“Illyeen” is an original spelling for “عِلِّيِّين”, which is a Quranic name for girls (see other spellings and more info here)

“Illyeen” is also my latest #Grundgestalt. If you like, you can download it from my #Bandcamp

Oh, yes, “Illyeen” is also an anagram of “Ley Line”.

And “Ley Lines”... is my latest album:

Also on Bandcamp yeah

The video has been done with txt2srt, a simple tool to orchestrate the execution of other tools on a sequence of pictures.

Illyeen is by Eidon, and is © Eidon (Eidon at tutanota dot com). All rights are reserved.

Pictures in the video are by Eidon. They are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.