There's no Freedom to infect the others President Mattarella says.

1st of August back in the days here in Turin August was the month when the car industry FIAT locked its doors and all workers used to leave for the summertime holidays. I grew up in a working class neighborhood nationally known as 'Mirafiori Sud' journalists always used to get in front of Fiat gates because the largest factory in Italy has always been at the center of the country's political and economic events, the social tensions of the 70s, general strikes, terrorism, politicians getting around for their propaganda etc.etc. Turin used to be the Motorcity town and during the golden age of Italian 'economic boom' a lot of people, mainly from little cities of the southern countryside emigrated up in the north, between Turin,Milan and Genova the so called industrial triangle area of the country. Back in the days Turin wasn't equipped in terms of houses and other structures as playgrounds, social services to welcome such a big mass of people that reached the city because of the good chances to get a stable job. My father as my mother were two young who moved to the north with their families, others members of their families moved to the U.S.A. still today I am in touch with someone of them because of the social networks and the diffusion on the web worldwide, we kept in touch anyway even before but let's says social network facilitate everything.

At that time 60's 70's Hand written Signs as 'don't rent to southerners' were widespread everywhere not just in Turin, behind of it it wasn't just intolerance of the local people towards the southerners and I'm not saying this as I want to justify a social phenomenon that appeared to be quite common in any industrial city of the west. see in U.K. something similar towards Irish people. Turin of the 60s wasn't ready in terms of structures, houses and other important services to welcome a huge mass of people heading to Turin everyday via the Trains of Hope, it was quite common for an householder to rent initially a flat to a couple and soon after a few days other families members joined them, then in a small flat, old style especially in the old part of the town with toilet services on the balcony off the domestic wall life became very hard as the list of probable and inevitable damages and inconveniences to a peaceful life among inhabitants increased a lot. Alongside the majority of good people only willing to get a stable job of course also criminals moved to the north, again it's a common phenomenon of any western country big cities or particular rich areas always have attracted criminality too, you go where's the gold of course..., so in conclusion you have to consider that behind those signs 'Not renting to southerner' used to hide all of these aspects. The political narrative of the intolerance and 'racism' was just a way to get the sympathy of the new arrivals citizens, their presence meant also votes and the political appetite around them was understandable. The people of those days as my parents managed to get a good job and to improve also by studying therefore they manged to buy their own propriety, for many others also more than one flat, the flat on the countryside or to the seaside nearby area of Liguria or simply the purchase of a big independent house in the town of the origin, well now if you ask any of these people to rent their flat to a couple and then the flat got occupied by more than jut two people I can assure you it's going to upset them the same way it used to upset those householders of the economic boom time. For the Italian people to own the house it's a very important goal, Italy it's a catholic country and in order to make a family you need to have your own place to give stability to all family members, few used to rent for a long time the poorest of course got into the social housing program funded with the tax payers money. Reality it's always a bit complicated but politics tends to minimize according to the moral philosophy that ideologically distinguishes it from others, I don't want to investigate more and not bother the occasional reader of this blog, as always there are people who have made good money by renting back in the days those shithole as other honest one who helped without pretending to exploit the situation to get rich, it's the mankind nature in the end but also as we said here ' it's the occasion that make of a man a thief', or a good Samaritan I'd add anyway As mentioned before on August the big cities of the north became ghost towns, everybody leaving for holiday, all going by car to the south in long, hard and unforgettable journey of which I have nice recollections, the city empty then was just lived by desperate, junkies and the gypsies all of them trying to rob in the empty houses, too many people had that sad surprise on the returning at home, and here we are talking about working class not silver spoon people so you can imagine the bitterness and truly desperation of whom have lost money and have seen its place vandalized, gypsies by tradition used to shit on the matrimonial bed, still today even if because of politically correct you have to pay attention the way you speak, well I don't mind and honestly I let you guess that honestly anyone would like to make those scumbags to swallow their shit. Let's back to the present time, 1st of August 2020 Italian gross domestic product minus 12.4% The Premier wants to speed up the EU plan that's the title of the most important economic journal of Italy, which it means only one thing asking for the EMS which its a loan differently from the Recovery fund its cash on hand soon but it means forced Reforming programs according with the markets logic and the financial system or rather the IMF, 20 years of EU politics of cuts on public expanse didn't resolved the Italian public debit on the contrary it has increased and still these servants insist on making more debts a financial instrument refused by all others EU state members of the Southern Europe, except Italy, the left wing insist on using it and we have seen what the IMF have done in Greece. The strategies of the gov, appeared to be so evident despite all msm bullshit, Italy it's the only EU country that has extended the State of Emergency till the 15th of October in spite of the fact that the situation it's much better now, after three months of lock down in which many people have lost a lot of money and have increased their debts, small local business owners in particular, on September and October the effects of the pandemic on our economy will be even worse, so while the Recovery fund it's money loan on the long term, with people desperate and in particular unable to go out to demonstrate in a situation of such a Crisis with the help of msm the EU plan would be at its final stage or rather to impose to Italy to ask for the ESM, the pro gov press I'd say all MSM will support the great success of the actual, never elected, Prime Minister who will have saved the country from the chasm. EU can't afford to loose Italy not now maybe later but now still is the third net contributor to the EU system and after Brexit but in particular after the first gov in which Conte was Prime Minister too they passed on the attack. Conte sold the country to these scumbags him and all the 5StarsMovement in exchange of career and success within the EU institutions and elsewhere in the financial world, banks etc.etc. While the President of Republic absolutely pro EU allied then for many of us it's just another puppet on eurorats hands keeps on saying 'There's no freedom to infect the others'' the gov sold the country future by accepting to turn Italy into a big hot spot for migrants, many of these people are covid positive and of course further cost for us so this would explain also the exchange for the Recovery Fund, but all the sacrifices previously done, all the people who have died on which we are not even sure at all have died because of this god damn virus all for nothing as Covid it's getting back through all the country thanks to the forced redistribution of fake rfgs in all the Italian territory, now that I'm writing there are ongoing revolt in those hot spot, devastated infirmaries, smashed places by people who escaped the war... all these people don't give a shit of taking precautions at all, so the President message means nothing to them they just pretend more and more differently from Italians of back in the days there's no an economic boom to justify such a massive invasion of men and while there are structures to host them they are spitting on the face of Italian generosity, supported by the leftards gov ruling the country they'd like to go anywhere even if covid positive and many of them even are actually on the run, they go on the run soon after arrived at destination. Social tensions are inevitable but who do you think its going to pay the price of all? the leftards are willing to give for free Italian citizenship to 'integrate' or rather to get a future assurance of packet of votes. EU attack on more sides, see Salvini trial, and now it's going to increase also the battle against freedom of speech repression of the so called Fake News arise. EU its a totalitarian dictatorship worse than EURSS and people are getting aware of it then that's the reason why engaging a fight against the freedom of speech of the independent press, bloggers, political dissident opinions whatever, even a blog like this might be a target for the political ongoing repression, the system of financial sharks own everything, MSM, jurisdictional system, controlling the gov. so after Brexit and Trump election they had to raise the bar and Italy was the ideal country to set an example for all those who dare to rebel against the EU dictatorship. As a Nationalist I can only says we are more and more despite their repression and we are not staying still and silent, Italexit we shall overcome, the battle of native people of the old continent it's just begun.