ONE NATION Simone Di Stefanno Accuses the European Union

Review of the book Manifesto of the Casapound Italia Leader Simone Di Stefano

Introducing why making the review of an Italian political test

It might seems an absurd idea indeed it would make sense to translate an English version but even in this case it would be a text limited to those who around the world shares commons political ideas, usually you do translate the book of a poet, as long as it remain a very hard mission indeed, or a new novel less known to the great public. Unfortunately mainstream culture during the years has absorbed also the so called independent realities, see in the musical fields for examples there are labels that have born independent but soon after the power of the ringing coin as rain arrived and has conquered everything. I am myself a follower of several independent channels, blogs and alternative sources of information worldwide due to the fact that the globalism ideology exist and also in my modest opinion it’s poisoning the Western World I am absolutely feasted that strategically it is absolutely necessary to create a sort of ‘international’ alliance among all those private, groups cultural realities that have born in open opposition to a financial and economic model that little by little it’s destroying the fundament of our civilization, and it works in similar ways everywhere, on this blog by the analysis of some important historical facts I’ve tried to give my modest explanation or if you prefer reading of the facts about the origin of the actual situation of decline aggravated by the fact that now the whole world and the western world perhaps more than others was hit hard by the covid19 pandemic. Then I’ve concluded that it might be interesting to be aware of how things are moving here and hoping that similar experiences can find their affirmation elsewhere, it is a cultural battle for us native citizens of the old continent as well as for those who have clear European descent, but it is also an international cultural battle at the same time, reaffirming ourselves, our identity and our values now more than ever above all due to the fact that traditional parties have betrayed the sovereign peoples of the Western democracies.

What is CasaPound Italia

casapound Casapound Italia among all the so called Italian political realities it’s located in that political area defined as ‘Sovranism’ it is one If not really the very first political movement of this kind; Sovranista it’s an Italian journalistic expression that it’s almost impossible to translate perfectly in English, the word Sovereign should be enough to explain the concept itself but in Italian a ‘Sovranista’ or the plural ‘Sovranisti’ are by definition all those political movements or parties whose primary objective is the Recovery of Monetary Sovereignty as an essential condition for any government to be able to draw up a real Government Agenda for the welfare of the Nation. casapound On 1990 Italy officially adopted the new value, on that date it was introduced for all non-physical forms of payment (e.g., electronic transfers, debt securities, etc.), while the currencies of participating states were frozen at a fixed conversion rate. They became non-decimal expressions of the single currency, in other words the conversion between two currencies of the acceding countries would take place through the triangulation method: first a currency would be exchanged for the euro on the basis of its fixed exchange rate, then there would be the conversion from the euro to the other currency. In this way, the arbitrage phenomena in the rounding that would have arisen by calculating the cross-conversion rates between national currencies were avoided. There are two considerations we have to do now in order to understand how it is so important to understand why and when these Political instances have shown almost everywhere within the big EU members states, with the Maastricht treaty of 1992 it’s been defined the modalities of transition from local currencies to the euro, Maastricht creates the monetary and the economic union and to participate there are specific criteria all countries have to fit with. Maastricht treaty Maastricht treaty The Maastricht parameters are, 1) a deficit equal to or less than 3% of gross domestic product; 2) A debt / GDP ratio of less than 60%; 3) An inflation rate not exceeding by more than 1.5 percentage points the average of the three member states with the lowest inflation; 4) Long-term interest rates no more than 2 percentage points higher than the average of the three member states with the lowest inflation; 5) Membership of the European Monetary System for at least two years.

Now again there are two important steps we have to keep in mind, first both Italy and Belgium in 1999 were not really fixing with one of those criteria especially because they had a debt-to-GDP ratio well above 60%. Italy and Belgium passed the ‘examination’ as it was given for granted they would have fix that parameter according with optimistic economic projections, basically being both rich countries and especially Italy with a strong economy ‘they’ closed an eye and we will discover later on also why they did it, The second one it’s about Greece who in 1999 didn’t matched with any of the five criteria of Maastricht, the Prime Minister of Greece at that time was the socialist Costas Simitis ( January 1996 – March 2004 ) Simitis promoted the politics of his predecessor Papandreou, of ‘Modernizing’ the country, with a plan of reforms that included the revisions of labors contracts and fiscal regime a public program was launched for the Olympics Games XXVIII of Athens. The public expansive plan transformed the face of the country, with important works on the infrastructures in particular, the airport, the Greek subway metropolitan plus a modern highway from the port of Igoumenitsa to the Turkey borderline recalling its ancient Roman name the Egnatia road. Olympic games for a Nation means a raining of cash, contracts of all kinds it’s a big machine that absorb public and private funds in a run against the time in order to get ready for the international show, frequently increasing the public debt of the Nation. costas simitis During the Simitis government, the inflation rate dropped from 15% to 3%. Public debt also fell considerably while GDP increased at a rate of 4% per annum. However, these astonishing data were questioned by the subsequent government of Costas Karamanlis, which amply demonstrated how they had been falsified on purpose to allow the country to enter the Euro-zone. In 2006, Eurostat specified that the Greek public deficit for the year 2003 was 6.1%, more than double the percentage declared at the time by the Simitis government, now would you believe that the EU members didn’t verify the real economic situation of Greece and simply trusted Simitis data? Closing both eyes but also hears in this case, I refuse to believe that they weren’t aware of the real situation while for what about Belgium and in particular Italy, well Italy it’s the third net contributor to the EU machine the crap union couldn’t have started without it of course but all these situations will have serious consequences and we already knows very well; for what about Greece there’s a chapter apart of analysis and study that has to be done if we want to better understand what and why has happened in the country which is the cradle of western civilization, it can’t be ignored the relevant political data of the whole Greek affair especially because soon afterward in a different situation the EU puzzle has lost an important piece which is the U.K. who represent the model absolute of a modern democracy despite the Monarchic institutions which it’s yet an important center of power but it is also a traditional institution of which the subject of the Kingdom are very fond, as well as the Vatican is perceived by the Italians people. The EU dislike the concept of Democracy and the attacking at the Greek Nation first then with the exit of the U.K. what emerge it is too evident and even a child would understand it. Brexit In the 80s Italy was the Nation with the highest rate of economic growth the period of decline will start from 1987 and 1999; the collapse of GDP and the value of the Lira against the German mark and the US dollar, will lead up to the privatizations. Top G6 GDP ranking in 1991 is as follows, – USA (6174 billion); – Japan (3,537 billion); – Germany (1809 billion); – France (1245 billion); – Italy (1201 billion); – Great Britain (1066 billion). As of 12/31/1991, Italy strengthens its fifth place and is one step away from the fourth held by France of only 44 billion US dollars. The privatizations in Italy were real State Balances carried out by the various left-wing governments that followed one after another, in order Prodi from 1996-1998, then D’Alema the first communist Prime Minister of Italy till 2000, Amato technical government This season ended with the most colossal sale of public assets: 178,019 billion lire, equal to 91 billion euros, were collected by a sovereign state throughout Europe, we did even better than Thatcher's liberal-England. 91 billion euros to give the immense wealth of every Italian, canceling in the years to come millions of jobs that caused the loss of that growth, de-multiplying it every year as never happened before. And as we all know privatizations are not ever cease, indeed they go forward at full speed. Today the excuse has changed: the money made will be used to reduce the “public debt”. The most practical example of how to pass the fateful camel through the eye of the needle. Now many will wonder what privatizations have really been for and, given that they ultimately failed, why insist. Selling off public industrial assets also means lowering real employment over a few years eliminating public, safe, well-paid and almost untouchable jobs was needed to create the job instability necessary to make you accept any lousy job, even if it is unhealthy, uncertain and underpaid. No less than 3 million such jobs have been lost since 1993, replaced by,, bogus cooperatives, temporary contracts, etc. immigration favored and desired by the EU , accompanied by the usual fake and perfidious do-gooders, always serves the same purpose: to raise marginal unemployment to make workers accept wages and waning rights. I as many others Italians born in the 70s have lived all this process and have lived on my skin the radical incessant decline of the quality of life in this country personally experiencing the precarious condition accompanied by unfair competition due to the presence of immigrants illegally brought into Italy favored by the very radical left that is at the service of the Financial Markets of which the EU is a direct expression, an Italian worker can’t compete with someone coming from Tunisia or any other African or Asiatic country, the immigrant accept any gross hour payments and any conditions cancelling years of fights for the workers basic rights, half of its earning fly away via western union to the country of origin where it’s value increase a lot, consider he’s on a social housing and it’s also getting benefits regardless of the real economic situation in his country, migrants don’t have to declare anything about theirs real estate assets frequently they played on the fact that it is impossible to obtain those documents, the country of origin doesn’t cooperate of course because the remittances are so huge and none will dare to interrupt this magical situation. The Globalization process supported by the left-wing have killed the working class and the medium one too not happy it’s totally occupied economically in the Reception Business of illegal migrants accusing whoever dare to questioning and to criticize the whole thing as a racist, fascist, intolerant etc.etc. open arms ogn The so called area of the ‘Sovranisti’ born as a natural reaction to all this unjust and shameful process, and in a country who have lost the world war two for too long divided between extreme left-wing and far right-wing the so called ‘Antifa’ are the pseudo rebels who are defending a system they have contribute to create by attacking anyone who it’s opposing the EU and the Financial Markets dominated by individual as George Soros just to mention a known face of the system, supported in any way by the mainstream media, magistrates and the EU institutions they cut any possible political debate by addressing it on idiotic issues or fake problems at all, having killed the working class they have embraced the defense of so called ‘oppressed minorities’ or rather Lgbt and of course migrants transforming all the rest into a new prototype of New Nazi people who of course doesn’t have any right to exist. casapound Simone Di Stefano it’s one of those who stood up and physically went to tearing up the European flag in a symbolic gesture, for which he has faced the court, but in fact was a declaration of war with no ambiguity as ‘let’s change the EU by being part of it from the inside’ which frequently we have heard and still hearing by the supposed to be ‘Opposition parties’, CasaPound as the name itself suggest it’s composed by the word ‘Casa’ which mean House plus Pound with a clear reference to the world wide famous poet Ezra Pound who lived in Europe and in particular in Italy during the Fascist era used to support the Duce and the fascist economic model in particular. From around 2003 Casapound born initially as a little group of people from the former M.S.I. youth organizations who got off and started squatting of states building abandoned in Rome, giving a house to several Italians people left behind by the local institutions, many others initiatives will follow and to date CasaPound despite having everything and everyone against it has over 145 offices throughout Italy has participated in various electoral consultations, managing to elect some municipal councilors, created a publishing house, local libraries , a web radio, a monthly paper ‘Il Primato Nazionale’ a clothes brand totally made in Italy with several stores through the country. Casapound Italia differently by others movement declared to have assumed the legacy of the Fascist movement and considering it’s made up of people who has never knew anything of that times differently by the M.S.I. Italian Social Movement who was formed by fascist members of the R.S.I. Italian Republic of Salò it has provoked violent reactions by the various antifa reinforced by the usual narrative of the evil force that wants to abolish democracy, freedom of press and instigate racism and intolerance this in particular because Casapound exist and work putting ahead of all the Italian people needs.

Examining the Book

cover book The preface is by the Euro Deputy of the Lega Antonio Maria Rinaldi economist, public executive and Italian academic. It’s a 309 pages little book clear and of easy understanding despite the topics in examination are complicated especially for those who doesn’t have any economic studies background and this is the real strength of this reading, considering that Casapound it’s practically banned by the mainstream in any ways, more recently Facebook obscured all its pages and all its affiliates private social channels, a legal battle that Casapound have won, the best way to reach a largest audience was in fact the idea of a book. The narrative form adopted it’s of an interview between Valerio Benedetti PhD in History with a degree in Literature, journalist, publicist and editor-in-chief of Il Primato Nazionale, collaborates with various Italian and foreign newspapers, Author of the book 'Riprendersi Giovanni Gentile' currently working on the drafting of a book on 'SOVRANISM' The book comes out during the tragic world pandemic and having hit Italy in the first place, it has exposed the ignoble attitudes of the EU towards the Italian people. It’s a dialog that break those barriers that for example are rigidly framed by the TV medium and give to the reader the impression of being in the position of the interviewer, managing to follow the thread even where certain concepts are intricate indeed but the most interesting aspect of this book it’s that any reader and in particular those o my generation can easily identified himself with Simone Di Stefano (class 1976) own experience, this because Simone Di Stefano it’s a man of the people, I would say an ordinary man that at his expanses had to learn what’s the real meaning of doing politics first of all, he has started very young joining the M.S.I. in 1992, in particular Simone started by its surrounding, born and grown up in a popular neighborhood Simone himself has experienced on his skin how the process of decline has impacted on all ordinary people around, observing how little by little the Capital of Italy as the whole Nation was interested by a huge migration phenomenon never seen before. Divided in 9 chapters distributed in 309 pages the reading of this book it’s a sharp photography of the actual situation it doesn’t give resignation or the ineluctable feeling of an impossible way out on the contrary if you want to understand what Sovranism really is this book it’s a good starting point excluding political sense of belonging to particular party, actually there are several Political Parties of the so called ‘Extra Parliamentary’ area who declare to be ‘Sovranist’ this is important especially because the mainstream in its work of denigration and silencing too often has imposed its own interpretation of a phenomenon of which they do know nothing at all, their scope is of demolition of any political content and in this work for which a huge of people have built their career it’s facilitated by the fact that Di Stefano, and of course he is not the only one, doesn’t accept the lecture about the Fascist Italian phenomenon spoiled by historical distortions and real denigrations put in place by anti-fascists anachronistic militants who pretend to be journalists. On the rare occasion the Italian people have seen Simone Di Stefano were surrealistic situation of him special guest in a talk show put at the center of the studio, always presented with an introductory television service with background music with a mixed tone between threatening and almost horror film with the journalist and others people asking to a man class 1976 to talk about things as the racial laws o 1939 or to explain other aspects that only someone who have lived directly those days 100 years ago could be able to answer can you imagine inviting the Communist Leader Marco Rizzo, who is a Sovranist too by the way and asking him to speak about of the Stalinist purges or of the Togliatti betrayal of all those Italian communist who has emigrated in U.S.S.R. in the early years of Communism that after a while have disappeared because sent to those rehabilitative camps where many have found death? Or also to explain about the repression of the Soviet in Budapest back in the days? Of course it doesn’t make any sense then instead of been used as the monster to be slammed in all Italians faces who doesn’t have any chance to face a real Political debate here Di Stefano choices of a book appear to be the most sensate thing that should have to be done, it’s not just the closed area of reference who it’s going to get it, which it’s a form of financial support for the cause, it is probable that also political opponent as all that huge groups of antifa organizations will sure , hiding, the curiosity of reading the cursed book of the neo-fascist Bad Master Simone Di Stefano be tempted by the necessity to better study ‘The Enemy’. Mussolini Cinema Among all the chapters there’s one ‘Culture it’s the strongest Weapon’ recall in my mind a famous pictures of Benito Mussolini especially now that there is the 77TH 2020 Venice Film Festival Awards, the Duce is managing a camera with the caption in capitols letters who says ‘Cinema is the Strongest Weapon’ how not to mention the immense contribute given by Mussolini to the industry of the 7th art, as the Cinecittà studios of Rome inaugurated by Benito Mussolini on the Christmas time of 1937 of those years have been created also the Experimental Center of Cinematography, as the creation of the largest European studios while. The Venice film festival by the way after the American ‘Oscar’ award it’s the most ancient of the world and it was founded by the Minister of Finances and governor of the Italian Tripolitiania (a Libyan colonial territory) Giuseppe Volpi with Antonio Mariani politician, sculptor and at critic and Luciano de Feo a journalist passionate of Cinema who will fund the embryo from which it will later born the ‘Institute Luce’,. despite his name seems has been canceled somehow by the official pages included from the ‘free’ encyclopedia on line Wikipedia or even more recently the Mussolini Cup, introduced during the second edition of the Festival who became a competition with a jury, too have been changed with the name of the great actress recently passed away Franca Valeri. Yes Culture it’s the strongest weapon Di Stefano is right and the idea of a book it’s a good one indeed furthermore as Di Stefano himself says I also do believe that the left in particular in Italy has military occupied the educational system giving the false idea that the concept itself of culture belong exclusively to a political side only, the Manichean division of a left-wing all culture and knowledge and a right-wing associated with lack of culture all militarism and sports it’s absolutely false, CasaPound itself in its name it’s confirming it. I’m looking around to the so called Sovranist area of Political parties who are going to participate to this elections and are touring Italy somehow now because of the Referendum too, they are not a few indeed also because from the shameful betray of the 5 Stars Movement a lot of people included m.p.s and Senators too, see Paragone ItalExit party have moved away, I am still of the idea that it should be formed a sort of ‘Cartel’ in order to force the actual opposition to take a clear position especially for the next political national elections which should have been turned into a sort of referendum about the remaining or the exit to this hateful cage