I am so impressed with my last reading, manga “The Flowers of Evil”, that I can not actually put a distance between us; it is as if a very strong gravitational force makes me gravitate around this story, around these persons, without being able to, or rather, without wanting to get away from it.

Last night I made some experiments with the string “Kasuga”. I derived two parts from it, which I then combined into this track. For obvious reasons, the song is called Kasuga, which is one of the persons who live in “The Flowers of Evil”.

In the end I decided to write an “album” about this story. Of course I will call it Les Fleurs Du Mal!

The picture is from The Flowers Of Evil, by Oshimi Shūzō, published in English by Vertical. All rights belong to the author, who I hope shall forgive me for using that picture here. It's advertising, come on.

Music is © 2020 Eidon (Eidon@tutanota.com). All rights reserved. You can also listen to it on FunkWhale and PeerTube.