Everything is sacred in Japan. Rivers, animals, objects, places — all deserve respect, for they can be associated with the divine. In particular, they can be gates, like torii, that lead to the dimension of the divine. Therefore it is no surprise that even a stone can be a door, an opening to the Other Side.

“Iwakura” (岩倉) is the name of certain sacred stones used to summon the Kami — the gods of Shinto. And Iwakura is also the family name of the protagonist of Serial Experiments Lain, a very special anime that tells the story of young girl that becomes the Doorstep between the physical world and The Wired, namely,

“a virtual realm that contains and supports the very sum of all human communication and networks, created with the telegraph, televisions, and telephone services, and expanded with the Internet, cyberspace, and subsequent networks.” (wikipedia)

But to me, “Iwakura” has a third meaning: it is the door between my inner “music-world” — the music inside of me — and a set of sounds that I can organize in the physical world.

So here it is to you, my Iwakura!


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