Prufrock's music was generated by interpreting the following strings as packs of cards and simulating with them the following “Beggar my Neighbour” games:

0070056446500400 0060056446500300 y3443y
0060056446500300 0030056446500300 0004000 
0070056446500400 y3443y 
0040056446500300 0004000 003300 
0000056446500000 0004000 
0020056446500200 0004000 0000220000 y3443y 

Streets that follow like a tedious argument
Of insidious intent
To lead you to an overwhelming question.
Oh, do not ask,
What is it
Let us go and make our visit. 

0000220000 y3443y 
0000056446500000 0004000 003300 
0040056446500300 0004000 003300 
0030056446500300 0004000 
0060056446500300 00200 
0070056446500400 002200 y3443y y3443y 0220 y3443y 0220 

As you can see, the pattern 00x0056446500y00, with x and y decimal digits, is the major seed of this Grundgestalt.

Another seed is given by an excerpt from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, by T. S. Eliot.

Duration is 125.764s

The music generation repository is here. (It is still to be updated with the Beggar-my-neighbour generator...)

Prufrock's video was produced via the latest version of Feedpovray by running the following command:

read -r -d '' PIGMENT <<- EndOfPigment
                          pigment {
                                    turbulence 0.5
                                    lambda 1.5
                                    omega 0.8
                                    octaves 5
                                    frequency 3
                                    color_map {
                                      [0.00 color Red]
                                      [0.33 color Blue]
                                      [0.66 color Yellow]
                                      [1.00 color Red]
                                    rotate 45*z
feedpovray --input=000000445566 --y=4 --z=8 --output=000000445566.pov \
               --prologue=prologue.001122222222.b \

In this version of Feedpovray, the quantum object is either a sphere or a cube with a unit radius or side.

The resulting Povray script was edited as follows:

    camera {
      // ...other statements
      right x*1.77777777777777777777
      location <55+clock*15090, 55+clock*15090, 55+clock*15090>
      // ...other statements
    global_settings { ambient_light LightBlue }
    light_source {
         color MediumGoldenrod
    background { color OldGold }

125.764*23.976 + 10 = 3025 PNG frames were produces, and then turned into a video via command

    ffmpeg -framerate 23.976 -pattern_type glob -i '*.png' -i "$1" -c:a aac 
         -b:a 128k -c:v libx264 -r 23.976 -pix_fmt yuv420p 
         -filter:v "fade=in:st=0:d=5, fade=out:st=120.764:d=5" video.mp4

where “$1” is Prufrock's audio data.

© 2020 Eidon. All rights reserved. desrever sgnorw llA

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