Why do I compose music? And why do I experiment with generative compositions? I think I know now.

It's for the thrill.

The thrill that I get when certain magic combinations and ideas work beyond what I could ever have anticipated.

That is what happened with this work. Let me explain a little.I started to work on it two years ago. My game simulator provided me with three voices. I did something new. I only focused on one of them — the one corresponding to the cards the players were accumulating “on the table” as a result of their moves. I had the idea that that voice was a theme. A theme for a fugue.I started playing with it. For some reason, I decided that I was not ready yet. That piece required some time — it had to “leaven up.”

A few days ago I finally decided to focus on this idea once more. I listened to it. I understood what it wanted me to do. I applied the voice in new ways, as I was instructed to do. From that voice.And from the sum of its parts — actually being the very same, repeated part — this “Fugestalt” (portmanteau of “Fuge” and “Gestalt”) finally emerged.And I finally realized why I compose and why I experiment.

The video took me a lot of time to complete. It uses chunks that I extracted from the video “2019 Mount Robson Marathon”. I wrote a software that combines the chunks following the voices of this fugue. I hope you'll like it.

The song can be downloaded in lossless format from my bandcamp.

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Best, Eidon.