YUGOSLAVIA FEDERATION Chapter 2 “the Death of a Nation” who redesigned the continental European map.

Note, This is a long post make yourself comfortable take your time have a coffee or a cup of tea occasional reader, smoke some fags you might fulfill your ashtray, I hope to have your attention and your interest, I hope also you are a curious person and especially in the case of any non-European readers I hope that my analysis can provide you with food for thought to better understand how life is moving in the Old Continent where your ancestors are from, but most important I hope you have read the 'Chapter one'

The dissolution of the Soviet Empire was an important step of political and economic transition marked by deadly conflicts, while many Nations peacefully gained their independence with the end of Moscow Dominion in others instead a war broke out, in some it happened quickly leaving behind not too many victims different it was the case of what happened in the Yugoslavia Federation after the death of Tito, the Croatian communist leader, who managed to impose his political figure internationally cutting a strategic position of him and of the country during the cold war, gaining the attention of the Western block as a natural antagonist of the U.S.S.R. the leader of the ‘Non-Aligned Countries’ the leader of the communist partisans who engaged a war against the Axis Forces and also against the pro Monarchy Serbian Chetniks partisans who later on would be also known for a simple slogan that underline his awareness of the delicate equilibrium that was maintaining his Nation alive ‘Brotherhood and Unity’ Tito affirmed his personal power over the federation of Yugoslavia as the Slavic communist partisan have fought two different wars at the same time, not only against the Axis Forces and the Ustascha Regime, the second one against the Serbian Chetninks who were loyal to the Monarchy in exile in London, Tito engaged a political battle then but didn’t discovered his cards in order to concentrate all others partisans groups at his command or just simply to enlist new recruits, he played well his cards till the point to gain that international recognition as of a leader of the whole Partisans movement who have freed the country which means he also got helped by the English government as well the Italians communist partisans groups, on a hand the U.K. government gave political asylum to the Serbian royal family on the other he acted in favor of the communist partisans movement all over those battlefields of Yugoslavia and Italy too, a double playing which it’s been typical of the British intelligence. The Red army however arrived and found that Tito was already in control of the situation leaving comrade Stalin men with a fist full of flies depriving the Bolsheviks of any space for political action first of all, Tito was already building his own Communist State advantaged also by the pressure of the Anglo American military forces who supported him military and politically but it is also probable that Tito who was perfectly aware of what could have been if the Soviets had put their hands on Yugoslavia before him, he decided in accordance with the British intelligence to impose himself military and politically before the Red Army arrival, it was a question of time the cold war it started already during the ongoing war and this is a fact. Considering that U.K. was a parliamentary Monarchy with the largest colonial empire the political support to a proud communist as Tito appears as inexplicable but the British intelligence put his hands on the Balkans area long time ago following a plan to reduce the possibility of a German expansion at the expenses of the dissolved Austro Hungarian and the Ottoman empire too, the Brits had to win the war but in their head the post war scenario was even more important of course, having established a strong link with partisans groups of all kind and communist on top in the case of Yugoslavia it was important to have a man like Tito who knew very well the U.S.S.R. real socialism to promote therefore a communist leader antagonist to Moscow had its advantages, first the creation of a big Unitarian state which functioned as a sort of buffer state between West and East but also a unique corridor that physically prevented future Germans political ambitions of expanding its territory, secondly having an alliance with Tito was also important in order to allow after the war the Brit intelligence to keep on working undercover and infiltrate secret agents for the espionage during the cold war.
If Germany had a wall to separate West from East, the Yugoslavia itself functioned as an extended close borderline that separate the world in two, Churchill will refer to it calling that borderline the 'Iron curtain' the hot borderline with Austria and Italy. The Yugoslavia federation was a multiethnic State made up of six different Republic kept united by Tito communism ‘ brotherhood and unity’ was his slogan not by case, taking advantage by the arrival of the allied up in the north the partisans were facilitated also because the Germans after a while went on retirement leaving the Italians military forces loyal to the Fascism alone between two fires, on a side the allied forces on the other the Italian partisan guerrilla, soon the Italian communist groups similarly to the Slavic engaged a war against others partisan groups of catholic and monarchic political orientation, they joined the Slovenians in order to bring Italy under the red flag dominion, this operation included the genocide of thousands of Italian civilians, brutally assaulted, women raped and beaten up, people forced to leave their houses and many others killed in groups thrown alive into the in the karst cavities typical of that area known with the name of Foibe, but this is another story of which I’ll write more on a separate post as here I want to go on to analyze the whole process political and historical that leaded to the definitive death of the Nation, the end of a communist federation which has redesigned the map of continental Europe as it is today. On the early 90s I as many other teenagers I recall when we gather in the streets of my hometown with other students for big demonstration, we naively asked for the cessation of hostilities, naively many participated without any kind of 'political conscience' some others instead had a sort of political motivation just because the left wing in Italy has always monopolized the world of school and therefore while the Italian Communist Party was reorganizing itself during what was the most great political earthquake still in progress that equally confused everyone, the student youth sections of left wing inclination were trying to understand something but yesterday as today they didn’t really catch up with the reality of things of Italy and even less about geopolitics stuff, they always have been ‘the rebels’ against the system, against the capitalist bourgeois State, which allowed him to have militarily occupied the educational system by the way. For the majority of the students it was just important to be there even if nobody had the maturity to elaborate a political purpose to put in examination to the ruling class, I only recall that not too far away the students of Yugoslavia find themselves trapped in a real war and many of them were just dying also in horrible ways, I felt powerless and aware of how distant all of us really were to understand what the real Power is and how it really works. Tito Funeral

Soon after Tito Funeral in 1980 the 6 Republic of the Yugoslav Federation had six years of stability more or less due to the fact that many functionaries of the communist party of each Republic, I would define ‘Traditional’ leaders managed to keep some sort of stability, this till 1987 but a new political class was emerging and with it things will take a different course. In this story dates are absolutely important, considering the ongoing process of dissolution of the U.S.S.R. which will have a great weight in the unfolding of events, as much as they always bored me I recognize the importance of keeping tracks of the chronicles of the events to give instantly the idea of how things can rapidly move and why, to elaborate the mechanism to explain how Power works. Regan in Berlin 12/06/1987 Berlin, Ronald Regan the American President speech referring to M.Gorbaciov said ‘Tear down that Wall’ many years before him the famous speech of J.F.K. the end of the U.R.S.S. appear to be closer than what all the world would had imagined 19th of November 1988 a few months later, almost five Slobodan Milosevic public speech in front of a huge crowd of Serbs declared that the Serbians were aware of the enemies plans against its country therefore declared that they were determined to fight them all at any moment and anywhere in order to defend the integrity of the Yugoslavia federation and in particular they would have took care of the safeguard of all Serbian people, Milosevic was aware that behind the curtains there were plans to destabilize Yugoslavia and it's speech was the warning sign to the West and East too. Milosevic in Josovo April the 20th 1988, the springtime it’s about to come.... 8 years after Tito funeral, three months after the speech of November, Milosevic is in Kosovo the poorest province of the Serbian country, a critical situation erupted between the Albanians and the Serbians the two ethnic groups of Kosovo, reciprocal accusation from both sides however Milosevic first public speech in front of Kosovar crowd was typical of a communist leader style member of the Central Congress condemning Nationalism and calling to that 'brotherhood and unity' of Tito legacy, but things wasn't that easy to be resolved just with slogans and he got openly confronted by the Serbian people who accused the Communist party of negligence towards their problems and asked for a private meeting with the Serbian leader who agreed just to calm down the situation but also because he realized that the ongoing change needed different answers from the usual ones. The first important consideration that we have to appoint it’s that by accepting to have a private confrontation with the Serbs or rather one specific ethnic group, in an area as Kosovo, it has represented a radical change compared with the usual communist style, Tito would never had accepted a private meeting with one side of the contenders as he was aware of the delicate equilibrium that was keeping the federal Nation alive an equilibrium that could be broken in few minutes, Tito was aware of the importance of never take a side on a social and political dispute of that kind, Milosevic choice can be explained in two ways, his decision was made in absolute and voluntary will of breaking with the old teachings or we must assume he was so stupid and I don’t think he was, Milosevic was all but stupid and decided to take the side of its own people as mentioned before on his November speech the Serbians were aware of the ‘dark forces’ moving behind to destabilize the country and declared that the Serbian were determined to defend the Nation and in particular the safeguards of any Serbian community of the Yugoslavia Federation. ‘Divide et Impera’ policies of the ancient Romans interested a multiethnic empire made up of colonies of different ethnics group to put one against the other was easy and strategically the best way the keep out of minds any revolutionary attempts to overthrow the Roman establishment. The Serbian community of Kosovo at that time was of a 10% of the entire population, these people felt to be discriminated and denounced to be often attacked by the Albanian who were the majority 90% therefore Milosevic aware of this situation planned a strong popular reaction in order to be legitimate to authorize the military intervention to calm down but in particular to protect the Serbian community, furthermore Kosovo was considered as the heart of Serbia, the most important Monasteries and Churches of the Christian Orthodox faith are in Kosovo, today still protected military, the Albanians were historically divided in Muslims and Christian Orthodox and in Albany the two different religious group coexisted with no problem till the arrival of communism, in Kosovo it was different as Albanian were a majority with no voice at all, Croatia and in particular Bosnia Erzegovina will be at the center of what later on would be a brutal war among the three dominant ethnics groups of the former Yugoslavia Federation. Milosevic in Josovo The dissolution of Yugoslavia it's an important chapter of the Continental Europe history in particular for how the situation escalated but also how the European Community and USA reacted can teach us a lot. Many of the former Satellite Puppet States of the Soviet Federation gained their independence without an armed conflict, it's no surprise that all of these former communist colonies afterward rediscovered a national pride, their identity as people with traditions, uses, costume and religion belief, Christianity and Catholicism in particular played a key role in the political process of opposition to the Soviet Totalitarian Tyranny that never admitted any form of Religion and in fact has substitute the religious faith with the faith on real socialism. Country as Poland or Hungary, the Czech Republic among others have been experienced the brutal repression of the real Communism, fresh in the memory of all Europeans those dramatic events of Budapest or Prague, the youngest Polish and Hungarian politicians who later on would have done a political career didn't knew one day they will have to catch up with former western European allied of Moscow, many of these people at that time didn’t condemned the brutal repression of the Soviets and that during the cold war cooperated with the U.R.S.S. as the Italian Communist Party who it's better to remind was the biggest Communist Party of the Western World, here again this wasn’t just a case or a coincidence, if the US forces invested on the Sicilian horse, the Brits focused on the reds ones to facilitated the intelligence operation, as the East infiltrate the West same thing the West through the European communism parties did the same.

Let' go back to Kosovo, April the 24th 1988 Kosovo war Milosevic gather alongside the Albanian Kosovar President Azem Vlassi they walked through a crowd of angry Serbs and as is in the style of ‘real socialism’ faced a public meeting with the locals people in the institutional palace of local administration, the representatives of the Serbian community denounced to be regularly discriminated and attacked by the Albanian to the point to be forced to leave their land as nobody not even the local law enforcement, who was controlled by Albanian, was doing anything to guarantee their safeguard, the plan appear to be quite clear or rather, the Albanian idea it’s to getting rid of the Serbians community to achieve after an Unique Ethno State then getting international political recognition in order to separate from the Yugoslavia federation and joining Albany, to achieves such an important goal which was and never died ambition of the Kosovar Albanian,( note only Italian Fascism will be able to reunited all the Albanian people in one unique great Albanian state ), it's necessary to eradicate any physic trace of Serbian deleting anything related to them as the Monasteries and Churches and also the Orthodox cemeteries too, the first step is to make life hard for the Serbians to provoke their voluntary exodus . The Kosovar Albanians denied all the accuses, by the way it is important to keep in mind that Albany or rather an Independent Nation of Albanians already existed and still exist, and the idea of a Kosovo totally in Albanians hands had indirect political support of Tirana, Albania among the communist countries after Stalin death got more close to Mao China as the Chinese saw in them the possibility to have a sort of a direct ‘watchtower’ in the heart of the Mediterranean sea therefore it is reasonable that the Asian Communist giant being interested too to extend its political presence in the Mediterranean sea might have helped the communist Albania to reach that goal. Yesterday as today the role of TV propaganda in such a situation it's crucial and even when things appear as spontaneous it might be they are not, meanwhile the meeting it’s going on outside the crowd got nervous and engaged clashes with the law enforcement, mainly Albanian, Milosevic and Vlassi abandon the meeting and went to face directly the demonstrators outside, TV cameras all around captured those moments, you can check yourself navigating on youtube, Milosevic got approached by an elder man who is informing him that the Albanians have infiltrated the Serbians crowd to engage a fight with the police to provoke then a violent repression, dark in the face as the tension was huge, Milosevic answered ‘They are not going to beat you up anymore’ inevitably that moment and specifically that sentence went on the national television and it’s political effect on the Serbian people was huge, it was a call of duty to all Serbian people to defend their Serbian brothers persecuted and kicked off not only from Kosovo by the Albanian people, Kosovo population historically divided in Muslim and Orthodox too but and this is the most important thing, the awakening of a national pride of the Serbian people a feeling buried and canceled for too long by the communist utopia of a fake brotherhood based on political principles that really never worked and that history proved to be ineffective. The evolution of the events that led to the dissolution of the Yugoslavia Federation started from Kosovo but it's thanks to real 'mise en scene' then broadcasted by the national television that things have turned bad, it is important to remind that all the process took years and that the Berlin Wall falls would be on 1989 so Milosevic was still considered by the West as the man who would have took Tito place and guarantee a similar politics of distance from Moscow, for the moment it was important to have that buffer state stable and the only man in charge to keep that stability appear to be Slobodan Milosevic the Serbian leader. Milosevic appears as the defender of the Yugoslavia Federation and the fact he has extended his control over the regions of Voivodina, by sending there buses full of Serbian demonstrators, Montenegro and of course Kosovo haven't bothered the West, the idea of the Great Serbia or rather of defined territory for all Serbians people wasn't anything new but Milosevic was in practice realizing it masking the whole process as the preservation of the Yugoslavia Nation as the last whispered words of King Alexander killed in France suggested years ago, and apparently he was doing it without any solid obstacle. A mass immigration process can be provoked with the use of violence as it happened in Yugoslavia but a better way it's to get the control of a country economy then by impoverishing some areas to the advantage of other areas it will provoke a spontaneous phenomenon of emigration and this is the better way to free an area or to reduce the capacity of its self-defense not only in terms of military forces but also economical, its productive capacity would be affected too, it is also a good method to install a different ethnic group into a defined territory with all that typical character that define that territory as a Nation formed through long process that took a lot of years. Once you have imported a huge of mass illegal migrants deluded by a nonexistent Eldorado as the E.U. dream in fact is it's already a first step of an orchestrated instability easy to direct, social tensions real or apparent would be an easy discounted result. The ongoing mass immigration process often justify by the instability, political and economical of many northern African countries it's going to transform the European 'stability' in the long term and somehow it's already a political tool of pressure to blackmail a ruling class, among all goods legal or not that can be trade the human being is the more economically valuable, of all business the human trafficking it's the most lucrative and produce richness a richness that can be invested to gain more power political and economics in a world dominated by a specific economic model as ours it makes a great difference. In this globalized world dominated by financial rules of a specific economic model there are few ever more rich minorities who can buy all those tools necessary to mislead public opinions, mainstream media on top then also internet of course, the Politically Correctness ideology it's exactly this, the power of a minority to impose what can be said and what cannot, the aggression to the free speech main goal is to prevent that the public debate will focus on real problems rather than fake ones as for instance the risk of the rise of a Fascist regime, the ongoing pandemic situation that it’s affecting the entire world has already changed the democratic rights of the masses, the massive manifestation that took place in Berlin the first August of 2020 has been condemned by all eruocrats, the German Minister of Interior Andreas Geisel of SPD banned further demonstrations in particular that one scheduled for Saturday 29 of August arguing that the demonstrators are not respecting the social distances and the correct use of masks but in particular undermined that over 20.000 people expected to gather in are all radical right wing extremists. In the case of Yugoslavian war note that Milosevic to gain control over Voivoidine region sent buses full of Serbian he had to increase the ethnic presence of the Serbs, with Montenegro then who was practically a natural allied Milosevic had the control over a good portion of territory even if the President Stamblic was of the ‘old Tito school’ Milosevic in regard of the Kosovo situation openly spoken of an ongoing coup d’etat organized by the nazist Albanians, it’s curious as Albany was just another Communist state and a deep studying of its history it’s important too if we want to understand the Old Continent of today. On February 1989 Albanians miners of Kosovo took the streets asking president Mlai to form a military unit later known as U.C.K. ( combat unit of Kosovo ) Milosevic who was on top of his popularity and despite some few old political opposition had the authority over the federal Army so the day after will sent the military forces to destitute all the political figures and restore a Serbian control over the region. The attempts to have the solidarity of others Republic failed, Slovenian and Croatians disagree with Milosevic policies arguing it was extending Serbian territory at the expense of others masking the whole thing as the preservation of the Yugoslavia Federation which technically and juridically it was even entitled to do so, both Croatian and Slovenian delegation decided to abandon the communist party congress, Slovenia was a pure ethnic state furthermore due to its proximity with the West it was already culturally infiltrated by westerns elements as it happened indeed on the satiric press who didn’t spare the criticism on the figure of Milosevic and his crew, the Serbian request of a banning of the western propaganda against the Yugoslav official policy were ignored by Milan Kucan Slovenian President. In the springtime of 1991 Slovenia and Croatia were prepared to the hypothesis of an armed conflict with Serbia, The Slovenian who had a pure ethnic state soon declared their Independence furthermore Slovenia was geographically separated by Serbia while the Croatian territory was sharing a borderline with Serbia furthermore, and this is the most important aspect, Croatia had a big presence of Serbian community in that region of Knin which of course will create the ‘casus belli’ between Franjo Tudjman Croatian President and Slobodan Milosevic political leader of Serbia, at that time the Serbian were in charge of Presidency of the congress of the Yugoslavia federation, the President of Serbia was Borisav Jovic that meant that the Serbian had the total control over the federal army. Franjo Tudjman It is important here to take consideration of the EU leaders of that time, first of all they wanted to manage the situation by themselves showing to the USA that the EU had the capacity of problem resolving of what was considered as an ‘internal affair’, EU leaders first step to recognize Slovenia independency giving a three months of time to monitoring the ongoing events didn’t helped to calm down the situation even because the Croatian soon followed with a similar request meanwhile a delegation of Knin people dusting off old grudges dating back to the Second World War time went to Belgrade to ask for protection from the Croatian Fascists as the Ustaše who used to be loyal to the National Socialist Germany and Italy were frightening them as in the old days, doubtless it was a mess. Knin Knin law enforcement protest supported by the local people turned in to a revolutionary step to destitute any Croatian institutional power on that territory and to do so they needed weapons to form a real army from Belgrade or rather the Serbian army itself deployed on the territory to defend their revolutionary aspirations, local Serbian people of Knin were instructed to organized themselves patrolling the territory with military improvised check points on the main highways forming a defined political borderline, so the Serbian avoided to violate internal laws. Tudjiman had enough of the Knin situations which it’s located between Spalato and Zagabria Croatian touristic towns those check points were illegals indeed and realize that the Croatian authority had to be soon restored so during the European Athletic championship held in Spalato ordered the Minister of Interior to intervene soon. In that springtime of 1991 Milosevic as Chief of the Federal government of Yugoslavia in charge had the control of the federal army therefore Croatia didn’t had an army at his disposition just law enforcement with poor armaments of course, Croatia needed to form a real national army, illegally Tudjiman bought heavy artillery and weapons in order to be able to engage a war at any moment, the link with Italian criminality who provided weapons and all the necessary stuff invested Tudjiam son directly a scandal that didn’t spare even the Croatian Minister of Interior. Milosevic initially underestimate the real situation or rather how strong was Croatia independency aspirations so despite secret services confirmed by filming the ongoing contraband of heavy armaments in Croatia, decided to send just 2000 troops divided in small group of soldiers to patrol the borderline with Slovenia. Slovenia War Milosevic made a tactical error as the Slovenian who instead had already their armed forces were much more numerous and deploys 35.000 troops whom engaged soon an armed conflict to kick them off making difficult also to create any supply line to reinforce the troops, the Serbians small troops therefore were isolated at all and needed everything of course and the only possible way then It was via the airspace. Igor Bavcar Slovenian Ministry of Police/Interior warned the Serbian to do not attempt to violate the Slovenian airspace in any way, the Serbian ignored the warrant and sent an helicopter soon taken down as promised, the helicopter pilot by the way was a Slovenian who died wearing the Yugoslavian military uniform while was just transporting some bread to fed up the federal army, it was at that point that became clear to everyone that Yugoslavia federation didn’t existed anymore, Slovenia act of war in a normal situation should have been considered as an act of terrorism, would you figure out a similar situation in any other Western country as U.K. or in any other Westerner Federal Nation? Our ruling class when massive demonstrations took the streets in some foreign country often speak up about the lack of Democracy till the point to justify a military intervention to protect civilians, but what happened when the protesters take the streets as it happened recently with the yellow vests in France? Macron brutal repression reached level that has nothing to do with that democracy he pretend to defend, what about the G8 of Genova described by the press as a ‘Mexican butchery’, this is an insult to the Mexicans in my opinion, If was in the shoes of the Mexican prime minister I would have called the Italian ambassador for a formal protest.

28 of June 1991 Luxembourg, the EU Diplomacy in action Lord Carrington The European Community leaders had a meeting to discuss the ongoing situation of the ‘former’ Yugoslavia federation mainly to demonstrate that they were able to manage the situation without the American help, a delegation of three Minster of Foreign Affairs flew straight away to the Croatian territory as Slovenia was already officially declared as a war zone, the Italian role, back in the days wasn’t secondary and the presence of the Minister De Michelis confirmed the importance that Italy held, also considering the borderline and the trade of weapons from Italy to Croatia operated by secret services best men on the Veneto ground at that time the role of the so called ‘Mala del Brenta’ of Felice Maniero was crucial, Italy held a large share of investments in the newly emerging Croatian State, who was by the way also a good place for money laundering via the Croatian casinos. The European Community recognized the independence of both States asking for a three months of negotiations, Milan Kucan Slovenian President who wasn’t the first time he had a meeting with European delegates clearly spoke informing that Slovenia was at war however EU had formally asked for break of the armed conflict in exchange for the starting of peace negotiations, the break was just on papers of course as the conflict in reality didn’t stopped and Slovenian troops defeated the federal ones, to open a space of negotiations it’s just useful to give break to the fighters the ongoing situation can evolve in a way or in another of course but also whoever manage to resolve a political problem of such proportion gives international prestige and assure a brilliant political career.
In Belgrade the State of Army would like to launch a massive attack but in the end the Serbian changed their mind, and they did another error as the EU clearly had already canceled the Yugoslavia Federation and stimulated the tensions among the Serbians presidency and the others Republics, plus considering the presence of Serbian people thought all the Yugoslavian territories, except of Slovenia, the divide et impera plan has sorted out its effects. Yugoslavia could have been a federal State on the model of many others westerner ones the main problems was that by having several Serbians communities through all the others Republic has complicated a peaceful political transition, once again it can coexist within a defined Nation the presence of minor ethnic communities as long as they are ‘minor’, Italy it’s a unicultural Nation who has alway guarantee and protected those minor ethnic communities with special treatment and of course political recognition too, if for example Austria or Germany would start to send buses full of Austrians to the Eastern area of Italy where there are two ethnics groups it’s going to destabilize the situation and it will soon provoke a military intervention. Again regarding the massive ongoing mass immigration process that it’s targeting Italy a country can’t allow an invasion of its territory masked of humanitarian intervention by the way managed by OGN who apparently are not depending from any government , this is false, the OGN are depending on private financers who given the actual economic model, that’s the real deep state who’s financing political parties and deciding their agenda too, the Nations ethnically homogenous with a unique common Religion with defined borders are under attack as them with their constitutional democratic rights are an obstacle to the creation of a super gigantic market that want’s to wiped out with one stone Democracy and trade unions in order to create a fake citizenship forcing all workers to accept the rules these globalist elites have decided furthermore with different religions it is imposed the supremacy of a fake secularism, Muslims societies haven’t developed a process of secularism and if you see those terrorist attackers that hit France who were considered as French Citizens in spite of their cultural background, their clear norther African aesthetics aspects it’s confirming the opposite, they have spits on the religions rules and politically never considered themselves to belong to the Western world on the contrary they have joined an extremist Islamist group who its absolutely against the Western model of Democratic open society. Back in that days of the Yugoslavian war the president of the Yugoslavia in charge the Serbian Borisav Jovic explained the Serbian point of view, considering that to engage a war with Slovenia who have been already recognized as Independent State officially by the international meetings with EU and considering the terms of a break of the fighting concluded that it wasn’t a war worth to fight for as the Serbian Political aspirations have changed rapidly or have been forced to change by the EU political resolution, Slovenia had a defined territory but in particular Slovenia was a ‘pure ethnic state’ there weren’t Serbian minorities in danger to be protected, the apparent gave up indeed was a tactical and political move, if Slovenia was entitled to have its independency and it’s integrity as ethno state that principle, a principle affirmed after all at the end of the first world one by President Wilson, the same principle should have been valid then for others Republic as the Serbian one for example, then the dispute remained open with Croatia only as Croatia differently of Slovenia had a massive Serbian presence estimated of 600.000 inhabitants who felt themselves in danger and that legitimated the request of protection by the Serbian State, Croatia had two choices, to negotiate or to engage a war in any case. Abandoned the Slovenia chapter Milosevic aware Croatia will wanted to follow the same way clearly reclaimed the Serbian political legitimacy of having their own independent State was equally right and that Croatian had no right on forcing 600.000 Serbian citizens to remain under Croatian control, the situation was serious now Milosevic reclaimed that territory lived by 600.000 Serbian as a firm condition for Croatia to separate by the rest of Yugoslavia, would you understand now why it is so important to maintain the integrity of the population of a Nation? If Castel Volturno which it’s already a Nigerian enclave within Italy with his parallel institution included a sort of law enforcement too formed by the Nigerian Mafia men will continue to enlarge it’s going to create sooner or later a political problem and that’s exactly what the globalist are willing to achieve, masking then any form of legitimate reaction of the State as an expression of ideological racism or the raise of a Fascist regime, and in this design the cooperation of the left wing antifa who are already on the pay roll of the globalist see all the business of welcoming the fake Refugees and those expansive OGN ships, now the Italian government its providing, at Italian tax payers expense ,the so called big quarantine ships this because with the covid crisis that Puppet which is the Italian prime minister he bartered financial support in exchange of the promise of taking care of all Fake Refugees and after earning the Recovery Funds magically all OGN came out, even some new ones as the Bansky mysterious artist of my balls, all willing to take a slide of that rich cake of the Recovery fund, another shameful EU attempt to manipulate Italian political life. It wasn’t the first time the history impose how important it’s the concept of ethnic groups who are living a territory, if someone implant in a city of 100.000 inhabitants a group of 50.000 people in specific area that area already doesn’t belong anymore to you as it happened in Knin and Kosovo, those people can be directed to organize a military control of the territory which it’s going to be the starting point then as in Kosovo happened to provoke social tensions among the population to stimulate law enforcement intervention It starts a domino effects as then the ‘minority’ in danger will not hesitate to ask for political recognize or even for a military support to resolve the humanitarian crisis, the mainstream propaganda will do all the necessary to facilitate the coup d’etat by sending the Free Press on the ground, foreign government too via OGNs so little by little the political pressure will start to give its fruits. The ongoing invasion of Southern Italy it’s been provoked by the military intervention of France and UK following on Lybia first then Syria, the media propaganda increased till the pathetic shows of Berliners crowd at the station singing ‘Say loud say it clear refugees, Syrians, are welcome here’ the domino effect of the ‘Arabs springtime’ stopped in Syria supported by Russian army and after nearly 6 years of a brutal war it is not over yet. Following the example of Yugoslavia EU ad USA planned to support the Georgian war on 2004, which has failed, more recently the war was provoked in Ukraine, Donbass and today in that Belarus, the Arabs connection and cooperation to destabilize the Russian federation are dated since the war in Afghanistan, the Caucas region and of course Syria where Russia managed to kick off all bandits westerner and Arabic sunni allys, in regard of the Caucas war it has been proven the connection with London Mosque of Finsbury park and again it’s involvement in some terroristic actions in French territory. A Political line held by those elites in control of EU, of Israel and the deep state of USA it’s to achieve another world war and China and Russia and their allied are the main target at this stage, Honk Kong wrestling arm with China isn’t separate by the Covid pandemic crisis that has invested in particular all the West, the chemical weapon it’s been spread to wick the Western economies and in less than 4 years in my opinion the situation it’s at highly risk to get worse the military machine its ready it’s the people who are not aware of it and the lockdown period all Western countries have experienced it was just a training to prepare people worldwide to a real state of war in which hourly curfew as provision of food and primary needs only would be allowed. The fact that Italy have been the first country to experience the lockdown it’s because of its geographical position in a military point of view Italy held several US bases, nuclear weapons and the main control antenna and command of modern system armaments located in Sicily
If you ask anyone in Italy about the war of Yugoslavia and I am referring not only to the people of my generation who have lived that historical moment but I suppose even those young going at school now, no wonder to realize that there’s a true ignorance of the facts that really have determined that terrible war, at the present time in Italy we have several Politicians of those who are in blinded supporter of the actual E.U. regime that it’s because of the European Union we had ‘Peace’ in continental Europe the last 70 years, how It is possible then? Simple having control of educational system as of the mainstream you can shape the minds of general public opinion, usually not very attentive to really important things as it is used to the constant bombardment of bullshit of all kinds and news of a general nature or for pure propaganda purposes of those who have the control of it. During the terrible war of dissolution of the Yugoslavia federation Europe and the entire world have been silent while genocides and ethnic cleansing not unlike Jews and gypsies persecutions during World War II were ongoing and this happened on the early 90s. The former Minister of Transports Graziano del Rio of the Democratic Party a party who it’s ruling Italy today in a coalition government it’s among those ones who often like to tells this great bullshit of the precious E.U. which has guaranteed peace for 70 years, the EU failed on its intent to manage the Yugoslavia situation and the UN first therefore the Clinton administration let’s say ‘resolved’ or rather completed the death of the Yugoslavia Nation.

Examining the EU political attempts to resolve the situation

of the Yugoslavia federation in details it helps to understand the reason why EU never worked in the past as it’s not working today absolutely incapable of giving common responses to the problems of our time, being by the way changed with the Brexit and the consequent solid predominant attitude of what I call the Aachen Dominion which it’s born politically under the threat of Isis and Daesh terrorist attacks that hit France in particular and in minor way Germany too, on the contrary EU has exacerbated social policy issues among the Member States by determining the process that led to Brexit for example and in the specific case of my interest how the so called EU Auster policies have downsized for the worse the Italian economy weakened it voluntarily to the exclusive advantage of the national interest of France and Germany and its 'allies' of the current Italian government.

EU Diplomacy helped to get worsen the situation of former Yugoslavia federation, Lord Carrington plan was rejected by Milosevic who of course was put with the shoulders against a wall, EU first step in Luxembourg was to recognize independency to Slovenia and Croatia aware to the Serbian communities all over the Yugoslavian territory, when then all armed conflicts were clearly provoked, the war invested the city of Vukovar a borderline city on the north east side with an important presence of Serbians, Vojislav Seselj Serbian Nationalist leader launched a campaign to call the Serbian in defense of their people, the Serbian forces already deployed on the borderlines alongside Croatia represented a large portion of further territory that could have been incorporated with the rest of the Serbian territory forming therefore a unique territory responding that political ambition which was described as the Great Serbia, the voluntary armed groups were then sent on the oriental sector to break through Vukovar. Note that apart of the official Yugoslavian Army even if controlled as the Serbian were in charge at the Yugoslavian presidency Milosevic had to use an army of Serbian volunteers to pay back with the same way those ‘dark forces’ who moved to dissolute the Yugoslavia Nation, as we have seen in this story to play on ethnic and national feelings have been crucial for the follows events. All those political figures who have really tried to work for a peaceful resolution soon became the first enemy of who behind planned to destroy the Yugoslavia federation, forming little States that of course will never be able to protect themselves and therefore will have to join on alliance or simply joining the big EU family of peacemaker and Nobel Prizes appointed on its jacket. The local chief of Police, a Croat man, Rehil Kir tried to find out a compromise to avoid the war, he will be killed by the Croatian intelligence as that wasn’t the moment of negotiations but a moment of war and during a war you can show any sign of wick as inevitably it will advantage the enemy, after having created a casus belli because of the presence of the Serbian volunteer soldiers the war started. EU Diplomacy took again a second step meanwhile innocent civilians have died in the heart of Europe, genocides, tortures, death camps women raped and all those crime against humanity denounced during the second world war was ongoing in front of the whole world, the same world that always said ‘Never Again’ while the Federal Army who was composed by all former Yugoslavian people wasn’t motivated at all to maintain the unity of the Nation of course the process of a pure Serbian army became the most important thing, if you don’t have soldiers really motivated you are not going anywhere. Two month after the first conference of Luxembourg the situation got worse and on a second meeting held in the city of Aja the six representatives of the formers Yugoslavia state seems accepting lord Carrington again as the European mediator who tried to discuss a plan with the main actors but as in many other conflicts these meetings were just a waste of time or rather a break of hostilities while secretly any of the sides were thinking on where to move the next step and this occasion wasn’t different indeed, from Vukoar came the time of Dubronvik. The State of the Army planned everything or rather the intention was to conquest Zagabria the capital of Croatia and then forcing a negotiate to get Knin they estimated the whole thing to be completed in 48 hours, the risk of such operations were huge of course as it have been a violation of international laws and Serbia can have find itself internationally isolated or even worse therefore Milosevic and the rest of Serbian allies forming the cabinet of war had to accept Lord Carrington proposal so again returned to Aja for another stage of that plan in this case a written path. The Lord Carrington path was basically a path of dismembering of the Yugoslavia federation or rather a solution to an ongoing provoked dissolution of it, as Slovenia was already out, the path recognized any of the six Republic independence and Sovereignty, Milosevic disagree of course having several Serbian communities between Croatia and Bosnia but remained isolated as all participants accepted that solution even Montenegro, Milosevic argued that the West was cancelling the Yugoslavia federation with a trait of pen and that wasn’t acceptable and that was exactly what EU Diplomacy worked for since the beginning, do we have to assume that those EU Big Heads were not aware of the presence of several Serbian communities in all the Federal Nations territory? Or even worse the case of Bosnia Erzegovina who wa a multiethnic state between two big competitor as Misloevic and Tudjiman, those EU Big Heads voluntary ignored the reality of the complicated Bosniac situation and despite the blue helmet presence a mass genocide and ethnic cleaning operation took place and nobody moved a finger but allowed later on the support of military intervention of the Nato forces to stop Milosevic , legally Serbia was on charge as Presidency of the Yugoslavia Federation so he was rightly defending Yugoslavian integrity but on the other hand with the Slovenian independence and the Croatian one on the good way his role was just figurative because in fact there wasn’t a Yugoslavia federation anymore. Who’s going to defend those Serbian communities separated by the motherland? Lord Carrington path didn’t resolved this big question and at last failed of course as Montenegro changed his mind and returned alongside Milosevic, basically anything really changed. Vukovar The siege of Vuokvar restarted again and for two months resisted and when Tudjiman thought it was lost it appear clear that politically the sacrifice of Vukovar was necessary in order to get international recognition by Germany, 15.000 died, half million refugee that was the result of the occupation of Vuokovar now it was just the moment on deciding what it’d be the next front of war and soon it appeared clear that Bosnia a multiethnic state was in danger.

The Siege of Sarajevo

yugoslavia war

“Graziano Del Rio former Italian Minister of the Transport and National infrastructure ‘The EU granted peace in continental Europe for over 70 years’ let’s go on with the final part of the dissolution of Yugoslavia Federation.

The situation of Bosnia Erzegovina was particularly different, first it’s between the Croatian territory and the Serbian one, second has always been a multiethnic state with several Serbian communities through different areas of its territory and Islamic communities too, plus others minors ethnic groups, similarly to Albania the more dominant religions are the Christian Orthodox and Muslim. While Muslim are in control of the center of the city all the surroundings are lived by the Serbian therefore with the consequent state of war any militia it’s been formed soon defending its natural position, on the hills that are watching Sarajevo then the Serbian militia have installed heavy artillery while powerless civilians in the city like mice didn’t have a way out. Radovan Karadzic who was the local Serbian representative leader on the 3rd of March 1992 agreed to have a meeting with the President of Bosnia A.Itzebegovic Muslim but the situation was already pretty messed up, one hour of meeting they concluded anything important just to keep the situation momentary calm. Karadzic Karadzic aware of the secret agreement between Milosevic and Tudjiman to dismembered Bosnia as in the end that was the only solution for both countries to conclude the situation and the religious element it can have assumed also a decisive role. Tudjiman openly spoke about a sort of Confederation but of course he would like to a partition of the Bosnian state at the expenses of the Muslim communities. On a hand Milosevic didn’t mind about the international recognition of the Bosnia as with his President Jovic already agreed to take a portion of those territories so he sent more soldiers on the disposition of Karadzic Serbian Bosnian leader on the ground plus the voluntary militia already seen in action in Croatia. The first city in which Milosevic sent its troops is the city of Bijeljina a strategic crossroads which it’d be a direct link with Belgrad the siege of Sarajevo have to be completed in three days in which the city would be attacked by heavy artillery from north and south while the militia on the ground would be in charge of the killing, house by house, of all innocent civilians hided, Izebegovic didn’t had enough military forces and neither any special equipment he can only ask to the local police to defend Bosnia as much as they can while in the meantime he started a political and strategical work involving international actors as the ONU troops. On th 5th of April its Sarajevo citizens on demonstration being a multiethnic city with mixed weeding among different ethnic group they are aware of how hard it’s going to be a partition of a country that it’s multicultural since ages the people entered the Parliament and assaulted the general quartier of Serbian Bosniac forces, they are against both Izebergovic and Karadzic considered unable to resolve the situation politically. The demo ended in blood as Karadzic ordered his snipers to opening fire to the demonstrators, soon after they will be captured by the local Bosnian law enforcement while Karadzic managed to escape to the mountains but the situation was too critical, however before attacking Sarejevo the Serbians are willing to conquest all those territories close at the Serbian hand regardless of the inhabitants, Sarajevo eventually would be the last final target. Zvornik The city of Zvornik lived by Muslim population it’s forced to accept the Serbian ultimatum, police should be disarmed and the city would be proclaimed Serbian territory, despite the illusion of a peaceful process the population of Zvornik will soon make the expanses of the Serbian policy, one day of fighting Zvornik it’s lost and many Muslim civilians have been killed, the military police it’s searching for them more than 2000 people are missing the rest of people are kicked off of a total of 49.000 Muslim inhabitants nothing will remain, the genocide it’s been organized in Belgrad according with the nationalist leader while Milosevic keep on denying, it’s not clear why the Nationalist leader of the voluntary militia clearly admitting its crime washing up his hands on Milosevic face, later on Lord Carrington EU mediator will return on the idea of a partition of the Bosnia in ethnic groups but Izerbegovic refused and despite the situation was critical for him and for the Muslim communities he honestly admitted ‘if we gave up they will kill us anyway so let’s resist as much as we can’. The Blu Elmet of ONU gathered around but the situation of Sarajevo escalated already, the entire world we’ll see the siege of Sarajevo attacked by three sides a guerrilla war managed to stop the Serbian advancing and surrounded the Serbian military commander the general of the Serbian command its now trapped Blu Helmet From Lisbon Itzrbegovic keeps on refusing any idea of a peaceful resolution has he doesn’t trust Milosevic on his way unaware of the fact that the Sarajevo airport was fallen in control of the Serbian military forces decided to land there even because he knew that an ONU convoy it’s going to be there waiting for him, that day the ONU convoy was late so arrived at the airport him and his daughter have been captured, Itzerbegovic and his daughter have had the possibility to negotiate their freedom only because the Serbian commander Kuanjac and his men remained trapped at the Serbian military command surrounded by the Bosnian forces, an exchange between him and Kunajac and his men was the only way out for him and his daughter when finally the ONU convoy arrived a travel through the devastation of the war started.


Vice President of Bosnia Gavic warned the Serbian general that they were trapped and that his life as the one of all the soldiers would be in danger if Iztebergovic wouldn’t have returned alive, the Serbian had to negotiate with the mediation of ONU General Mackenzie the Bosnia President managed to save his and her daughter life in a very critical situation indeed, the convoy with Bosnia President and Serbian General was divided on the way back and the fight started immediately the Bosnia President and the General Bosniac Commander Divjak wanted to resolve the situation peacefully that dramatic situation so stopped and the convoy started its travel again, this has been the war in Bosnia a mess up on the ground hard to resolve and more the situation goes on and more the European Community and the ONU appeared to be not appropriate to put an end to the situation, Bosnia became a member of ONU but in spite of this political decision things didn’t changed, The Siege of Sarajevo was decided and now came the turn of a new Serbian General, Mladic who soon would became famous for the ruthless behave and in particular for further genocides committed in front of the ONU soldiers captured and used as human shields to avoid the Nato military intervention to stop the siege.. Clinton administration offered support for peace negotiations supporting initially Milosevic and the Serbian cause, despite of the genocide known and reported by the press the American administration took then the side in defense of the Serbians in the Kosovo area the conflict had strong religious basis too, Muslim vs Orthodox Christians fought till the last breath a war in the, the process of negotiations moved from EU to the USA and took a long time, Bosnia in the end paid a terrible price in terms of human lost, after having supported Milosevic the international community turned against him all the main figures of that war ended up in front of the court of Aia for crimes against humanity, Kosovo self-proclaimed its Independence on 2008 it’ in fact self-governing territory under the protectorate of the United Nations; claimed by Serbia, 96 Nations recognizes as Independent State against the whole 193, 22 o the 27 EU member States recognize his status, it’s a parliamentary Republic on its territory UE it’s present with a military operation known as EULEX, Kosovo it’s on the protectorate of the Unites Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, it’s has not being recognized by Serbia of course and Russia, even if the euro value it’s the currency in use it’s not a real EU member state differently by many others several little independent States all born with the end of U.S.S.R. many of them as Croatia,Slovenia,Lituania,Lettonia,Bulgaria,Poland,Cechia,Romania,Slovacchia,Slovenia,Ungheria have joined the EU, CLINTON In Kosovo Pristina capital there is Bill Clinton Boulevard, plus a big statue on its honor, the toponymy of the city also include a street in honour of George W Bush while in other cities there’s a street in honor of President Wilson the American president of the Versailles Treaty that didn’t make happy anyone. UCK UCK In conclusion before the arrival of USA Western Europe was defended by the communist threat mainly by Italy and Germany after the second world war the USA kept going on with the cold war creating secret military units ready to intervene in case of a Soviet invasion, the then famous Gladio organizations, is not clear yet what Former Minister Graziano del Rio of the Democratic Party ages ago Italian communist Party how EU have managed to defend and maintain peace in continental Europe for over 70 years this is the justification always use when its defending this fake Union that since back in the days when Germany wasn’t completely reunited didn’t managed to resolve a fuck but as I have explained have only contribute to the escalation of a brutal war of which still today you can see the sign in all the former Republic of the Yugoslavia Nation, according with the news I have it seems that in Pristina there’s no statue of Lord Carrington of or any other former prime minister of the EU Diplomacy team of the early 90s someone should give a shout to those servants pretending to be journalist all pro EU left wing activist working in the mainstream.