Mircus Maller

I simply adore Marcus Miller. I had the chance to be at three concerts of Kami sama Miller, and twice I even shook hands with Him. I mean, my hand touched His!

So this is a track for Marcus. I would do anything to have him listen to my little musical idea. We all can dream, right? And my wildest dream is to meet Marcus and give Him this track.

- “What the heck Eidawn, no bass in this one!

- “an' by the way, whaddayamean by that title?

Eheh, the music came to me on a whim, and the title too...

It all started on the drums this time. I usually add drums at the end, though not this time. I wrote the drums sequence as a Hydrogen song, then exported it as a midifile and used it as a primary structure that I decorated with bass (yes, Kami sama, with bass; although later on I opted for having a piano in the foreground, my apologies...) And then I painted alto sax on top of that. I say “painted” because it truly was like that — I started placing notes as if they were graphical rather than musical material; and I responded to those serendipitous atoms with choices directed by the musical meaning of the evolving whole. It kinda worked well, if I may say so myself...

I remember that also Frank Zappa Kami sama, when still in College, used to compose music purely as pictorial elements... I love this intermixture of arts, as I also love ArtScience.

And then, I painted everything with soundfonts. I took a nice sound samples library called... Nice Keys, by John Nebauer, another one called Sonatina. I mixed all the ingredients together with Audacity (how I wish I could use a real DAW), and here's the final result:

Truly I felt so happy when a dear friend and great musician told me he liked it. Yay!! ^_^

Mircus Maller has been written by Eidon (eidon@tutanota.com). All rights are reserved to me (and Marcus Miller) ^_^