The Sacred Symbols of Mu” is the title of an old book by James Churchward. Churchward called “Mu” a hypothetical lost continent in the Pacific Ocean. It is now clear that this continent never existed, but “Mu” remains a fascinating word that has taken on a remarkable amount of meanings and uses throughout its long history. As a Chinese character, “Mu” (無) is used to express the absence of something, but also nothingness, inesistence or impossibility. Interestingly, 無 also expresses the.

“Pure awareness, prior to experience or knowledge.”

And among its many meanings, there is also that of... to dance XD

“Mu” is also the title of my latest piece, a jazz piece that begins in 7/8, continues in 4/4, and then returns to the original 7/8. A going down, up and down again, then; something I could represent as “–+-

Down, up, down. As in an alternate form of the character “Mu” (that of the characters in seal-Shuowen). You can see it in the figure. I see there two dancers, one on the left and one on the right, and above them the Master, towering over them and guiding them. Down, up, down, “–+–”.

To accentuate this interpretation, on the “face” of each dancer I superimposed the head of three statuettes Jōmon.

After so many words, here is some... Music XD. I hope you enjoy it!