieve. The leader of the League was pulled by a foreigner, a Congolese woman, who tore his shirt and also the chain around his neck. «All right, don't worry, no physical problems. I can buy back the torn shirt, the Rosary torn violently from the neck that a parish priest had given me, unfortunately no », Salvini then clarifies. Salvini attacked I do not support Salvini buy I am not an hypocrite the point here is, a Congolese woman came to Italy and engaged a physical confrontation with a Political Leader who appears to be the leader of the center-right. Conservative whatever Italian coalition and this is exactly the result of hate speech and violent campaign that always have targeted the right wing leaders regardless if they are elders or even women, a Congolese woman who I bet would have never dared to challenge in her country a Political leader former Minister by the way, furthermore Italy has nothing to do with the country she is from differently by that Belgium which in Brussels there’s the headquarter of the EU, the massacre and genocide that the Belgians under Leopold II have done in Congo central Africa a massacre comparable in terms of proportion of number of victims as the one of the Indians of the Americas Leopoldo II In Brussels sure there are statues of Leopoldo II then why she is not going there in the heart of the Euro scam ? An exploitation of the Congo natural resources it’s still ongoing by the way the former colonialist have never gone away at all. Liliana Segre The willing to agitate social tension and to politicize the immigrant it’s a shame on all the leftwing press and politics too of the life of this young victim they really don’t give a damn it’s just a symbol and nothing more tomorrow it’s going to be forgotten and a new one will be soon available ready to be used in a political campaign to shake the public opinion of the raise of the black shirts and other bollocks like this.