A veritable musical waterfall — myriad expanses of sounds — from which, I believe, something unitary emerges.

Like a vision:

“By chance, I start my journey from the watershed to remote regions, Suddenly I see the silhouette of mountains — myriad expanses of green. What is this Feilai Peak which now does not recede? Its rocky walls, linked to heaven, are drenched by a waterfall.”

(Xu Fang's colophon on Leaf four of 山水花鳥圖冊 (”Anthology of Landscape, Flower and Bird Paintings,“) by Fan Qi; early 1650s.)

This is me playing a Fender Squire Stratocaster with a Floor Pod Plus, a Yamaha classic guitar, and a Pro-Session acoustic bass (Model No. SE-400B). On percussion, that's my laptop.

Here it is:


(A humble homage to my favorite album by Yes is also shown.)

Also on youtube:

and on fakebooc.

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