So, let me reflect on what I did...

And then I set to find a name for the resulting piece!

I took the string “on reflection” and I selected permutation “electrifonon

Fonòn” can be read out as in Greek word “φωνόνιο” (phonon). From Encyclopaedia Britannica one learns that

“A phonon is a definite discrete unit or quantum of vibrational mechanical energy, just as a photon is a quantum of electromagnetic or light energy.”

Of course my being a devote Zappaphile, I immediately associated the phonon to the vibrational energy that generates everything (even the ponies), namely the Big Note.

Now, the first thing one tries when they meet a phonon is to electrify it — obviously. And this produces an electriphonon. I think. You betcha thought we couldn't do it, right?

That's right, I vibed together Gentle Giant and Zappa's cosmogony. On reflection!

And what about the picture? Oh that's a polychrome woodblock print by Katsukawa Shuntei (1770–1820). Its title is “Ono-no-Komachi Looking at Her Reflection” 😊

And who was Ono-no-Komachi? They say she was a woman of fabled beauty and a poetess of immense skill... I will study about her!

Cheers, Eidon.