Scirocco's music was generated by interpreting the following strings as packs of cards and simulating with them the following “Beggar my Neighbour” games:

001001636382637200100 002001636382637200000 001001636382637200100
y6546y y6546y 002200
000200022004400220001000 000401022004400220101100 
y6546y y6546y

Instruments are: bassoon, flute, pizzicato strings, sitar, contrabass, congas

Duration is 117.500s

The music generation repository is here. (It is still to be updated with the Beggar-my-neighbour generator...)

Scirocco's video was produced via the latest version of Feedpovray by running the following command:

read -r -d '' PIGMENT <<- EndOfPigment
                          pigment {
                                    turbulence 0.5
                                    lambda 1.5
                                    omega 0.8
                                    octaves 5
                                    frequency 3
                                    color_map {
                                      [0.00 color Red]
                                      [0.33 color Blue]
                                      [0.66 color Yellow]
                                      [1.00 color Red]
                                    rotate 45*z
feedpovray --input=000000445566 --y=4 --z=8 --output=000000445566.pov \
               --prologue=prologue.001122222222.b \

In this version of Feedpovray, the quantum object is either a sphere or a cube with a unit radius or side.

The resulting Povray script was edited as follows:

    camera {
      // ...other statements
      location <500+clock*30090, 500+clock*30090, 500+clock*30090>
      // ...other statements
    global_settings { ambient_light Orange }
    background { color Aquamarine }

117.5*23.976 +10 = 2828 PNG frames were produces, and then turned into a video via command

    ffmpeg -framerate 23.976 -pattern_type glob -i '*.png' -i "$1" \
              -c:a aac -b:a 128k  -c:v libx264 -r 23.976 -pix_fmt yuv420p \
              -filter:v "fade=in:st=0:d=5, fade=out:st=112.5:d=5" video.mp4

where “$1” is 's audio data.

© 2020 Eidon. All rights reserved. desrever sgnorw llA

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