WriteFreely supports LaTeX via MathJax!

questa è una pagina di test. Stiamo configurando l'implementazione MathJax su noblogo.org

LaTeX examples (via MathJax) in write.as/writefreely blogs

From the write.as or writefreely blog's Customize page, there is a checkbox for MathJax support.

An example

The Quadratic Formula

f ( a ) = 1 2 π i ∮ f ( z ) z − a d z

Cauchy's Integral Formula

f ( a ) = 1 2 π i ∮ f ( z ) z − a d z

Angle Sum Formula for Cosines

cos ⁡

Gauss' Divergence Theorem

Curl of a Vector Field

Standard Deviation

Definition of Christoffel Symbols