Saturday 10th October 2020 Rome Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano Marcia Della Liberazione

The Mainstream and all the supposed to be journalists that are working between the press and the TV both public and private since a long time are using a sneaky method to describe the political dissidence of a good portion of the Italian society using words that evoke other scenarios or archetypes that have now settled in everyone's brain for years and years of continuous and constant media bombardment, they said ‘Sovranist’ which makes rhymes with ‘Fascist’ or Sovranismo/Fascismo, Negazionista in English ‘Deniers’ as well it’s a clear reference about those who denies the existence of the Shoah or dare to put in discussion the Jews persecution during the second world war. The intent to politically denigrate it’s clear and goes even over especially now that recently the ‘Italian Board Of Direction’ supposed to be the National Government extended once again the ‘State of Emergency’ till the end of January forcing as mandatory now the use of the mask anywhere and anytime and If you don’t follow this new anti-constitutional imposition can get a salad penalty from 400 to 1000 euro.


the present decree introduce the obligation to always have a device with you for respiratory protection, as well as the obligation to wear it in indoor as in places other than private homes and in all outdoor places except where, for the characteristics of the place or the factual circumstances, is guaranteed in such a way, continuous the condition of isolation from non-people, cohabiting, and in any case with the preservation of protocols and guidelines Anti-contagion foreseen for economic, productive, administrative and social, as well as guidelines for the consumption offood and drinks, but with the exclusion of the aforementioned obligations: a) For subjects who are practicing sports activities; b) For children under the age of six; c) For subjects with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with The use of the mask, as well as for those who interact with the above mentioned are in the same incompatibility.

Gente Mascherine

Let’s be clear it was unjustified the previous extension of the State of Emergency and again now it really doesn’t make any sense at all, Italy just because of the fact it has been the first Western country to have being badly affected by the covid19 and in the end is the one that improved in all the ways in particular about on the type of medical treatment to be adopted or rather the most efficient one, usually you learn by mistakes and initially those mistakes have provoked a huge of deaths. On the early days of national panic and consequent lock down the artificial ventilation was described as something absolutely necessary, a saving life machine, the hospitals were full of people who had serious breathing problems and that’s provoked a huge of victims but at the same time showed that due to the EU austerity policies , imposed during the years to the country of cutting expenses in particular on the NHS for which many of those small local hospitals perfectly equipped we used to have before has been closed or combined with others eliminating important presence all over the National territory putting the paramedics in strong difficulties, just in normal condition any g.p. have seen increased a lot the numbers of the patient to take in care and has affected on the quality of the health care provided so when the covid19 emergency exploded the impact on the already proved Italian NHS was devastated at all. mezzi military vittime

The mainstream showed terrible reports that remained fixed image on everyone’s mind as the long procession of military vehicles during night time carrying the corpses for the creation of the bodies or the images of exhausted paramedics with the faces badly marked by infinite hours of mandatory wearing of protection mask , paramedics so overload of shifts that had no time for a break to take a rest at home, the mainstream words used to describe the situation was referring to a War Scenario, take for example the film of Pearl Harbor when suddenly the local hospitals are overloaded of patient to be treated, similarly happened that the paramedics had to make a choice according with a limited numbers of artificial breathing machines of who to save and who not now it is clear that under this circumstances the fear of the whole population it’s total, the lock down has been accepted as an inevitable decision to safe the mankind . infermieri mascherine

We were going through a surreal situation one as of those hundreds of sci-fi films written by authors who have described with similar details what we were living for real. It was during those days I’ve started to write a blog to keep a diary and reporting of the situation around me, about how I was feeling too during all this time it has been inevitable to talk about political aspects too, now everyone got his own political ideas and according with it tends to see the world problems from a specific point of view, the public service which is the Public TV payed by all taxpayers of a country has the duty to take consideration of all people mood and opinions and in particular to stimulate a public debate that can’t be marked by the government or by a specific political party the more you are inclusive of people participation the more democratic is the debate, a debate where science played a central role and we know that In our albeit different capitalistic societies we have seen specifically different voices often in contradictions, especially on the first days, and the consequent reverse of political making and decision no more on the Political Parties hands rather on the so called ‘Experts’ that didn’t miss to do some mistakes, mistakes that costed the life of a lot of people. esperti fralocchi

No one dared to deny the existence of the virus before during the lockdown who has blocked the entire Nation for three months, the unique case of the West except China of course, today as well nobody it’s saying a similar thing, the critical its genuinely Political and it’s legitimate we are still a democracy by the way and until of the contrary the freedom of expression can’t be denied or mortified by the individualistic use of power that this ‘government’ have and still is doing under everyone nose, it’s a constant psychological terrorism that the government wants to keep alive which it’s provoking incalculable damages especially on young people, in particular children who are the most affected indeed by this form of terrorism that it’s provoking deep traumas and we have the right to intervene now to prevent a terrible future for their psychological growth. bambini scuola

A lot of people who are buying the mainstream political tale do believe that a dictatorship it’s like those one they have seen on films or tends to attribute to other Nations of the world where the repression of dissidents it is violent with the use of law enforcement public forces, see for example Genova G8 2001 or recently all the police brutality in France against the yellow vest, another one will have used others examples as the actual situation in Honk Kong, or in Minsk, the average western European citizen tend to attribute in his mind such a repressive measures typical of far-right totalitarian regime commonly described as ‘Fascist’ no one dare to use another political expression this because we didn’t experienced a Stalinist totalitarian regime and it is probable that those eastern Nations who have joined the ‘Western World’ will probably use instead, we all have been educated by Hollywood masses films in particular about Nazism and Fascism too even if in a minor way, but Nazi Germany was different by Italian Fascist Monarchic regime, the reason why it became a sort of brand in the Western world needs to be investigated in depth because contrary to what officially people knows from official historiography about Fascism people knows nothing even Italians, now Fascism took over Italy for over 20 years while National Socialism just a few anyway. Manifestanti Roma

The Rome demonstrations wasn’t an oceanic one but considering the mainstream clear denigration and the economic cost to gather to the capital I can conclude that it was a political event peaceful and worthy of being mentioned at least told with a minimum of intellectual honesty, it’s from this kind of public demonstrations that the 5 Stars Movement years ago moved its step, the 5 Stars Movement of the early days sure wouldn’t have missed the occasion to be present, the institutionalized shameful transformation it has been through It’s huge and the terrible decrease of political consensus it’s a proof of the fact that they are now that hated caste they were born to fight against. A Caste who is defending and promoting this shitty globalized world dominated by The Single Thought that tends to ban and shut down opposition voices , who is deciding in an antidemocratic manner how our life must be organized, this is a delicate matter however it is important to recall that recently a tribunal in Madrid already said that the government can’t force the citizens on a mandatory use of the mask as it’s against the personal freedom of any individual, it’s a little starting point but not even secondary considering the Spanish hard situations of today, having a western court decided with a written sentences that this forced use of the mask it undermines the basic principles of a Democracy as we know it should be. ByoBlu As always If the mainstream ignored the whole demonstrations there was ByoBlu present to give a live stream of the whole event, ByoBlu it’s now one of the most important independent web channel, present on DTT in three regions of Italy as well in radio podcast and visible also via app for mobile and got financed by the free subscribers support ,even If keeps his reports available for anyone on Its YouTube channel or via the official web site during the last years became a real public service a voice against the mainstream journalism that gave space to all those extra parliamentary political parties that are openly against the EU that normally doesn’t have space in the mainstream except some few figures.

About the Demonstrations

On last day Saturday 10th in Rome there were two different demonstrations in the morning it was the turn of the neo-fascists of Forza Nuova and the “Orange Vests” to go down to Piazza Bocca della Verita. At 2 pm the biggest one called the “Liberation March”, a demonstration by the so-called “deniers” of Covid or Anti Mask – even if the organizers deny it – organized in Piazza San Giovanni. The sanctions came because the fined, despite the invitations from the police, did not wear the mask. The Chief of Police, Franco Gabrielli, had been clear on the subject since the eve of the demonstrations, announcing the hard punch for anyone who did not wear personal protective equipment. Roberto Fiore Castellino

Dozens of people, in fact, did not wear the mask, even if someone carried it in their purse or pocket. Among the fines, in the morning, Giuliano Castellino and Roberto Fiore of Forza Nuova. The regional councilor Davide Barillari, former five stars, instead participated in the demonstration in San Giovanni (where another ex 5Stars Movement deputy Sara Cunial was also present) without wearing a mask, but would have managed not to run into the controls of the law enforcement According to the organizers, about seven thousand people participated in the demonstration in Piazza San Giovanni: “It is false that we are 'deniers' – the organizers had specified – since we do not deny the existence of the virus at all, while we instead denounce its political use, starting from that 'state of emergency' that we wouldn’t like to extend indefinitely, also to overshadow the social emergency caused by the government's choices “.

During the sit-in – it was called a march, but the police chief had forbidden any moving demonstration – there were also moments of tension when one of the participants, also without a mask, after refusing to show the documents to the police was been taken away by the officers. Some of those present had turned to the law enforcement lined up shouting: “Arrest us all”, “Shame”, “Clowns”. The arrested, as well as others caught without a mask, will be able to pay a reduced penalty if they pay the fine within five days. A complaint will also be issued for all fined persons.

The Liberation March represented the union of different political parties as the F.S.I (Sovereign Italian Front ) probably the oldest one as it exist since more than ten years, Vox Italia which is a more recent political party inspired by the young Marxist Philosopher, from Turin, Diego Fusaro well known by the Italian audience being frequently a guest in various talk shows on TV and radio, Fusaro is the ideologue of Vox Italia and never hide his Marxist ideas strongly inspired by Antonio Gramsci the Italian Communist historical leader and defined the party policies as a National Socialist, a political thought made up of traditional right-wing values and left-wing ideas, others reality as the association of the Vat Numbers small enterprises. DiegoFusaro

Several interventions I’m just reporting a few of it as the one from Stefano D’Andrea of the Italian Sovereign Front (FSI) who declared “The task of our generation is to disintegrate the European empire or at least liberate Italy from it, with these words D’Andrea opened the speech adding “The people have not noticed, but by now they are part of an imperial structure which is nothing more than an undemocratic empire”. “We must all take a step back together and then take a big leap forward” – explains Fabio Frati, of ‘ Liberiamo l’Italia’ (Let’s Free Italy). “This country cannot be left in the hands of traitors of every kind ( 5Stars Movement on top), we need the constitution of a new entity to unite us in the struggle” – says Frati. “We do not recognize this European Union” – says the journalist Tiziana Alterio from the stage. For Alterio, the neoliberal system must be overcome. “Let's make sure that for neoliberalism it is the last blow, to find ourselves in a new humanity. Tiiziana Altiero

Particularly strong was the intervention of the lawyer Marco Mori who in the past run for the national elections with CasaPound Italia then since Casapound renounced to join the electoral competition moved to Vox Italia declared : “We are here to defend democracy, the government of the people” – says Marco Mori. “Are we living in a democracy today? No. Sovereignty belongs to the people underlining that The transfer of sovereignty is a crime ”- explains Mori and have to admit his speech was focused on the fact that there goal of a political union of EU Members States means the destruction of National Sovereign Democracies which it’s something against the Italian constitution and there’s no way that this can happen inviting armed forces and population on the legitimate right to defend this principle absolutist. Marco Mori

Particular awaited too was the intervention of Sara Cunial ex 5Stars Movement Sara Cunial

which have radically critical with her former colleagues during a parliamentary speech, who says “The mask does not take away our freedom because freedom is a condition of being, but it takes our breath away”. M.P. Sara Cunial opens her speech on the stage of the Liberation March in Rome, and continues: “Everything breathes to regulate life on the planet. It is not a symbol, it is not just propaganda, the breath is a future project for life ”. Politics, today, is at a crossroads: either we continue to worry about objectives to be achieved, conflicts to be nurtured and business to be satisfied or it is redesigned, says Cunial “as a new oxygen for new bodies capable of finally activating a new breath up to our dreams “. M.Konarè

There’s also who suggest to occupy the Italian Parliament as the Senegalese Pan African leader Mohammed Knoarè quite known among Italians audience for his positions against the mass migration phenomenon describing it for what it really is ‘ a modern slavery trade ‘ inviting the Africans people to fight against French colonialism of today inspired and suggesting as model of political insiprations for the African people African Personalities as the young heroic figure of Thomas Sankarà the revolutionary National Socialist President of Burkina Faso assassinated by a plot organized by the French intelligence services but also Patrick Lumumba Prime Minister of The Republic of Congo in the 60s for just almost four months who dared to denounce publicly the long history of brutal violence of the Belgian colonialist occupation an open denounce who costed his life. I am particular attached to the National Socialist experiences of African Leaders, Ghedaffi too who managed to realize a sort of National Socialist Nation for too long on the American black list, Ghedaffi attempted to create a Central African Bank to liberate African countries under the direct control of the France management of up to 14 African countries by printing their currency in open contradiction with the EU values of a common currency, yes because EU hypocrisy it’s so evident by leaving a Nation a U.K. with its own currency and allowing France to have a sector of its National Banking system designed to print money for the former African colonies from which it’s actually stealing important resources preventing the development of African countries that despite of being rich of natural resources are left in a constant middle ages conditions. The parallel of what France applied with the French CFA in Africa isn’t different from what EU currency is doing with the rest of EU members, the disparity it’s so evident in the end anyone concluded that the Euro Fraud it’s nothing more than an extended Germany model that never worked for the Southern European countries, the euro advantaged exclusively the German economy and that’s the reason why we had Brexit and why the actual government, the President of the Republic are pushing till the firm undiscussed permanence of Italy to this failure project of which the Liberation March was about, a liberation from Eu chains and not just the reunion of a bunch of idiots conspiracy theorists fixed on the opportunity of wearing this fucking mask anywhere. The essence of the Liberation March in conclusion can be described as a peaceful demonstrations of Italians who are just asking democratically constitution on hand on the returning to a Monetary Sovereignty as soon as possible as it’s the only way out of salvation for a Nation who since it’s being a member of the EU and in particular since the adoption of the single currency have lost its political and economic decision-making independence, in short, increasingly subjected as a sort of colony, this before all the covid19 situation and now it’s just underling the dishonest political use the actual ruling class it’s doing among them many delusional of the 5 Stars Movement of the origin plus some new political reality ex novo however it’s also true that there are others political parties who share same goals but were not present last day, as the P.C.I. (Italian Communist Party) and Casapound Italia the new fascist association who It’s on the political panorama since more than ten years. The so called opposite extremism were not included and I don’t know exactly why but I know both put at the center the request of a literally total application of the constitution so they wouldn’t be out of the contest anyway.