Cream Kingson

Strange spaghetti in this solemn city...

This is an experiment.

While listening to my latest Grundgestalt, I had the feeling of something Crimsonesque in it — a guitar riff that reminded me of Mr. Fripp or Mr. Belew's compositions. I isolated the fragment and started messing around with it: I replicated it, attached other sections from the same Grundgestalt, coupled it with shards of a drums track and a Squire bass, made masterly mistakes that resulted in a xenochrony that I decided to keep, and so on and so firth. Or forth maybe. Oh but that's another band, sorry. Oh yes and in the end I took an old shameful vocal cover I did of King Crimson's “Frame by Frame” and I attached a line from Tony Levin's divine backing vocals.

So this is my latest pastiche, Cream Kingson.

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Images from “[Robert Fripp worship temple]“( except 'Turn pen” image by Willian Yuki Fujii Memmo from Pixabay. All rights belonging to the creators.

I tried to include FunkWhale's IFrame for this song, but it does not seem to work ^_^'