Exercise 16

My latest composition, “Esercizio no. 16” (Exercise no. 16):

Three voices, which I assigned to soundfonts of a Steinway piano, a Otto Rubner double bass from 1958, and percussions.

Video is obtained via https://github.com/Eidonko/Permutation-feed-povray with as input the string “000011112222”.

Resulting Povray file was edited by changing the camera structure as follows:

camera {
   sky <0,0,1>          //Don't change this
   direction <-1,0,0>   //Don't change this  
   right <-4/3,0,0>     //Don't change this
   location  <300+clock*43000,300+clock*clock*43000,300+clock*43000>  //Camera location
   look_at   <-400,0,0>    //Where camera is pointing
   angle 1      //Angle of the view--increase to see more, decrease to see less

The audio is also available on




and on mastodon:

Composed on October 18—20, 2020.

Both video and audio are by Eidon and © Eidon (Eidon at tutanota.com). All rights are reserved.