A Visit Into a Dish with Reeds and Mist

Weird title, you say? Well, let me explain.

You know, I wrote a tool that creates videos from an image. It's a tiny language that allows to “visit” images and take snapshots of regions within those images. I call it veemadge.

So I took a nice picture from the Internet Archive, called “Dish with Reeds and Mist”, and I fed it into veemadge.

This is the picture:

Picture of "Dish with Reeds and Mist" The hyperlink brings to a page of the Internet Archive in which a detailed description of this wonderful plate is provided.

And this is the resulting video:

Okay, now let me tell you a little more about the soundtrack to my video: that's my latest track, “Mist Blue“:

That's basically a bass improvisation played atop a hybrid generative composition. It's available (”pay-your-price”) on bandcamp, at


The bass lines I mixed in “Mist Blue” brought my mind to a quote by Frank Zappa's in which he talks of time as a circular space in which everything takes place at the same... time. I had recorded five improvisations and at each time t I selected up to three events occurring on those five impros. When I listened to result, I realized that I was experiencing an illusion: A linear progression of events that had been recorded in totally different times were now put together creating unintended interplays — unintended Whole(t) that emerged and evolved non-purposely. The illusion had become a tangible reality, in a sense. And that made me wonder whether that now tangible reality was a way to capture, or at least exemplify, what Frank Zappa had said...

Here I played a lovely instrument — a microbass lent to me by my friend Paul, the drummer of the band I was a member of until a few weeks ago.

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All the best, 栄屯