AI-fragile 『愛フラジャイル』

AI-fragile 『愛フラジャイル』 had two majors sources of inspiration;

[^1]: The Kanji for and do not seem to refer to life though...

[^2]: The seeds of this track were actually some personal reflections on antifragility.

Ai is also a feminine Japanese given name, and of course, a reference to Artificial Intelligence. The old manga Video Girl Ai couples nicely the two concepts.

AI-fragile 『愛フラジャイル』 is made of three parts:

Confucius said: – Elevate yourselves with odes, strengthen yourselves with rituals, complete yourself with music. (Confucius, Lun Yü (The Analects), Book 4, Chapter VIII T'Ai-Po, 192)

] (Picture by Unknown – This file has been extracted from another file: Ancientchineseinstrumentalists.jpg, Public Domain).

A man who is not charitable, what will he make out of music? (Confucius, Lun Yü (The Analects), Book 2, Chapter III Pa I, 43)

When he was in the kingdom of Ch'i, Confucius heard shao music: for three months [while studying it, he was so absorbed that] he did not perceive the taste of meat. “I never imagined,” he said, “that the music would go that far.” (Confucius, Lun Yü (The Analects), Book 4, Chapter VII Shu Êrh, 160)

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