Bo Leroy

A young woman picking flowers in a field. The woman is saying “Aux marches du palais”, which I believe means “On the palace steps” (I may be wrong). This is a murale in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

“Bo Leroy” is a track for electric guitar, accompanied by bass, vibraphone, and koto. It is based on a riff that came to me yesterday, March 5, 2022, after I had played Zappa's “Cosmik Debris”. I was trying to render Zappa's fantastic arrangement on my guitar, and this led me to using my guitar in a “wild” way. Later on, I started applying the newfound technique and “Bo Leroy” 's theme showed up. I recorded it, and overdubbed some crazy improvisations. I left one impro untouched, and I processed the other by removing chunks that did not fit well, and by adding effects. Then I had the idea for a piano riff, which I rendered with tuxguitar. I found that the piano did not match the song, so I used a vibraphone instead. And then I added acoustic bass and koto.

Here's the result — I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing and recording it ^_^

“Bo Leroy” is by and © Eidon (Eidon at All rights reserved.

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