euqinacèM and GoHachi


Let me share with you my latest work and video:

I called it “euqinacèM” (”Mécanique” read in reverse). That's because it is basically a Dada xenochrony based on the famous experimental short “Ballet Mécanique” played in reverse — from its last frame to its first. I sped up the video to 64.58fps, and then mixed my newest composition, “Gohachi”, with it.

I found the result truly surprising! Especially when you consider that I composed the music without considering to use it as I did. In the end, as Don Preston says in “200 Motels,” it looks like “Whatever I mix... is irrelevant... to THE RESULT!”

...I wonder what Frank would have thought of my little Dada meta-experiment....

And I'd love to hear your opinion!

The Wikipedia article about “Ballet Mécanique” now briefly mention my score:

Gohachi is available on my #bandcamp:

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Thank you!