Italy Hottest than Hell

it's 9.54 p.m. and still there are 30 degree, Italians usually have dinner on different times, it depends which area of Italy you are from, in northern Italy I would say 8.00 p.m. the original local ones probably even before, I'm not one of them I mean not a true Piemontese, I'm born here but my cultural roots are deeply rooted in southern Italy or low Italy as the elders used to say and there where the heat it's huge people wait till 10.00 p.m. sometimes even till midnight MSM broadcast the news always during the meal times despite new technologies the idiot box still remain the most powerful medium/instrument to spread the news so while trying to fed up yourself its getting harder because of the temperature you have also some bitter morsel to swallow too and in these days let's say there are several ones of it. If you are an American citizen reading by case at this blog for example you know that the federal reserve can print US Dollar as much as it is necessary to the US economy to save jobs and small local business well the EU got it's own financial institutions which is the ECB that doesn't print money for a specific need of its State members. During the critical moment Italy was facing because of the covid19 so I'm talking about starting from first days of March when the gov declared the State of Emergency and the consequent lock down of the country economy EU replied basically waving a medium finger up in the air, we were counting the dead and Christine Lagarde didn't knew what to do or rather she spoke as a parrot repeating words inspired by previous private meetings she had with others Financial Ministers of economy, of Germany I presume, not only my personal idea, it will remain in the glorious history of this crap union those magic words 'We are not here to close spreads' just google these seven words and make yourself an idea o what I'm talking about. We had to wait all the lock down moment till the present time to have the so called Recovery fund that will be available the next year just a small part off it 10% will be given now, can we say that the Recovery fund it's a good deal? not really as written Italy will get the rest of it or rather the 90% only on 2021. the EU Commissioner for Economy Paolo Gentiloni former prime Minister of Italy of the Democratic Party is insisting for Italy to activate first the EMS which is a loan ready to use, the debate about it took time and energy even within the coalition gov. and this because to activate the EMS it means you are putting the economic decisions of your country into the hands of international finance, and we have seen what happened with Greece, those money never have been used to restore the people quality of life rather went straight away to those Germans and French banks but also some other ones to repair the debts of the Greece had with those institutions. The charm is served despite msm painted Conte as a sort of national hero, on next September those bitter morsel will numerically increase and at that stage the only possible way out it would be to activate that fucking EMS which is exactly what these traitors had in mind since the first euromeetings, in the meantime that the State of Emergency it's been extended till the 15th of October, the Gov will not be disturbed by any demo and Italy would be sacrificed to save the god damn Euro, cool isn'it? Well guess what ItalExit will upset everything and as already written in other post the bitter morsel would be in abundance or all these euroRats, Italians and foreigners too. A big Meal that will suffocate these scumbags its boiling on the pot already and nothing its going to stop the will of the People this is a fact whatever the temperature will be By the way despite the pandemic situation isn't bad anymore the fact that the gov extended the state of emergency in Italy while other UE members doesn't it's just the confirm of the bad faith of these leftards traitors sorry but can't be polite at all when Im talking about them.