Per Tiziana

This is my latest work — “Per Tiziana” (For Tiziana). A music theme that “haunted” me for days, until I finished working on it this morning, last day of 2020, around 3:30am.

I should probably not say this, but I love it. Makes me think of Piazzolla, and Riz Ortolani. Music for movies, as my friend kindly mentioned — in fact, Per Tiziana was created as a theme in a soundtrack for an imaginary movie that probably will never be shot.

Also, it's one of those cases in which I regret the most not having studied music. Alas...

The instruments are vibraphone, alto sax, cello, pizzicato strings, electric guitar, timpani, and drums. The music composed itself between December 25 and 31, 2020.

Picture from “Samsara”, by Sergio Vanello. From “The music of Erich Zann and other stories”

A version for piano, timpani, and drums, is also available:

By Eidon. © Eidon ( All rights reserved. desrever sgnorw llA

From “II”: