Kadodededede 『門出デデデ』

Kadodededede 『門出デデデ』 is my latest work

(Should I call them “my” works?)

“Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction” is the major seed string I used for this Grundgestalt. I also use “Asano Inio” and “Solanin”, plus a description of “DeDeDeDe” from Wikipedia.

The picture is a photo of a work of art from an unknown student of the Academy of Art of Leuven, Belgium. It captures well, I think, certain feelings of hopelessness that haunt us in some days of our lives.

The art is © of that student, the music is © 2020 Eidon (Eidon@tutanota.com). All rights reserved. desrever sgnorw llA.