Mick Robase

A purple haze of planets Or maybe molecules? The very big, the very little, Are they so different?

Does it matter, after all, if matter is matter'ial, Or not at all?

Full, hollow, within, without, Convexes and concaves, Silences and shouts!

Where lies the truth, How false's my doubt? As late as I know I'll tell you more about.

— By and © Eidon, Eidon at tutanota.com

A few days ago my friend Paul lent me a beautiful instrument — a microbass. I have two bass guitars but, I don't know, playing that microbass was the best.

Halfway guitar, halfway bass... probably that's why I like it, 'cause I myself am something in between a guitarist and a bass player. The fact is, when I play it, I get lots and lots of musical ideas. Some are bad and get discarded, some are good and haunt me down until I yield and turn them into music pieces.

That's what happened with “Mick Robase”: I had a first idea, then a second one that matched well with the first...

So I recorded them and then I started improvising on top of both. A few little fragments made sense, at least to me, and I trashed the rest. Then I started thinking of a structure, and of other parts, and other instruments. I wrote two percussion lines, and added a doublebass part. I added a piano part — at first a simple melody, then something a little more complex;

and that was it :–)

I hope you like the result! It's on my Bandcamp and on youtube:

“Mick Robase” is by Eidon, Eidon@tutanota.com. Music and pictures © Eidon, All rights reserved.

“Mick Robase”'s video was created with txt2srt & feed-povray.

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