DENIERS ‘Mainstream and the Italian Board of Directors’

Manifestanti a Roma

In line with the Berliners and Londoners citizen who has demonstrated against the handling of the whole matter related to covd19 last Saturday the 5th of Septeber in Rome a similar even if less big crowded demonstration took place. The electoral campaign needed a starting moment or rather a topic to keep virtually united the actual coalition ‘Board of Directors’ who is in control of the Italian colony, the globalist and its servants have passed on the attack as in 13 days it would be the Referendum promoted by the 5StarsMovement to cut the numbers of and Senators furthermore we are going to have local political election in many important regions of Italy and despite it appear clear that the ruling class and in particular the 5StarsMovement is going to reduce its political representativeness the former ‘Political Leader’ and Minister of the Work, now Minister of Foreign Affairs Giggino Di Maio already declared that in the event of what appear to be especially for its infamous movement, an announced political defeat him and all the other are not going to leave to the Italian people the possibility of going to a Political Election. From 2007 till the present time the parable of the former seller of drinks and chips at the San Paolo stadium in Naples Giggino Di Maio as of the whole ‘Pretending to be Revolutionary Anti-establishment movement’ it’s marked of a huge of shameful moments, in several occasion the major of Rome Virgina Raggi as the one of Torino Chiara Appendino have given proof of their absolute adherence to the left in general. The over the left and right ideologies movement of which I’ve wrote a detailed post on this blog ( have joined at all the typical left wing antifa attitude of the, used to be hated, Caste who see fascists and racist in all the majority of the Italian population that never voted for them. The Mainstream ignored the Rome demonstrations or rather the Password used by all national journals and TV and of course of all the members of the Italian bureau of directions it’s the word ‘Deniers’ to denigrate all those who have shown a critical thought regarding the whole management of the covid situation, an implicit political significance well established by centuries of media bombardment that refer to the extreme right wing or rather all those people that have been radically critical about the existence of the concentration camp of extermination, the mainstream goal it’s to cancel at all the contents of all the people who worldwide are expressing critics on the respective ruling class in particular the radical measures as the lockdown and the use of masks, the social distancing and now also the forced vaccination of the students which soon will return at school, and in particular the whole business around the medical stuff and the link between big names of the American Capitalism who is investing a lot on a vaccine anti covid19 and the eventual forced use of it. Who is writing decided to start blogging when all this madness has started, initially the idea was a way to exorcise the nervousness and terror feelings due to the lockdown moment as many others I’ve followed the evolving of the situation worldwide and being equal at zero my faith on the mainstream media system of information I thought that a good way to inform other people around the world was to write mainly in English, Italy has been the first country that have been hit by the pandemic while on the rest of the Western world life was going on calm without any worry. On the early days the covid19 was just a mortal virus circulating in China, I recall I used to see clips of how badly things were going in the city of Whuan, the epicenter of this damn virus however the Italian ruling class in the person of the Prime Minister himself and other representative figure went on TV and minimized the possibility that Italy could have been affected, they insisted on the fact that the national health system was solid and prepared at any eventuality furthermore a political campaign using the so called ‘Experts’ who denied the risk of the covid19 described as a normal flu for which there was no reason to be worry and in particular about the use of mask to cover face and nose. The mainstream in February informed that the covid was arrived in Italy because of a group of Chinese tourist visiting Rome at the end of January and reported also the case of a young Italian researcher that went in Whuan for the new year’s day returned later in Italy resulted covid positive, all recovered at the Spallanzani Hospital of Rome an health center of excellence specialized on research and infectious disease. After 29 days of intensive care treatment the Chinese couple, mid aged pensioner, were healed and moved to another hospital to complete the physic recovery dismissed after 49 days from the Spallanzani moved to another Hospital of the capital for further monitoring. abbraccia un cinese invotino primavera The Reaction of the Italian Ruling Class during those days was shameful and idiotic at the same time, the left wing started a campaign named ‘ Hug a Chinese’ denouncing the presumed racist attitude of the Italians people who were asking for better control or eventually to stop all Chinese flight from Whuan, a ridiculous campaign that interested all the major figure of the Democratic Party, the Prime Minister in a press conference expressed concern for eventual ‘racist’ episodes of the Italian children at the primary school towards Chinese children, the whole circus of the left wing takes the opportunity to ride a political campaign which had nothing of political and bordered of ridicule, after ‘Hug a Chinese’ several talk shows started to talk about the irrational racist attitude of the Italian people that were boycotting Chinese restaurant in particular therefore followed a solidarity competition of journalists, politicians and various personalities all intent on eating the typical Chinese starter dish 'spring roll' the major of Milan too didn’t miss the chance to do his performance and launched the ‘Solidarity Aperitif Milan never Stop' all this pathetic show to ridicule the worrying of the Opposition who represent the majority of Italians by the way and many others Italians. The situation escalated soon and the consequences are well reported in this blog however at the present time the official number of victims it’s of 35.000 people and it’s like Italy have faced a real war scenario, last day at the private party of the journal 'Il Fatto Quotidiano' very close to the 5StarsMovement an embarrassing Prime Minster was denouncing the so called 'Deniers' claiming that we all have to shut up as there 135.000 victims in spite of the fact that another even more embarrassed journalist and former director of that journal intervenes trying to correct the hoax of Conte that appears to be deff and blind all intent on playing a pathetic 'political' role. It is important to underline that nobody of the so called ‘Deniers’ denied the evidence of all these victims sure anyone knows that there were a lot of victims around 35.000 more or less not 135.000 as the Premier says but after the scandals that came out as the fact that the Government declared the ‘Emergency state’ already in January, just on paper, without having informed the Italian population in January by the way in those days the Prime Minister used to minimize any risk supported by the Expert Doctor Burioni and with the production of a clip transmitted on the public service of RAI television. While the Prime Minister used to minimize the whole situation the Minister of Foreign Affairs Di Maio donated a huge of mask to the Chinese people furthermore it has been discovered that the Prime Minister Conte procured for himself and his beloved ones all the necessary material to set up a small hospital equipped with everything necessary for the treatment of conid19 in spite of the fact that the Italian National Health Service was struggling to get all the necessary stuff from the mask to the artificial breathing machine, the situation was so critical I recall that I had to ordered 3 mask at the local pharmacy and after two month I’ve received the phone call of my pharmacist who at last informed me I can only buy 2 miserable masks at the price of almost 10 euros, so despite the lockdown I had to go to work even the enterprise I was working with gave me just a single miserable mask of canvas useful a fuck. The government had all the information in hand to be able to act promptly, but did nothing but file it or, worse still, keep it in the drawer, regardless of the seriousness of the consequences shown by the data. A study already delivered on February 12 to the Technical Scientific Committee warned that the virus would cause between 60 thousand and 120 thousand infections and that there would be between 35 thousand and 60 thousand deaths. Above all, it clearly highlighted the criticality regarding the – lacking number of intensive therapies necessary to cope with the situation in spite of the fact that the whole government was perfectly aware of the scientific study as of the warnings but decided it were not enough to trigger the government's action and what is worse is that everything has been classified furthermore numerous obstacles posed by the Ministry of Health and Civil Protection in order to hide to the Italians people a truth that nw need clarification no more excuses of the need not to spread panic is absolutely not acceptable anymore. The tardive national lockdown who by the way were unjustified regarding the southern regions of Italy, the leak of news on early days that provoked panic among the population of the north and of Milan in particular who assaulted the train to avoid of being blocked in the north, the shameful financial speculation made on the cost of the masks, of all national journals ‘La Repubblica’ who belong to the ‘Gedi group editions’ which control many important media and radio station too it's propriety of the Agnelli family who appear to be the main one who is pressing on denigrate the so called ‘Deniers’ the same family it’s on the business of mask production plus other Italian enterprises even if the government again isn’t clear and transparent at all, it is obvious that the forced use of mask as the not justify extension of the State of Emergency till the 15th of october no doubt It’ all s a big business. The ruling class it’s not only denigrating the justified concerns of a lot of people but again it’s pushing for social tensions among the population, it happened especially on the early days in Rome where the Major and its stuff promoted a campaign charging all Italians to be vigilant and if necessary denounce all those people whom had escaped the lockdown restriction or who simply were jogging without wearing a mask. It's a dangerous game that can escalate on more worse tension among the population and it's probable what the ruling class would like to achieve a chaotic situation to speculate again and again just to gain some political points on the polls, the official ones are manipulated and they are aware of how much the Italians have enough of this ruling class, the Eurocrats of the Democratic Party too while are encouraging the demonstrators of Minsk or Honk Kong speaking about 'Democratic constitutional rights' on the other hand are denouncing and denigrating all the Westerner who demonstrate against the suspension of democracy and of constitutional rights in a perfect totalitarian dictatorship style, with the opening of the school concerned Mothers free associated was among all the demonstrators as the forced use of mask and the probable vaccination it might be imposed to all the young more than 6 years old, a Grandma leader of this group last day chained herself on a pole in front of the President of Republic palace after a while 20 policemen arrested her and took away for identification, she was released soon after and declared to be insulted by the law enforcement which during all this time it kept a repressive attitude of many Italians for silly reasons violating the elementary democratic constitutional rights. Let's be vigilant anyone who is critical it's an extremist even a grandma tomorrow we might read of the rise of Nazism while the single Thought it's the only one admitted who its ruling now what can we say and what not.